Fashionable leader CL is currently gracing the cover of ELLE Korea as the first Kpop idol and the youngest person ever to do so. 

During this shoot she definitely showed that she's one of the top female idols in Korea along with being at the forefront of trends. This is definitely one of her best photo shoots she's done. She looks stunning and gracefully showcases the clothing. 

Here is this weeks recap of KNTM Episodes 5 and 6. Unfortunately a few of the uploaded videos for episodes 5 and 6 have been taken down or made private so I won't be able to include links or screen caps. It seems CJEM is probably taking down them down due to copyright issues so I suggest watching each episode as soon as its uploaded so you can catch it before it's deleted.

Episode 5

1st Challenge
For the first challenge the models had to style themselves for an out and about paparazzi-stalking-me style photo shoot,

도수코리아 GUYS&GIRLS 4회 Recap

The models started out the day practicing walking with Ki Bbeum having trouble keeping her legs straight while Seung Hee got scolded for not taking walking seriously.
First up for Guest Blogger Month is writer Avil Taylor of the UK giving you a tour of The Land of the Morning Calm.

Attractions Of Korea

General Information: the Korean peninsula is a vast land of distinct geographical and historical features located in the North-East Asia. The region is bordered by rivers Yalu and Tumnen at the North Western and North Eastern boarders respectively. The Peninsula covers an approximate length of 612 miles, with the narrowest stretch spurning a length of 105 miles. The region is closely bordered by the nations of China and Russia, and notable Islands such as Dokdo, Jejudo and Ulleungdo. Currently, the peninsula is separated into the two nations of North Korea and South Korea, the latter providing a key international hub and tourist destination in Asia.
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Recap of Episode 3
[도수코GUYS&GIRLS] 3회

Makeover Time and a MV!!!

We get started with the models receiving their long awaited makeovers. 
Let's take a look!