Corix Black Snail Collagen Cream Product Review

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

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Hello everyone! 

It's Beauty Wednesday! I'm back to review another Korean beauty item that I've been in love with. This week it's all about Black Snail Collagen Cream by Coxir. It's an anti-wrinkle and nourish cream containing snail, collagen and black bean.  Don't forget you can use rewards code APRILJAY88 for special offers on

What it is:
Moisturizing cream

Key Ingredients: Snail Mucin: helps protect skin from moisture loss and blemishes - Black Beans: rejuvenates and nourishes skin - Collagen: diminishes fine lines and helps firming and lifting

How to use
: At last stage of skincare routine, apply a moderate amount of product to your skin then gently pat for better absorption.

Now let's dig into the ingredients more.

What is Snail Mucin/Secretion?

Seoul Fashion Series: Greedilous

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Park Youn Hee is the creative mind behind the eccentric brand Greedilous - a portmanteau of the words greedy (욕심많) and fabulous (아름다운) creating the image of "a goddess of beauty" through unique print/pattern designs and individuality. Greedilous is one of the many Korean designers showing at this years Seoul Fashion Week F/W 2021.

Flared Trousers 495,000 Credit:

Her items have been worn by icons such as Beyonce, Paris Hilton. You've also seen her items in SNSD's Lion Heart video and most recently Twice's Fancy music video. Other Korean stars includes actress Han Chae Young, rapper Mino, singer/rapper Jessi and comedian Park Myung Su. Greedilous has also collaborated with many big names over the years including Hyundai, Mui Mui, Prada, My Little Pony, Ty Hunter, UMF (Ultra Music Festival) and many more. 

Can Anyone Attend Seoul Fashion Week? Most Asked Questions About SFW

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

There's still a lot of mystery about who can attend and who you can see at Seoul Fashion Week so I'm here to answer all your burning questions. 

Can anyone go to SFW?

*Pre-Covid Yes, for the most part. Tickets usually are sold on various Korean sites such as Yes24. Front row is usually reserved for VIP but you can grab a seat if there is one available. When seats are full, depending on the show, you can still join but in the standing area. *Post-Covid - Shows are being shot indoor and outdoors with live virtual and pre-recorded shows.

Ateez "I'm The One' Fashion DIY

Ateez has returned with their newest single Fireworks (I'm the One) filled with some of the most creative fashion they've worn to date. One look in particular worn by member Seonghwa and San really caught my attention. 

They both wore cool oversized cloth brooches on their jackets. San styled in a skull and body shaped one while Seonghwa wore a turtle. While admiring I quickly realized that I could make one for myself - thus this KDIY was created.


Ateez Fashion DIY ##diyprojects ##ateez ##kpopchallenge ##kpopfashion ##seonghwaedits

♬ Caution - Kaytranada

Seoul Fashion Week 서울패션위크 F/W 2021

Monday, March 22, 2021

The 2021 Fall/Winter Seoul Fashion Week has kicked off for a 6 day event at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) with brands such as C-ZANN E, Beyond Closet and BIG PARK showcasing their latest looks. This years SFW Ambassador, international actress Bae Doona, is seen in various YouTube and IG videos promoting all the greatness in store this year. 

Sunmi 'Tail' Kpop Inspired Fashion

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Trend setting solo singer Sunmi recently released her sultry title single Tail along with a passionate accompanying music video. Her styling featured looks from iconic brands like Saint Laurent and Louboutin showing a dark and sleek sexy side of Sunmi that we hadn't been exposed to before. At first listen I fell in love with the song and fashion so I was quick to see what I had in my closet to recreate her looks. 

What was your favorite fashion moment from Sunmi's Tail? Let me know in the comments!


Tried a few looks from the best song of 2021 - Sunmi's Tail 🐈 ##sunmi ##kpopfashion ##kpopfashioninspired ##fashiontok

♬ 꼬리 (TAIL) - 선미

How To Get Hyuna's Most Iconic Looks - I'm Not Cool, Bubble Pop and Red

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Dance queen Hyuna has recently returned with her new album featuring the singles I'm Not Cool and Good Girl -  both packed with cool choreography and fun fashion that's she's known for you. I loved her look so much in I'm Not Cool that I wanted to try my hand at it as well as some of her most iconic looks from Bubble Pop and Red

Let me know what you think in comments! If you'd also like to try her look click the image photos below! Also check my YouTube video to see the whole process of styling like Hyuna as well as TikTok video below!

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5 Iconic SHINee Looks To Reminisce on While Enjoying Their New Comeback

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The men of SHINee have returned with their new album & single Don't Call Me. With Taemin wrapping us solo activities and Key, Onew and Minho recently finishing their military service, the group quickly banded together to create their next iconic comeback. Don't Call Me serves a streetwear look we haven't seen from the guys in a while to go with the hip-hop based dance song. Since this comeback is all about not defining SHINee with one painted brush I wanted to reminisce on their myriad, iconic, non-defining looks they've served us over the past decade. 

What are your favorite iconic SHINee looks? Let me know in the comments!

5 Black Creators & Businesses To Support

Monday, February 22, 2021

This Black History Month I wanted to highlight some of my favorite black creators. Each and every one of them are about uplifting anime, gaming and or Kpop centered POC voices. These ladies are friends/supporters in real life and online so I'm so excited to show MY support to these amazing creatives!

Please click the links below to follow and support these women. And if YOU have a favorite Black Creator be sure to add their name and links in the comments!

10 Year Blogiversary

Friday, February 19, 2021

Back in Feb 2011 this blog started out as The Pink Fashion (and I the Pink Fashion Ninja :D) where I shared my favorite fashion pieces in college. It quickly transformed into a Hallyu oasis reviewing the coolest fashion from 2nd Gen Kpop artists and actors. 

The Pink Fashion Ninja was also a way for me to share my experience of moving to South Korea for the first time. I moved right after college at the young age of 22 and experienced so much of my life there - in which so many of you experienced with me through every YouTube video and blog post. 

Unfortunately throughout the last 5 years I've only blogged every so often and pretty much stopped YouTube due to life but I always had a yearning to be able to give the love I used to give this blog.

Fast forward to today and I've rebranded as Sweet x Aesthetic by April Jay. I'm now at a time in my life where I can work full time on my blog, social media and Etsy shop. My creativity has returned after being stagnant for so many years so I'm so excited to share all I have in store. 

I also created a 30 Day Content Challenge that starts next week so if you'd like to stay up to date on all things April Jay / Sweet x Aesthetic, SUBSCRIBE by email on the side bar or follow me on any of my social medias. 

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I'd love to know when you first started following Sweet x Aesthetic/Pink Fashion Ninja? 
Let me know in the comments or by email at <3

5 Korean Shows on Netflix You Should Watch Right Now

Thursday, February 18, 2021

The title pretty much sums up this post: if you haven't seen any of these shows -  you're missing out! Korea has been producing the most innovative and fun shows for the past decade and shows no sign of stopping. So here are my top 5 favorite Korean shows you should watch right now. Seriously, go ahead and open the Netflix tab.....right after you're done reading this post of course. :)

Share this post with your friends and have a binge party!

1. Space Sweepers

- Movie, Sci-fi

Starring Song Joong Ki, Kim Tae Ri, Jin Seo Kyu and Yu Ha Jin, Space Sweepers is South Korea's first sci-fi film. Personally I loved this movie for many reasons so check the video below for my full synopsis!


YesStyle Abib Heartleaf Essence Calming Pump Review

Wednesday, February 10, 2021


Hello peeps,

Today I'll be reviewing the Abib Heartleaf Essence Calming Pump from YesStyle. I'll be doing beauty reviews every Wednesday now so please look forward to it. :D Use rewards code APRILJAY88 for special offers on YesStyle. :)


My Fav Korean beauty item omg**Link to review in bio#fyp #skincare #myskincareroutine #koreantiktok #TrulyGlowingSelfieLove

♬ 은하 오또케송 - 은비덕 BUDDY

What it is: Essence

Main ingredient: Houttuynia Cordata, a flowering plant native to South East Asia, that contains polyphenolic flavonoids that exhibit anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial properties.  

How to use: 2-3 pumps after cleansing and toner

OFF WHITE Edition - 2021 High Fashion Looks We'll See on Kpop Stars

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Hello again! This week we'll check out the Spring 2021 Runway from Virgil Abloh's OFF WHITE.

Again let me know your thoughts and if you agree with the list!

Click below to check out previous editions:



1. Bam Bam of Got7 stunting in this yellow jacket at an awards show.

3 Chic & Comfy Valentine's Day Looks featuring Femme Luxe

Sunday, February 7, 2021


Every year February 14th either brings joy to our hearts or an eye roll. Whichever lot you're in it's at least a time to stuff our faces with decadent chocolates and some good movies. This year I'll be home but it didn't stop me from creating some sexy and fun Vday looks featuring outfits from


Glam Serve

For my glam look I went with the Emerald Bardot Cowl Neck Ruched Midi Dress with a black and gold belt from Shein. I really loved this dress and how it fit my body. Out of all the dresses I felt this one was the best match for a Vday outing.

90's Love

Saturday, February 6, 2021

If you're either a 90's kid like me or currently experiencing the 90's aesthetic for the first time: one thing's for certain - it was one of the most awesome decades ever! From the fashion, dial up internet culture to the iconic hits - how can one NOT be obsessed with the 90's? 

So to pay homage I wanted to rewind back in time and show some of my favorite looks of the decade. 

Let me know what your favorite things from the 90's were in the comments!

2021 High Fashion Looks We'll See on Kpop Stars - Valentino Edition

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Music and fashion are synonymous with each other: one can't exist without the other - that's a fact. In this generation Kpop is probably the most expressive when it comes to the two. Now obviously it was greatly inspired by the 80's, 90's and so on but when it comes to today's time - Kpop is doing it like no other.  From local designers in Seoul to French Couture: Korean stars rock it all. So here's a list of of my favorite looks from the latest runway shows that I know we'll be seeing on our favorite K stars this year. 

This edtion we'll be checking out the Spring Couture from legendary Italian brand Valentino.

Check out the list and let me know if you agree!


1. Taeyang of BigBang, BM of Kard, or ANY Kpop boy group dancing in this gold hoodie for a music video.

I Tried 3 of My Favorite Looks From Twice' 'I Can't Stop Me'

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Twice is one of my favorite girl groups in Kpop. From their trendy dance moves to their fun performance ensembles: they're a group that has it all. Twice' most recent Korean comeback I Can't Stop Me' continues to showcase their star power and a evolved, more elevated style for the ladies. With the styling being so fashionable I wanted to try my hand the I Cant Stop Me looks. 

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Funniest Kpop Tweets to Help You Through the Week

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

 With so much going on in the world sometimes it's good to just grab your phone and get lost in the hilarity of Twitter. So here are some of my favorite tweets to bring some laughter to your week!

3 Easy Loungewear Looks to Try from Femme Luxe

Monday, January 11, 2021

* sponsored

For years during Project Runway we'd hear a slogan that resonates now more than ever: "In fashion, one minute you're in and the next you're out." Those words ring true more than ever now - Loungewear is in, Dress wear is out!

Over the past year the world has spun in ways we never could have imaged. Who knew there would be a day we could do a Zoom call without wearing pants! (But I wouldn't recommend. Lol.) How relaxing now to not have to wear tights or suit jackets all day to be deemed "professional." 

So in comes loungewear that easily transitions from at-home chilling gear to work gear. Femme Luxe has an array of neutral toned loungewear sets available to match any vibe. 

Here I'm wearing the Nude 'Modern Day Antics' Slogan Print Joggers in a size 8 paired with a black key hole bodysuit, ripped light denim jacket and logo fitted cap. These joggers fit more like leggings so I'd suggest possibly sizing up if you want a looser fit. I'm wearing a size 8 in joggers. 

Next is probably my favorite fit of the bunch - the Cream Scoop Neck Ribbed Long Sleeve Bodysuit and the Stone High Waisted Oversized Cuffed Joggers. I paired it with a mocha logo beret and cute black and white printed heels. I love adding heels to loungewear as easily elevates a look. 

This fit was super comfortable to wear while I did my daily blogging and sewing for my Etsy shop at home though I would easily wear this to out to any business collaboration around town: it really screams 'I'm a girl who knows all about style and comfort."

I really love scoop neck bodysuits because the style is best on my body shape. The joggers are literally the most comfortable pants I've ever worn: super warm, not too tight, and high waisted so they look great on many different shapes. I really can't stop raving about these pants. You all will see my wearing them A LOT!
You can grab my logo beret hat here. 
Get 10% off using this code!

Lastly are the White and Black Marbled Print Cuffed Jogger paired with a black crop top, fish net shorts and black chain boots. I've been searching for marbled pants for a long time so I was super excited to finally grab some. Like the other joggers these are super comfortable, fit great, are more of a mid rise and literally go with anything in your wardrobe.

One attribute that really makes me enjoy Femme Luxe pants is that they fit thick thighs! I've always had trouble finding pants that fit the thigh area so I'm at ease knowing I can order my size and they fit correctly. So if you're similar to me then I'd recommend any of these joggers. 

Check out Femme Luxe and their array of Loungewear and more! 

Cheers to a New Year - Hello 2021

Thursday, January 7, 2021

 Hello everyone!

We made it to 2021. Wow, it was quite harrowing but we have been fortunate enough to come out on the other side. This year we can truly say and mean "have a happy new year" because we know all too well how it can fail to come to fruition. On a lighter note one unexpected change that occurred was how our own bedrooms and living rooms quickly became our own personal runways for our fashions that we hoped one day we could wear outside again. So I like everyone else busted out my best gear to greet the new year in my home. 

Before I even chose the outfits I was gonna put together I knew Beyonce's - Freakum Dress was gonna be my go to song. The song embodied the empowerment and confidence I needed to make my first TikTok video (:D I'm a late Millennial and I haven't done my YouTube channel for a while so I'm shy again lol) and show my favorite looks. Also I realized this song came out before some Gen Z were even born...And I oop! If you've never listened to it please go check it out.

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