Everyone knows with summer comes fun summer jams! And with summer jams comes cool and fun fashion so of course this year is no different. Take a look at some of the best Kpop summer fashion out right now don't forget to let me know which style is your favorite in the comments!

#5 Jay Park

Jay Park is known for his street swag so it's seldom we get to see him in such a chill and bright look as this. The waves in his hair are as smooth as the ocean waves so be prepared for a Jay Park summer jam!


#4 BIGBANG Vogue
Hello everyone! 
This post is the beginning of a new affiliate/collaboration between the April Jau and 90DayKorean.com. This guest post evaluates why it's difficult to learn Korean while living in Korea. This topic was chosen because I can totally relate to the difficulty of balancing life in Korea and trying to learn Korean at the same time. Most would think it would be easy but when you have a full time job, an active social life and trying to discover your new place of residence, studying Korean can easily take the back burner.
So here are a few tips to keep you on track when learning Korean in Korea. 
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Hope you guys enjoy this post and if you have anything to add to the list let me know in the comments!

Why People Fail to Learn Korean in Korea

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When learning a foreign language, most people are told that the best thing to do is to go to that country and immerse themselves in that country’s language and culture. Learn French in France, learn Spanish in Spain, learn Korean in Korea, and so on.

However, there are plenty of motivated language learners who have tried learning Korean in Korea and have been unsuccessful. Here are ten mistakes to avoid if you want to be successful in your Korean study.

Note: If you can’t read Hangul (the Korean alphabet) yet, you can download a free guide here.

  1. No clear goals

Languages have thousands upon thousands of words, and new words are being created all the time. Therefore, without a clear goal, students are bound to become demotivated and give up due to the size of the task.

Setting realistic but challenging goals helps motivate students and keep them on course. For example, if you are just starting to learn Korean in Korea, then set goals like “being able to read a menu at ‘Kimbab Cheonguk’”. Once you reach this goal, then every time you visit that restaurant you will be reminded of your success.

Positive reinforcement!

  1. No plan or set path to reach the goal