I Tried 3 of My Favorite Looks From Twice' 'I Can't Stop Me'

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Twice is one of my favorite girl groups in Kpop. From their trendy dance moves to their fun performance ensembles: they're a group that has it all. Twice' most recent Korean comeback I Can't Stop Me' continues to showcase their star power and a evolved, more elevated style for the ladies. With the styling being so fashionable I wanted to try my hand the I Cant Stop Me looks. 

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Look 1: Yellow Plaid

I'm a sucker for all things plaid so I was excited to do this look! I'm definitely thinking about wearing this look this summer...if there's anywhere to go. Lol. Since I loved how Nayeon's outfit was styled I chose to focus on her look. 

Get the look! White button up, yellow plaid skirt, white knee highs

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Look 2: Blinged Denim 


Since I don't own many denim shorts I was a bit worried on how this outfit would look on me but lo and behold I ended up really loving it! I'm not the biggest fan of rhinestone accessorized clothing so I don't own much of those items but last year I fell in love a rhinestone fringed jacket from Shein. While rummaging through my clothing racks I ran into the jacket (after forgetting I even had it lol) and realized it was exactly what I needed to complete this look. I chose to grab inspiration from Momo's blinged bodice tube top and shorts since I loved how the rhinestone fringe was added to swing as she danced. 

Get the look! Rhinestone fringe denim jacket, denim shorts

Look 3: Contemporary Tweed

For this last look I took inspiration from their video and their black and white stage outfits. There were actually a few different looks I thought of after I was finished with everything that that I wish I had done instead but I still really love how this one came out. The mature tweed print mixed with short skirts, tall combat boots plus a mixture of androgyny was chefs kiss.

Get the look! Tweed dress, combat boots

And that's it! 

Let me know what you think in the comments!

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