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I’d like to first introduce myself to everyone. My name is D. LaShore, otherwise known as BiAlamode. I’m a 40-something married woman from Houston, Texas USA and I have been intrigued with the Asian culture from the time I was a youngster. During my youth, besides school, my days were filled with dolls and playhouses and my Saturday mornings were filled with cartoons (anime) and the occasional martial arts film, several of which starred martial arts legend Bruce Lee. Through those movies and also documentaries and dramas I’ve truly come to appreciate this beautiful culture that is quite unlike my own.

As an adult, it was a young actor/singer named JiHoon Jung aka Rain that was/is totally responsible for bringing me even deeper into the Asian culture…the Korean culture, specifically. After seeing him in the Hollywood movie Ninja Assassin and watching endless videos of his many musical performances, I became one of his dedicated Clouds. Through my association with the Cloud USA fan site/blog and its founders Terri Robinson and Stephe Thornton, the door to the Korean culture has opened even wider for me. It’s afforded me the opportunity to meet some very wonderful people. April Jackson aka The Pink Fashion Ninja is one of those people and I’d like to thank her for this opportunity.

The “Grown and Sexy” List: BiAlamode’s Top 6

The Korean entertainment industry is one that is now really coming into its own I’d say. As the Hallyu wave continues to spread its international wings, one thing that has become abundantly clear to me is the undeniable beauty that resides among Korea’s most popular entertainers, specifically the men. Never have I seen such a plethora of male beauty concentrated in one place. It also seems that the “flower boy” has now blossomed into a full “grown man” but no less beautiful. I know the idea of “grown man sexy” covers a wide range and is just as varied among entertainment fans, but I’d like to give you just a “little taste” of my idea of the Grown and Sexy. This list….this list right here, is all mine baby. Check it.

  1. RAIN
Yes, that’s right…Rain is in the top spot. He’s numero uno….to a Cloud he’s (B.D.E.), Big Daddy Extraordinaire. Yep, I’m a Cloud baby and as far as a Cloud is concerned Rain is the man all day, e’eryday. He is male beauty personified. To say he’s sexy is the understatement of the year. He oozes confidence from every pore and his swag….well…let’s just say it’s off the charts. Like a chameleon, this trailblazing entertainer can go from a dancing hip-hop idol, to a sexy ninja, to a spy that’s ever-so-fly, to a self-assured company CEO in 0.5 seconds flat. Kim Tae Hee that’s a lot of hotness to handle girl, you’re a lucky one indeed.

I can think of worse things than having him as an older brother, although “Kim Tan” might disagree. The K-drama “Gu Family Book” opened up my eyes to this very sexy “demon.” Daddy gumiho’s paternal instincts may leave much to be desired, but this gorgeous man has a voice as deep as the ocean, smooth like silk and a style that’s even smoother. You may as well forget about it, resistance is futile……………………………….

Now before you say it…yes, yes I know Daniel is half Korean it’s true, but he’s 100% class…the epitome of elegance infused with masculine cool. Fashion designers love a body like his and quite frankly, noonas do too! His style is effortless and non pretentious…so suave, so smooth and completely irresistible.

  1. TOP
Now this sexy devil is full of smoldering mystery and Korea’s heir apparent to the legendary American actor James Dean, at least in my book and I gotta say, the eyes have it…his eyes that is. He’s got the most beautiful baby browns that seriously make this noona weak in the knees I tell ya. Still a young blood in my world, but in a few years his brand of bad boy sexy will be even DEADLIER…if it’s not already. He definitely makes it hard for a noona to keep her thoughts “pure.” Whew….somebody bring me a fan and some ice water!

One of my all time favorite drama actors, this long and lean former flower boy, heir to the “Shinwha throne” is now letting his “grown man sexy” fully blossom in the much anticipated movie “Gangnam Blues.” Finally leaving behind his high school character repertoire, this beautiful man is charting a new path to theatrical adulthood. Your “grown man sexy” is finally coming to fore sweetness and I, for one, can’t wait to see it play out in your future roles.

This beautiful one is a true man’s man. His rugged male beauty draws women to him like a moth to flame, but his handsomeness doesn’t keep him from earning a spot at the table as one of the guys. I’m looking forward to him spreading some more of his manly good looks all over the big and small screens. Yes, indeed!

So there you have it, BiAlamode’s top 6 “grown and sexy” beautiful ones. They all epitomize in some way how I like my men…tall, dark, handsome, full of sexy confidence and swagga for days. Truth be told, I have no problem with the pretty flower boys, but there’s nothing a noona likes more than a man that’s full grown and sexy, taking care of business. So how does your list stack up against mine? I’d love to know. We can compare notes. Hey, what girl wouldn’t like looking at male beauties all day long?

Until next time…………........*SMILES*

*Photos courtesy of the World Wide Web therefore considered public domain, all photo collages courtesy
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