Seoul Fashion Week Part 2 is here!
Out of the 6 days I attended 5 of them so I have a lot to share!

On Sunday a friend and I met up and checked out the scene and ended up going to 2 shows, Tiger In The Rain and Yohanix. It was just the beginning of me running into even more of my favorite models from Korea's Next Top Model. I was lucky enough to get a photo taken with my FAVORITE Korean model Han Seung Su. (Actually I got photoed with him twice but the first photo came out blurry so I found him 2 days later for another one.^^) 
Oh GOLLY that boy is fine...but he's only 18! :'(

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(And my friend caught him sneaking a peak at my lovely lady lumps twice {the second time I met him}so yeah I think he'd like me too. :D ^^)

Anywho, as I slowly descend from Cloud 9, I also got to meet a model named Kim Sung Chan. He was just hanging out and about and he looked really cool so I asked for a photo.

 Come to find out he was the model I was crushing hard on on the first episode of KNTM C5! Unfortunately he didn't make the final 15 so I was quite upset I couldn't see him anymore on the show but lo and behold I got to meet him here!

My original post about him from Aug 14th 2014.

And golly he's so NICE! He found our picture on my Instagram and liked and commented on it. I then responded that I was a fan of him and didn't realize at the time it was him because his hair was different. He then responded back "thanks for remembering me. <3"

His comments from my Instagram. Follow him at kimsungchan

And it didn't stop there! Along with Jung Jin, Seung Su and Kim Sung Chan I also got the chance to meet Kim Kang Min, new Kpop group BTL and designer ByungMun Seo whose show I attended on Saturday.

We ran into Kang Min on Wednesday giving out plenty of photos and also hit up the Jo Myung Rye show.

Kim Kang Min - Follow him at 0innnnkim

@ Yohanix - Kpop Group BLT - Watch their video Too-G here

Follow the amazing Byung Mun Seo here

He's such and amazing designer! He also commented on my Instagram. ^^ :D 

Photo credit: yuriyim

I was also lucky to see Cheetah, Jidam and Jessi from Unpretty Rapstar, Hyohyeon of SNSD, Youngji of Kara (who I was standing right in front of but I had no clue who she was at the moment), Top Model Kim Won Joong and one of the members of Tara (LOL.) 

My first blurry photo with Seung Su. :P

Bathroom selfies after the ByungMun Seo show. :D

And from the final day of Seoul Fashion Week!

It was such a wonderful experience so I can't wait to go back in October for the S/S 2016 collection.

Hope you all enjoyed the photos! Comment and let me know which are your favorite!
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