Monster rookie Ateez have chosen to grace us again with their grandness and allow us Atiny's to choose their new single!

How awesome is that huh?

They showcased 2 singles: a hop hop/pop jam titled Illusion and an energetic summer anthem titled Wave.

I teeter totter between the two but in the end I gave the majority of my votes to Illusion. But both tracks are amazing! Though I did hear that KQ Entertainment might actually choose a surprise 3rd single (that might be titled Euphoria.) :D

Cast your vote now! It ends soon!

1) Leader Hongjoong's skills

I adore Miyavi. No, more than adore...Love...stan...stan hard. For those that know me, they know I am hardcore Miyavi. I've seen him every year since 2017 (but been a fan since 2013) and got to meet him twice. Some of you all might be thinking, well dang April, what happened to Rain? Well, he's the foundation of everything and I will always love him but music wise, he's kind of paused on creating modern, enjoyable music. Miyavi on the other hand continually reinvents himself all while looking like Zaddy! (I have 4 main biases but Miyavi is the head honcho bias. Try and keep up folks!)

Let me stap.

When thinking about Kpop Fashion and the boundaries it pushes, no one comes to mind more that Lee Taemin. If it's from his bubbly promotions with SHINee or his myraid noir inspired solo ventures, Taemin continually pushes what we know as STYLE. So in appreciation of his sharp and dynamic style I will share my Top 5 Favorite looks that Taemin has graced us with over the last couple of years. Let me know if you agree with the list in the comments!