*Update - It's now 2020 - Not only are we fighting off the flu but now Covid! So here is an updated list of things to do not only when fighting off colds but if you're locked in for quarantine. Stay safe guys!

Let's face it, no one likes getting sick. Our bodies fight off viruses, our heads feel stuffy and we literally feel like walking zombies. But with that comes a few sick days we can take to allow ourselves to get better (if your job allows unlike mine. :/) Our loved ones come over and make us soup, we're allowed to sloth around and aren't expected to do any strenuous work.  Bring sick is tough but it can definitely have it's perks! So here I have 3 fun and easy Korean themed activities you can do while you're stuck indoor sick! 

When I lived in Korea I was quite surprised at how so many Koreans took daily health supplements. From parents to college students, taking daily ginseng and health drinks are just a part of everyday life. I also liked how accessible it was to get these drinks as they're sold in every convenience store either hot (in a heated fridge) or cold. Heath consciousness is big in America as well except instead of liquid for its in pills (fiber, fish oil etc) and you can't just grab it at a 7/11 or Quik Trip on your way to work.

There are many different kinds of health drinks. Vita 500, Vie and Vita and Red Ginseng Gold are among the most known.

Oh course when you're not feeling well all you want to do is cuddle up in a blanket and watch tv right? Well why not turn on your favorite drama? You can binge the entire day because who can only watch one episode of a Korean drama right? It's just not possible! But let's take it one step further and not just cuddle up in a blanket because with a cold comes chills right? You'll need extra warmth in a cute and cozy.........onesie!

So now you have your Vita 500, your favorite drama and a cozy animal onesie; you're now on your way to recovery! But with how comfortable you'll be you might no want to ever go back to work/school....

What are you doing to keep busy during quarantine? 

Let me know in the comments!