Check out some of my favorite looks out and about Seoul Fashion Week F/W 2015.

Seoul Fashion Week Part 2 is here!
Out of the 6 days I attended 5 of them so I have a lot to share!

On Sunday a friend and I met up and checked out the scene and ended up going to 2 shows, Tiger In The Rain and Yohanix. It was just the beginning of me running into even more of my favorite models from Korea's Next Top Model. I was lucky enough to get a photo taken with my FAVORITE Korean model Han Seung Su. (Actually I got photoed with him twice but the first photo came out blurry so I found him 2 days later for another one.^^) 
Oh GOLLY that boy is fine...but he's only 18! :'(

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(And my friend caught him sneaking a peak at my lovely lady lumps twice {the second time I met him}so yeah I think he'd like me too. :D ^^)

Anywho, as I slowly descend from Cloud 9, I also got to meet a model named Kim Sung Chan. He was just hanging out and about and he looked really cool so I asked for a photo.

Seoul Fashion Week is here and in full affect! From Friday the 20th to Wed the 25th, Korea's top designers come out to show what they've got. Along with the most fashionable Seoulites showcasing their best. Check out Part 2 here.

I got to meet Jung Jin from Korea's Next Top Model backstage at the Byeong Moon Seo show!
I was so nervous to ask for a picture but with much encouragement, mustered up the courage.
Him and Chan Woo of KNTM were there (but I didn't ask for a pic with Chan Woo.:D)
And hello to the photo bomber in the back! And before you ask how short I am, the guy is just insanely tall.

I was so happy to return to Seoul Fashion Week after being gone from it for so long! I first attended in 2011 and hadn't been back since 2013 when I went back to the states. So it was like seeing a best friend again! And I think it's so much better that it's all in one place now instead of in various places all over Seoul! Since last year Dongdaemun Design Plaza has been the headquarters for all the shows. Previous years it was difficult to get to one show to another because they were in random spots around Seoul And if you anything about Seoul traffic, you're NOT getting anywhere on time. That's for sure. so yeah to change!