Hey peeps!
This this weekend I attended Korea Style Week in Gangnam. It's a B2C convention that included a runway show, buyers market and workshops. I went with Kelly and Kitae from Seoul Street Style on DramaFever to guest on their show. We saw some cool runway looks but the best runway was the one outside the venue! Korea's best fashionistas came out in style for sure. So check out the photos below and look forward to the Seoul Street Style and KDrama Dress for Less videos that will be posted soon about the event. :D

We can't always wear exactly what the KDrama stars wear but we can sure enough get close to it! Check this video out to find how to choose coats according to your body type. This will get you on the ball to styling like Hyeri in her newest drama!

And catch the previous episode below!

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Every year we fall victim to the nuance of choosing specific things we want to accomplish or quit doing for the new year.  Maybe you all have had better luck than me but after a few days I forget that I even made resolutions! So I thought "How about I revisit my resolutions from last year and see if I unknowingly accomplished some of them?!" Sounds like a good idea huh? Let's jump into it!

When I created the original post I only gave myself  3 goals as to not be overwhelmed.  Let's see how far I got.

2014 Goal  #3 Pay attention to more actors (and actresses.)

(From 2014) ~ "It takes more time to get info and updates about them than Kpop idols but I will put forth and effort. I only keep up with Lee Minho but I want try and discover more. Like Ji Chang Wook from Empress Ki. Oh what a FINE man. And I'm so happy I found out about Ha Ji Won! She's an incredible actress and seems to have a great personality. AND if you're not watching Empress Ki right now YOU are missing out!"

Current Time ~ This one I actually made process with! Not only do I know a lot more actors, I now work with DramaFever! So I'd say that's a double plus. I'm following Ji Chang Wook in his current show Healer along with getting to know more idol actors such as Seong Yul and Woo Hyun from Infinite (High School Love On.) So I'm happy I at least accomplished 1 resolution!