The 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards ended with a bang with the most prominent starts in Korean and Asian culture showcasing their talents from the year. And of course they must showcase it with style! This year for the first time, the best dressed is long than the worst dressed. So maybe some artist heard our wales and changed their stylist? Let's hope.
But without further ado, here's the MAMA 2015 Best/Worst Dressed List. 

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Best Dressed - Male

The silhouettes, color, fabrics and chicness of everything is FABOULUS. Absolutely stylish and what an awards show outfit should be. I usually don't like SHINee's attire but they really stepped up the game with this look. Key is giving me NY street chic to the fullest while Minho (dibibi^^) looks like he walked out of GQ magazine. And can we thank the kpop gods for Taemin bringing back the blond. My body is ready!!

Best Dressed Female
(Tie) Park Shin Hye & Hyuna

Stunning!!! Simple but chic! And girl those shoes! A simple, cute, fresh look with a sexy red lip. Girlfriend gets two thumbs up!!!
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MAMA 2015 Predictions

The year's most flamboyant awards show is back! The 4 hour long extravaganza known as the MNET Asian Music Awards 2015 is underway on December 2nd. Of course this year I'm looking forward to BIGBANG slaying, CL making her "Hello B*tches" debut and what Psy will do with his career. I'm also looking forward to BTS making their comeback on the stage but am pretty bummed out about SHINee, 4Minute and Red Velvet not performing. Ice Cream Cake, Dumb Dumb and Crazy were the best releases from girl groups this year so why are they not performing?!!! 미처서 for sure. And where's my boo thang Rain??

But I digress.....

This year like every year, MNET allows you to give YOUR vote on who's the best of the best in the nominees. So today I'll be sharing my predictions for winners for this years MAMA 2015.

Let's begin!

So this year I'll be honest, I haven't kept up with the new releases as much as I usually do. Maybe because BIGBANG took up most of my time or this year I moved to Korea again and then back to the states and dealt with life. And you all know how life can take up much of your time to the point you don't have the time physically or emotionally to give to other things. So I think that was the reason, but none the less, it wasn't too hard to choose the best new male artist. 
Hey guys so DramaFever has an amazing collaboration going on with beauty company Memebox for new subscribers. if u subscribe before October 4th at the low rate of 35.99 a year, youll get a free memebox box worth $50!

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I'm Petty Rapstar: Volume 2
Because TransRacial Lives Matter Ya'll~

No that’s not a typo, that’s genuinely what I think the MNET show, Unpretty Rapstar: Volume 2 should be renamed, as that’s all I’ve witnessed so far. And this time, I’m here for all of it.

After the runaway success of the first season, one thing was made very clear: pettiness sells and gets people talking. So this season, all the focus is on petty one-upmanship, poor attempts at throwing shade and of course, our favorite type of appropriation: cultural appropriation.

I initially refused to watch Unpretty Rapstar, because I loathe the Korean variety/competition show editing technique where they instant replay before the event has even happened, which kills the momentum entirely. I used to find myself shouting at the screen in frustration over wanting just to experience the complete scene uninterrupted by other people’s reactions, (Jackson of GOT7 reuniting with his parents on Roommates is a great example of this terrible editing technique). Seriously Korea, stop it. Just let the scene speak for itself.

I’m also not a fan of runner-up Jessi. As a long time BoA fan, I wasn’t too impressed with the remarks she made about BoA’s alleged sexuality (it was a while ago, but still), plus I don’t like the delusion she has about being a skilled MC, when all she does is throw in random Korean words amongst mostly mangled English. However when I was introduced to the Goddess that is Cheetah, I changed my mind about this particular show.

So when I found out that Yubin, of the newly reformed Wonder Girls was scheduled to be on the show, it was a done deal.
I decided to watch it solely for Yubin (and maybe Hyorin, even though I’m still confused as to why she’s on the show).

A majority of the girls are very talented, mostly the older heads like Yubin, Gilme and Kittib. There’s even a wildcard in Yezi, but we all know that the standout talent is Truedy.

This young cat, entered the arena, decked out in old-skool hip-hop attire and threw so many English phrases around within the first 20 seconds of everyone meeting her, that they immediately questioned her nationality. When faced with the dreaded question that most mixed-Koreans face, she looked genuinely shocked and proclaimed that, she was a person from Eunpyeong-Gu (a region in Seoul). At no point did she mention the fact that she was mixed, either on the show or in any of the TV-spots before hand.
Hello Pink Fashion Ninjas, culture enthusiasts and travel junkies! 

My name is Ronnie or just Ron for short. Whether you know very little or a lot about Korea I'm very honored to be able to share a part of my experience with you all. I lived in Korea for a year and a half, I couldn't possibly tell you everything I've seen and done but I'll give you a few highlights.

Korea has a rich history of music and dance, some of which I was able to see up close and personal. This is called Jangguchum (장구춤) a dance performed with drums. It's usually done solo but can also be done in a small pairs. The one dance I saw that really enchanted me the most was a folk dance called Buchaechum (부채춤.) It is a fan dance performed in groups of female dancers wearing Hanboks. The colors were brilliant, their movements precise, vibrant and mesmerizing. I was told its origins go back to shaman dance. It's done for different occasions. Kpop will undoubtedly cross your mind when you think about Korea but check out some performances to get a broader taste of Korea's identity and watch some folk dances. There are lots of videos online if you can't visit Korea(yet!) The music and dancing is one of a kind.
"Kpop will undoubtedly cross your mind when you think about Korea but check out some performances to get a broader taste of Korea's identity and watch some folk dances."
I also got to visit a Korean Folk Village. If you ever get the opportunity, I highly recommend it. You'll see traditional houses and get a glimpse into the past to see how early Korean people lived.
One in particular had a few entertainment attractions, I rode this mechanical llama haha. I felt like a really big kid ^_^

To anyone familiar with Korean culture you'll already have a gist on today's post. Most know that face shape in Korea is a HUGE deal that starts from childhood all the way to the ajummah days. During my time as a teacher in Korea, I heard my students fret over their face shape, eyes not being big enough or skin not be white enough. Though these topics can be concerns of any preteen, the worriment and stress emphasized in South Korea impacts ones daily life and career tremendously.

To go more in depth on this trend one must look at its history. How did face shape like the V-Line become so important and why is it such a huge factor today for Koreans? And after that I'll segue into a review of Etude House's popular Firm V-Zone Patch, that when used daily, can give the coveted pointy V-Line chin! Though for me it seemed more like being wrapped in a neck brace but we'll get there soon enough.

So why are pointy chins and face shape so important in Korea?
For years Hollywood has been the leader in the way of the cinematic world. Truth be told, from just about every aspect of all things arts and entertainment, Hollywood has always been the go to (historically speaking)….the gold standard by which every other entertainment market around the world sets itself against. However, I must admit that even as I say that, I think Hollywood has “fallen off” a bit lately. With the re-vamping (*or re-hashing as some would say*) of many of its most popular movie franchises from the not-too-distant past, I was inspired…if you will…to turn my mind’s eye to some of Hollywood’s most popular leading men. I would say Hollywood could do with a fresh take on some of its age old ideas and become even more diverse. Sooo the daydream began……I thought….”if Hollywood came a’calling in Korea, what Korean male lovelies would they choose for the most popular categories for male leads on film…these are my thoughts. Hey Hollywood… might want to take notes?!

The Strong Silent type:

Hollywood style
l-r: Hugh Jackman, Henry Cavill, Liev Schreiber

Korean style
l-r: Won Bin, Song Jae Rim, T.O.P.

The strong silent type may be a man of a few words, but his eyes will tell you everything you need to know. However, when he does speak, he’s “E.F. Hutton” in full effect. Mysteriously, sexy…..this one will have you waiting with bated breath.
We're starting Guest Blogger Month off with a bang with writer Shonna giving you the top places to visit in Korea! Some of these places I've never heard of so I will have to check them out!

7 great tourist spots in South Korea

Hello to all the pink fashion ninja readers. I hope you enjoy reading these posts as much as I do. Let me start first by introducing myself. My name is Shonna Sutton otherwise known as Shonna Sutton haha. I am from North Carolina. I have come across an interest into Asian cultures when I was in high school. My high school friends introduce me to a few manga’s and it just took off from there. When I started college that’s when I grew an interest with Korea. The language was so interesting to me so I wanted to know more about the country. I have watched quite a few Korean dramas and also listened to many kpop songs. BIGBANG ! :D
Enough of that we are here to know about my list of spots to check out anytime you are traveling to Korea. You may know these spots already or you may not know them. I have never been to Korea myself but, these are the places I want to visit. They are really cool so check them out!
  1. Namhansanseong Fortress

If you like hiking trails then I recommend Namhansanseong Fortress. It is located on Mt. Namhansan in the Gyeonggi-do Province. It was originally built as an earthen fortress during Gogureyo period, about 2,000 years ago but properly built in 1621 after many renovations. A very beautiful place with great scenery throughout the whole year.
A fan of BB Cream but not able to get it in your shade? Well no more worries because now you can make your own at home! This simple DIY recipe can be done with just a few items you already own.

But before we get started let's get more acquainted with BB, CC, DD and EE (ahah j/k) creams! Because honestly they can be confusing. has a simple but great article explaining the difference of each. The world of K Beauty is a Pandora's box of surprises so the more you know the better you'll be at buying the right products for you.

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Guest Blogger Month 2015

Hello everyone!
It's that time again! I'm so excited to host another guest blogger month here at the Last year's guest blogger month was filled with diverse topics and fun information about Korea so I can't wait to see what this year has in store.

Every September is Guest Blogger Month on the so if you're interested in writing about your love of Kpop or fashion then send me your writing samples!

Who Can Apply
A lover of Kpop/Japanese fashion/music and/or any related industry's.
Someone with a passion and/or interest in writing.

Kpop/fashion bloggers are also welcomed!

Post Topic Ideas:
Fashion Finds/Designers
Emerging Brands
Recommended Products
Life (teaching, studying or living) in Asia
Blending of Cultures

How To Apply
Email me ( an example article or snippet of what you'd like to write.

Links to your blog and or social media within your submitted blog post is encouraged! Or write a short blub about yourself before or at the end of the post.

Submit your articles now through September 11th.

Can't wait to share your posts!

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Ever envy the symmetric and smooth skin of your favorite Korean star?
Unfortunately we don't have our own traveling makeup team or on the road dermatologist but we can start with this super easy Korean face massage! With proper skin care treatment and this a part of your daily routine, you can be on your way to healthier and brighter skin!

Step 1
Choose a moisturizer and a toner.

 and The Saem Harakeke Toner
Step 2
Mix the two products together in your hand.

Step 3
Rub in your hands for 15 seconds.

Doing this allows the moisturizer to soak into your skin better!

Step 4
Press the product into face going north south and east and west.

Step 5
Use your fists to massage the center of  your face going outward.

Step 6
With your fists rub the outline of your face going downward.

Step 7
Gently massage under your eyes with the flat of your fingers.

This releases puffiness and stops dark circles!

Step 8
Knead your neck!

If you want that pointy chin ya gotta work babe!

And that's it!
Hope this popular face massage will become part of your daily beauty regimen! 
Let me know if you've tried this massage out before in the comments!

Hey Pink Ninjas!

Today I'll be reviewing Golden Blonde Remy from Irresistible Me's. I was gifted a package to my liking and am trying it out to share! 
After watching their informative how to order video I decided on Golden Blonde Remy with a weight of 140 g and length of 18 in. Now I will say I'm quite inexperienced with clip/sewn in hair. For those who know me, I've always had a head full of curly hair so it's been a journey just figuring out how manage my own locks. Just now at 26 have I FINALLY figured out how to correctly care for my hair. Of course it came with making mistakes like dyeing the front of my hair blond to look like Rogue from X-men (don't judge me.) I jumped into it without considering the maintenance that was need for bleached hair. At that time I hadn't realized that as a college student with little time to balance studies, full time work and interning, little time could be allotted for hair upkeep. Need less to say I'll never bleach my hair again! I ended up having EXTREME breakage and dryness and sadly had to get my hair cut to an unbelievably uncomfortable length (I've never had hair under shoulder length!) for the first time ever. 
So with that experience (and getting more time to care for my hair) I chose to keep my hair the way it was and just look at alternatives like clip ins to get various looks I wanted. So this will be exciting!!

Ready to check out Irresistible Me for yourself? Use the code IrresistibleApril for 10% off your purchase!

Everyone knows with summer comes fun summer jams! And with summer jams comes cool and fun fashion so of course this year is no different. Take a look at some of the best Kpop summer fashion out right now don't forget to let me know which style is your favorite in the comments!

#5 Jay Park

Jay Park is known for his street swag so it's seldom we get to see him in such a chill and bright look as this. The waves in his hair are as smooth as the ocean waves so be prepared for a Jay Park summer jam!


#4 BIGBANG Vogue
Hello everyone! 
This post is the beginning of a new affiliate/collaboration between the April Jau and This guest post evaluates why it's difficult to learn Korean while living in Korea. This topic was chosen because I can totally relate to the difficulty of balancing life in Korea and trying to learn Korean at the same time. Most would think it would be easy but when you have a full time job, an active social life and trying to discover your new place of residence, studying Korean can easily take the back burner.
So here are a few tips to keep you on track when learning Korean in Korea. 
Also please check the 90 day Korean side ad to the right and click for a special offer! 
Hope you guys enjoy this post and if you have anything to add to the list let me know in the comments!

Why People Fail to Learn Korean in Korea

(Keyword: learn Korean in Korea)
When learning a foreign language, most people are told that the best thing to do is to go to that country and immerse themselves in that country’s language and culture. Learn French in France, learn Spanish in Spain, learn Korean in Korea, and so on.

However, there are plenty of motivated language learners who have tried learning Korean in Korea and have been unsuccessful. Here are ten mistakes to avoid if you want to be successful in your Korean study.

Note: If you can’t read Hangul (the Korean alphabet) yet, you can download a free guide here.

  1. No clear goals

Languages have thousands upon thousands of words, and new words are being created all the time. Therefore, without a clear goal, students are bound to become demotivated and give up due to the size of the task.

Setting realistic but challenging goals helps motivate students and keep them on course. For example, if you are just starting to learn Korean in Korea, then set goals like “being able to read a menu at ‘Kimbab Cheonguk’”. Once you reach this goal, then every time you visit that restaurant you will be reminded of your success.

Positive reinforcement!

  1. No plan or set path to reach the goal
BIGBANG is back and sexier than ever! I personally have been waiting for BB to show their sensual sides and bring some R&B back and that's exactly what they did.

The overall concert was amazing (of course) but it was definitely different from their Alive Tour and GD's One of a Kind Tour. It was quite sexy to my surprise! I for one have scratched my head the last couple of years in wonder why BIGBANG has never released a grown and sexy song. Now of course, Taeyang released enough of his own solo sensual songs to fill a bucket and has no problem crooning "you're my chocolate, my sweetest chocolate, I really wanna have you" to make me happy. But overall BIGBANG has kept is PG. I mean there should be a balance right?! Rain has "I Do, I Do" but also "Slowly" or Taemin has "Danger" but then the flirty "Play Me" or "Ace" (and he's just 22!) Or how about a (not so) subtle innuendo like Beenzino's "Jackson Pollack D***. There are many options!!
 But Saturday night turned everything on it's head with a new grown, or how YHS himself put it "Now all the members are in their mid-20s and they should be able to do things without restriction." Amen Yang Hyun Suk. Preach!
Check out some of my favorite looks out and about Seoul Fashion Week F/W 2015.

Seoul Fashion Week Part 2 is here!
Out of the 6 days I attended 5 of them so I have a lot to share!

On Sunday a friend and I met up and checked out the scene and ended up going to 2 shows, Tiger In The Rain and Yohanix. It was just the beginning of me running into even more of my favorite models from Korea's Next Top Model. I was lucky enough to get a photo taken with my FAVORITE Korean model Han Seung Su. (Actually I got photoed with him twice but the first photo came out blurry so I found him 2 days later for another one.^^) 
Oh GOLLY that boy is fine...but he's only 18! :'(

Follow my 동생 on Instagram at hsse0321

(And my friend caught him sneaking a peak at my lovely lady lumps twice {the second time I met him}so yeah I think he'd like me too. :D ^^)

Anywho, as I slowly descend from Cloud 9, I also got to meet a model named Kim Sung Chan. He was just hanging out and about and he looked really cool so I asked for a photo.

Seoul Fashion Week is here and in full affect! From Friday the 20th to Wed the 25th, Korea's top designers come out to show what they've got. Along with the most fashionable Seoulites showcasing their best. Check out Part 2 here.

I got to meet Jung Jin from Korea's Next Top Model backstage at the Byeong Moon Seo show!
I was so nervous to ask for a picture but with much encouragement, mustered up the courage.
Him and Chan Woo of KNTM were there (but I didn't ask for a pic with Chan Woo.:D)
And hello to the photo bomber in the back! And before you ask how short I am, the guy is just insanely tall.

I was so happy to return to Seoul Fashion Week after being gone from it for so long! I first attended in 2011 and hadn't been back since 2013 when I went back to the states. So it was like seeing a best friend again! And I think it's so much better that it's all in one place now instead of in various places all over Seoul! Since last year Dongdaemun Design Plaza has been the headquarters for all the shows. Previous years it was difficult to get to one show to another because they were in random spots around Seoul And if you anything about Seoul traffic, you're NOT getting anywhere on time. That's for sure. so yeah to change!
What are your plans for Valentines Day? And what look will you be wearing for the special day? If you're not sure yet, check out the styles from the newest romance KDrama Hyde, Jekyll and I for some inspiration!

So I'm "Crazy" in love with 4Mintue's new release "Crazy (미처.)
From the awesome video, sexy hip dance to Indian inspired hip hop fused beat, this song is definitely starting 2015 out right.

From what I know of 4Minute, this is definitely a new look for them. I like how they have a bit of hip hop flair in the clothes without overdoing it. The LL Cool J Kango hats with their names on it and the 90's nostalgic style is awesome. It actually even more so reminds me of Lee Hyori's look from "Bad Girls" which I LOVED. (OMG) 
So check out the video below and let me know what you think about their banging new song and look!

Soo Joo - March 26, 1986
Hey peeps!
This this weekend I attended Korea Style Week in Gangnam. It's a B2C convention that included a runway show, buyers market and workshops. I went with Kelly and Kitae from Seoul Street Style on DramaFever to guest on their show. We saw some cool runway looks but the best runway was the one outside the venue! Korea's best fashionistas came out in style for sure. So check out the photos below and look forward to the Seoul Street Style and KDrama Dress for Less videos that will be posted soon about the event. :D

We can't always wear exactly what the KDrama stars wear but we can sure enough get close to it! Check this video out to find how to choose coats according to your body type. This will get you on the ball to styling like Hyeri in her newest drama!

And catch the previous episode below!

Catch me every Thursday on DramaFever for KDrama Dress For Less!
And remember to check out the latest KDrama's only at

Every year we fall victim to the nuance of choosing specific things we want to accomplish or quit doing for the new year.  Maybe you all have had better luck than me but after a few days I forget that I even made resolutions! So I thought "How about I revisit my resolutions from last year and see if I unknowingly accomplished some of them?!" Sounds like a good idea huh? Let's jump into it!

When I created the original post I only gave myself  3 goals as to not be overwhelmed.  Let's see how far I got.

2014 Goal  #3 Pay attention to more actors (and actresses.)

(From 2014) ~ "It takes more time to get info and updates about them than Kpop idols but I will put forth and effort. I only keep up with Lee Minho but I want try and discover more. Like Ji Chang Wook from Empress Ki. Oh what a FINE man. And I'm so happy I found out about Ha Ji Won! She's an incredible actress and seems to have a great personality. AND if you're not watching Empress Ki right now YOU are missing out!"

Current Time ~ This one I actually made process with! Not only do I know a lot more actors, I now work with DramaFever! So I'd say that's a double plus. I'm following Ji Chang Wook in his current show Healer along with getting to know more idol actors such as Seong Yul and Woo Hyun from Infinite (High School Love On.) So I'm happy I at least accomplished 1 resolution!