As most of the country enters into another lock down many of us are homebound for an extended period of time. Being at home can become redundant with our My List Netflix movie choices slowly dwindling. Personally I stay busy sewing and blogging but even that can become repetitive. So sometimes it's great to set the phone on silent, grab a hot cocoa and cuddle up with a great book. Here are 3 books I'm either currently reading or have sitting in my Amazon cart. 

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1. Sucker Punch: An Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Novel by Laurell K. Hamilton

I'm a massive fan of the Anita Blake series. I was introduced through my cousin with her copy of Skin Trade which is the 16th book in 26 book series. I was immediately hooked!  From there I started from book 1 and am now on book 20 but jumped to 26 so I could read the newest release. I'm an OG Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan so reading about a vampire slayer that dates the head vampire of the city, excels at her bad-ass job (making those quiver in her presence) and has an array of lovers on deck was right up my ally. 

Every year around this time we're usually gathered with various loved ones, fitted in our most stylish holiday. From a sparkle skirt and ruffled top to our funniest Ugly Christmas Sweater, we're ready for the show. Now on a normal year that would be true but this year is like none other. This year is probably just a friend or family member or two, 6 feet apart and a mask. We'll this year why not add a bit of fun to an otherwise unorthodox year: Ugly Christmas Sweater Face Masks! So here's a fun project you can do with your significant other, children or at your small family gathering.

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If you're short on time or rather just grab one premade - I created an Ugly Christmas Sweater Mask collection available at my shop Sweet x Aesthetic on Etsy. Get 20% off as well as free shipping for orders $35 and over! All handmade by me!

So check out the video to see a quick tutorial of an easy holiday project! You can also easily switch the fabric to make them fit with any other holiday that you celebrate.

Taemin has graced us with his unstoppable presence once again with the release of Never Gonna Dance Again Act 2

Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1 gave us the alluring single Criminal along with an emiculate album (now one of my top 3 favs.) If NGDA Act 1 guided us on a journey through the deepest depths, Act 2 ushers us up the highway to Heaven with IDEA and the b side single Heaven.

If you're a Taemin follower you were probably (like many of us) impatiently waiting for a full release of the single Heaven which he performed at a Japanese concert. I was quite perturb it wasn't on Act 1 because I assumed it would take a while for Act 2 to be released but lo' and behold Taemin always provides. He actually ended up releasing the album and single on my birthday November 9th! Literally the best present EVER.

 CL has recently returned to the stage with her new double singles Hwa and 5 Star. Both showcase her amazing vocals and never ending stage presence. As an OG 2NE1 fan, I'm so glad to see all four of the ladies doing what they love. And of course they're going to do it with style. So let's check out some amazing looks from CL's digital cover of Vogue Singapore.

I hope everyone has been holding up well this week. There's a lot going on in the world right now so sometimes it's good to take your mind off things by doing some good ol' online "window shopping."

So here are 4 items I'm admiring on Etsy this November! 

1) Kawaii Cardigan

As soon as I saw this sheep sweater I fell in love. The sheep motifs make it look extra cozy and makes me want it NOW.  As I type this I wish it were on my body. Perfect for quarantining around the house or a day of binging Netflix.

Buy Link - bxllyou


Hello everyone! 

Just a quick shop announcement. 

New face mask styles are available now on