Hey guys, it's the Pink Fashion Ninja back with another K-DIY Home Décor!

This DIY is all about creating an awesome focal in your room by putting to good use the pile of k-pop stickers you have. Now personally I have a ton of stickers from the myriad BIGBANG and 2NE1 concerts I've been to along with cute Sungkyunkwan Scandal ones I've had for well for 4 years. So after staring at these stickers for so long and wondering what I could possibly do with them, I went to my favorite craft store and brainstormed the idea of putting the stickers on letters to showcase them and getting good use out of the stickers. Again it's a quick, easy and cheap DIY that will add flair to your bedroom.

The choices are also endless with this one as you can spell out your favorite groups name and spread the stickers among the letters or use your initials such as I did. I might eventually add my middle initial K and use up my Taeyang postage stamps and additional BIGBANG Alive Tour stickers. Though I chose to sit these on my bookcase, you can hang these on your wall, over your door or anywhere you'd like for them to go.

So without further ado, let's get started! Check out the video here or read below to get a handy step by step. And if you love this, don't forget to share on Pinterest!

What you'll need....
Hey guys!
I recently did a collaboration with furniture and home decor site Chairish for a project to showcase bloggers home décor aesthetic. Chairish.com is a fun and easy way to buy and sell vintage furniture with other home décor lovers. So if you love home decor, check them out!

Now for this project I chose to showcase my fun and quirky home décor aesthetic. My personal style is Modern Eclectic because I love to mix and match different styles with modern pieces to make a cohesive and fun look. So for this coffee table I chose a modern style in a fun and vibrant color. For my Asian inspiration I used Japanese and Chinese elements along with chic and colorful modern pieces. Since I love to mix and match, I threw in a dash of southwestern with a bronze statue that adds length and a contrasting style.

Charish - Asian Eclectic

I hope you guys enjoyed my design and don't forget to head over to Chairish.com and like them on Facebook!

Hey guys it's April the Pink Fashion Ninja here with a new series I'm starting titled K-DIY Home Décor! As a visual merchandising I've always enjoyed home design but after getting 
my first official (and quite chic) apartment in the states I've caught the home décor bug
and it definitely isn't going away. And since I have so much space now I want to showcase
my memories and such from Korea but in a chic and awesome way. So with those
things combined I came up with K-DIY Home Décor to feed my design bug and share
ideas with my fellow Hallyu lovers. With a crazy amount of posters, kpop buttons, CD's, 
DVD, light sticks, concert tickets, magazines and more, I have to find a way to display
them and have them naturally flow with the design aesthetic of my place.

So first up is cheap and fun wall silhouette. Usually people do silhouettes of themselves
or their family members but I wanted to add my personality to it by using my 
favorite Kpop band! But it doesn't have to be just a kpop singer. Any of your favorite
Korean actors or entertainers can be used to create this. It's also under $20 to make 
which is awesome because you'll have chic wall art for little money.

So if you enjoy this post please share it with your Hallyu loving friends and share on 
Pinterest also! And if you make your own, share it with me and everyone else on Twitter!
Hit me at @pnkfashionninja.

So you guys ready?

Watch the video here or read more of the post to learn how to do this awesome K-DIY!

Series airs every other Friday!

Step 1
First you'll want to gather all these things!