Here's guest blogger DN giving you 1 on 1 advice on the similarities and differences in teaching English in Korea and China. 

Hello. Let me introduce myself. I am Digital Nogitsune, otherwise known as DN. I am a teacher overseas and I used to work in Korea. Now, I am currently in China “teaching.” If you are wondering about the “” that is a whole different post for somewhere else. For now, I am just here to give you a general outline on the differences of teaching in Korea vs. China.


Episode 11
This episode was aired as a special before next weeks final episode.

It started out with a retrospective of the Top 3's journey thus far.

Check out the video below to see what Ki Bbeum's been up to and how she's grown throughout the show.

We start off this episode with a special surprise, a trip to CANADA!

After arriving they quickly jump into their first challenge. To their dismay they had to pose atop of CN Tower!

They teamed up and posed as characters.
Min Jung and Seung Su - Pirates
Ji Un and Yong Soo - Dancers
Chul Woo and Ki Bbeum - Samurai

The winners were Ki Bbeum and Chul Woo who got treated to a Niagara Falls helicopter tour and dinner.

Main Challenge
The main challenge was inside a beautiful castle for a masquerade shoot with 6 scene settings.

The Cultural Blend

Ever wonder why so many people find the mixing of cultures so disconcerting? Well, I’ve often wondered this myself….in silence mind you, but for me I see “the cultural blend” as a beautiful thing. In the last five years or so, hubby and I have started traveling in earnest and I must say the places that I’ve seen so far have whetted my appetite for knowledge about people and their cultures. Those parts of the world that I have come across have pushed a “curiosity button” inside me and I gotta tell ya, I’m ready to see much more of the world’s beautiful places and yes, Asia tops the list.

I think that may also be one reason why I love fashion so much, its colors and patterns bold and bright, so visually stimulating…..and the possibilities?…..well…..they’re endless. In my humble opinion, “the cultural blend” can be found in many places but one of the first places would be in fashion.

You see, fashion blends a little sumptin’, sumptin’ from everybody’s culture. Fashion designers truly fascinate me, because their creative minds start at the point of their own origins and then their designs sprout wings and take flight. Wherever that “little creative birdie” lands, influence takes hold.
Kpop idols are always in the latest fashion from the Paris and Milan runways. 
Here are a few looks I think we'll be seeing them in this Spring. 

F(X) Amber in Dior PFW S/S 2015 

Amber loves ambiguity and a great pair of shorts so Dior's sleek unconstructed Spring collection would suit her well.


Hello to all of the Pink Fashion Ninja’s out there,

I’d like to first introduce myself to everyone. My name is D. LaShore, otherwise known as BiAlamode. I’m a 40-something married woman from Houston, Texas USA and I have been intrigued with the Asian culture from the time I was a youngster. During my youth, besides school, my days were filled with dolls and playhouses and my Saturday mornings were filled with cartoons (anime) and the occasional martial arts film, several of which starred martial arts legend Bruce Lee. Through those movies and also documentaries and dramas I’ve truly come to appreciate this beautiful culture that is quite unlike my own.

As an adult, it was a young actor/singer named JiHoon Jung aka Rain that was/is totally responsible for bringing me even deeper into the Asian culture…the Korean culture, specifically. After seeing him in the Hollywood movie Ninja Assassin and watching endless videos of his many musical performances, I became one of his dedicated Clouds. Through my association with the Cloud USA fan site/blog and its founders Terri Robinson and Stephe Thornton, the door to the Korean culture has opened even wider for me. It’s afforded me the opportunity to meet some very wonderful people. April Jackson aka The Pink Fashion Ninja is one of those people and I’d like to thank her for this opportunity.

The “Grown and Sexy” List: BiAlamode’s Top 6

The Korean entertainment industry is one that is now really coming into its own I’d say. As the Hallyu wave continues to spread its international wings, one thing that has become abundantly clear to me is the undeniable beauty that resides among Korea’s most popular entertainers, specifically the men. Never have I seen such a plethora of male beauty concentrated in one place. It also seems that the “flower boy” has now blossomed into a full “grown man” but no less beautiful. I know the idea of “grown man sexy” covers a wide range and is just as varied among entertainment fans, but I’d like to give you just a “little taste” of my idea of the Grown and Sexy. This list….this list right here, is all mine baby. Check it.

  1. RAIN
Yes, that’s right…Rain is in the top spot. He’s numero uno….to a Cloud he’s (B.D.E.), Big Daddy Extraordinaire. Yep, I’m a Cloud baby and as far as a Cloud is concerned Rain is the man all day, e’eryday. He is male beauty personified. To say he’s sexy is the understatement of the year. He oozes confidence from every pore and his swag….well…let’s just say it’s off the charts. Like a chameleon, this trailblazing entertainer can go from a dancing hip-hop idol, to a sexy ninja, to a spy that’s ever-so-fly, to a self-assured company CEO in 0.5 seconds flat. Kim Tae Hee that’s a lot of hotness to handle girl, you’re a lucky one indeed.

There really are no words to describe the awesomeness that comes from a CL fashion photo shoot. Especially when Jeremy Scott is in the mix.

It comes to no surprise, being the besties that they are, CL would be one of the first celebrities rocking his newest Barbie collection from Moschino and golly she looks GREAT.
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GD x Chanel

Koreans in Paris part 2 (or three times for GD as a solo) occurred last week as trendsetter G-Dragon made way to experience the wonders of Paris Fashion Week S/S 2015. And of course he hit up Chanel and took photos with the one and only Karl Lagerfeld.

This year he opted for a suave chic look. A Chanel tweed jacket layered over a white v neck with icy blue shiny pants. Of course he had to top it off with a printed scarf and a beige wide brimmed Boss of the Plains hat.

Calling all Kamilias! Kara is back with a new music video! But I feel like telling you this is irrelevant. Mainly because either A) You’re a Kamilia and you know this or B) You don’t care/aren’t that big of a fan of Kara. It doesn't matter if you like Kara or you don’t you have to admit that Kara’s fashion in Mamma Mia is awesome.
This is Kara’s first time having,new member Youngji in their video. Let me say that I’m neither a fan, nor a non fan of Kara. I know a few of their songs and like them. That being said I don’t know much about Kara besides that, two members left due to contracts finishing up and they found a new member because of the Kara Project.
Not gonna lie here but I find it cool that Kara continues to push on even though members left. Some groups would have fallen apart but Kara was like “Lets keep going”. And I’m glad they did, because I love this song.
They’re back and ready to kick some butt in the Kpop Fashion MV world. One thing that I really want to highlight about this video is that most of the clothing in it,is normal. As in there is very few one of a kind pieces in it that are impossible to find or things inspired/similar to it. Plus most of the stuff in it is wearable on a daily. I could (if I could afford it) strut down the street looking like a Kara member.
Okay maybe not to that extreme as there are quite a lot of differences between me Kara but you guys get the picture. So let me tell you about the amazing fashion and give you the scoop on where you can find clothing that makes everyone go “Mamma Mia!”
One of the dance sections of this music video involved having each member wear high waisted black shorts, and a black crop top styled to each girl’s fashion sense. Each member is equipped with black platform heels and fingerless gloves to go with their outfit. Now I’m not sure if this was done on purpose but this styling of the black top and shorts really emphasize how slim and long the Kara members are; they appear to be of model height. Their proportions look unrealistic (in a good way).

First Challenge
The models first challenge was titled Role Change. The conditions were to put together a sexy photo shoot for comedian An Young Mi (funny biker chick in GD's "Michigo" video.) They were split up into 2 teams and given 3 hours and $500 to find her a complete look. They also had to personally style her and direct the shoot.

Being the gag woman she is, Young Mi had the set filled with laughter.

Team B: Seung Su, Ki Bbeum, Min Jung
Top Models and hosts of Korea's Next Top Model Season 5 Yoon Ju and Won Joong recently stopped by The Celebrity to show off their top model skills.

Yoon Ju did two photo shoots for the magazine this issue, one with fellow host Won Joong and one alone. The double shoot was titled "Food Gender" and had the top stars posing with various delicacies. 

1st Challenge
They say only the fittest survive which in this case the models can attest is true. They were in for a crazy surprise with the announcement of a Model Pentathlon!
The host for this monument event was comedian Lee Byung Jin. For this they were split into two teams as follows:

Pink Team
Ji Un, Tae Un, Min Jung, Chul Woo and Seung Su

Blue Team
Jung Jin, Yong Soo, Ye Lim and Ki Bbeum