BIGBANG is back and sexier than ever! I personally have been waiting for BB to show their sensual sides and bring some R&B back and that's exactly what they did.

The overall concert was amazing (of course) but it was definitely different from their Alive Tour and GD's One of a Kind Tour. It was quite sexy to my surprise! I for one have scratched my head the last couple of years in wonder why BIGBANG has never released a grown and sexy song. Now of course, Taeyang released enough of his own solo sensual songs to fill a bucket and has no problem crooning "you're my chocolate, my sweetest chocolate, I really wanna have you" to make me happy. But overall BIGBANG has kept is PG. I mean there should be a balance right?! Rain has "I Do, I Do" but also "Slowly" or Taemin has "Danger" but then the flirty "Play Me" or "Ace" (and he's just 22!) Or how about a (not so) subtle innuendo like Beenzino's "Jackson Pollack D***. There are many options!!
 But Saturday night turned everything on it's head with a new grown, or how YHS himself put it "Now all the members are in their mid-20s and they should be able to do things without restriction." Amen Yang Hyun Suk. Preach!