Kpop Fashion gives us inspiration but sometimes it makes us scratch our heads with bewilderment. Here are 5 of the worst and most unexplainable outfits in Kpop. 

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#5 Taemin of SHINee

No doubt he looks fine but the shirt looks like it got mauled by a bear then was sent to him to wear. 

Seo in Young, the reigning first lady of fashion in Korea, dropped her newest m/v titled Thinking Of You (생각나) featuring Zion T. Of course the video is nothing short of a mini fashion show. In Young shows off the trendiest items for fall along with chic jewelry and colorful eye make up we rarely get to see in a Kpop video.

Check out my favorite outfits from the video.

Accessorizing your phone is always of utmost importance for a fashionista. From various hanging charms, a personalized photo of your handsome bias or that great DIY you saw on YouTube, cell phone cases tell the world who you are.

This was one of the reasons I was so excited to contribute to's newest project "Beautify Your Phone." They're an online retailer specializing in smartphone accessories and since I'm a Samsung girl I was glad to hop aboard!

My mission was to create a collage using my favorite phone case as the center of my style to accessorize and complete a look.

EzBuysDirect Beautify Your Phone

I call it Sporty Chic which describes my style to a T. Now that I'm in my mid-twenties, I overwhelmingly prefer comfort over anything else but still want to express my quirky, playful personality.

So to show that I chose EZBuysdirect's Black Leather Purse case. I love the sleek quilted Chanel-esqe case and the awesome hanging chain which allows you to carry it as a purse!

Now to create the Sporty part of the outfit, I chose a cute black logo jogger pant (comfy and cute) and added the Chic component by using a baby pink cropped sweater to counter the sporty sweatpants.
Boohoo red shirt

DKNY activewear pants

To give height (because I always need a bit of a lift) I chose platform boots because they're more comfortable than heels but offset the laidback vibe of sweatpants. To add more girlyness I included a 50's style black headband, a pink pearl necklace a gold charm bracelet and watch.

Platform shoes

DaVonna pearl jewelry

Stretch bracelet

Burberry gold jewelry
$3,275 -

Black headband

For makeup, a cool baby pink lipstick and a splash of blue glitter nail polish to break up the pink.

Lips makeup

And that's how I Beautify My Phone!
How'd you like my sporty chic look?
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Weekly RoundUp #1

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So we're finally at the last episode of Korea's Next Top Model Cycle 4 Guys VS Girls!

The TOP 3 were more nervous than ever competing for the coveted title.

1st Challenge
Photo shoot for an international luxury jewelry brand.

2nd Challenge
Photo shoot for W magazine with all 3 members rotating being focal. The winner of the show will have their photo as the front cover.

3rd Challenge
Two runway shows for Seoul Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015.

And the winner of Korea's Next Top Model Cycle 5 is.......
Are you in the process of learning Korean but confused on how to choose which is best for you? With the myriad options online one can be frustrated when trying to find the site that'll work for you. 
To help, here are my Top 3 Korean study sites that I use on a daily to improve my Korean. (And all the options are FREE!)

3. 웃 메인 (Korean Hangman)

When I first started playing this game a few years ago it was just a simple game to brush up on Korean. Since then they've revamped the app to an awesome and informative study guide for those in process of learning Korean.
One of the great things about this app is that you don't need a Korean keyboard on your phone! Also there's a huge variety of vocabulary to study from along with an actual Study Mode that must be complete by levels. You can even study Topik!

So if you you're in the mood to play a game, but want something that's educational (in terms of something you enjoy learning) then download 웃 Man!

This app is only available for download for Andriod.