The Kings of Kpop are bringing out the guns this fall.

Seems both Taeyang and Heechul's coordinoona's were eyeing the same J.W. Anderson Tubular Bib Knit Top. Retailing at a steep $1,454, the boys knew they had to bring the fierceness. 

Taeyang rocked the primary colored top with red leather pants in the August issue of 1st Look magazine. Gazing off into the moonlight, Taeyang's sexy aura (and body) give the knit top a whole new look. Heechul recently wore it for Super Junior's long awaited comeback "Mamacita." Each member's teaser photos showed their personal style with Heechul tilting his brimmed hat staring into the eyes of fan girls worldwide. He also opted to wear a blue and white striped button up underneath. 

So here's the question?
Who wore it better?
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Back with a recap of Episode 2. 
(도수코 GUYS & GIRLS 2회)

We first start out with the models exploring their new coed house!

Hello Pink Ninjas!
I know many of you are lovers and connoisseurs of Korean beauty products so I thought this post would be enjoyed by many! One of the cheapest and most accessible Korean beauty products to get a hold of are face masks/sheets! There's such an array of choices out there that sometimes it can be confusing on where to get them, how much to pay and which are good quality. 

Here are 4 of my personal tips on purchasing and using Korean (and this could go for Japanese or any brand) face sheet masks!

4 Tips For Face Sheet Masks

This is my #1 tip for purchasing Asian sheet masks. I say this because if you look at the first 5-6 ingredients on any mask, they're all the same! So really there's no reason to pay more for one than the other. It's basically water and the added flavor you get (i.e. broccoli, tomato, snail!) Retailers will make you think it's something special but it's just a marketing game! Ebay has a lot of options that are reasonable so check those out.
What have the ladies of KNTM C4 been up to? Are they still modeling? Singing KPop? Studying in the US? Let's check up on the gals!

Ho Yeon (blue wig) posing with (sexy beast) Taeyang for Vogue Korea August.
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Is anyone a Topp Dogg fan or would like to add another bias? Yes? Then this is the contest for you! Aewen Radio (the station I DJ on every week...duh! :D) is having an awesome contest courtesy of Stardom Entertainment! Check out the details below to enter your chance to win signed Topp Dogg merchandise!

ToppDogg was split into 2 groups for their latest concept, Amadeus and Salieri. Now we’re putting the 2 teams against each other and it’s up to YOU to help your favorite/bias team win. Not only that, your vote will help give you a chance to win autographed prizes!

How to Enter

1. Follow Aewen Radio on Facebook and Twitter
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3. Tweet and/or Facebook post your vote using the following format
@AewenRadio @ToppDoggHouse I vote #TeamAmadeus/TeamSalieri because [insert your reason here] #ToppDogg
- You MUST use the format above and can use twitlonger/picture for longer tweets
- Example, @AewenRadio @ToppDoggHouse I vote #TeamSalieri because I like their style more! #ToppDogg
Available Prizes

1st place              Autographed album + autographed photocard
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*winners selected at random
Contest Deadline
August 31st, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time)
Note: You may vote once per a day and the contest is open to all fans.

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Korea's Next Top Model is back and bigger than ever! This season they've added men so they're upping the sexy!

To start out the show the one and only Top Model (and executive producer) Tyra Banks herself showed up and chose the first batch of preliminary models! The PD's seemed to REALLY love her and throughout her segment Yoon Ju and another judge kept telling her how awesome she was (but we already knew that.)
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90's GD

Lately fashionista G-Dragon has been rocking t-shirts with famous images of the 90's. It's surprising because he's usually a rocker tee type of guy but has changed it up this week. What really makes me love his current shirt choices is that it's from movies and artists that I loved to as a kid in the 90's. To see GD loving it (possibly feeling nostalgia as I since we're both 88' babies) makes me connect to him even more. These things were popular in America so to see GD who grew up in Korea connecting with it is pretty cool. 

Hello my Pink Ninja's!

Is anyone planning to hit up KCon this year? I hope you are because I would love to meet you! I'll be out and about that weekend with the Aewen Radio crew AND speaking on a panel!

Come hear me and other ladies of the K Fashion World at the "How To Be A Kpop Fashionista" Panel on Sunday August 10th at 3:30PM PST.

Other speakers on the panel include Shelley from Kworld Style, cosplayer Candiie Wish, Corey Stiles from Replay Replay and singer Arnelle Nonon.

So feel free to stop and say hi if you see me! I'll also be around KTown during the weekend and a few shows Spica will be performing at.

Hope to see you there!