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Kpop Phones

I ran across a really cool and easy DIY video for Kpop cell phone covers that I had to share. Just a few materials are needed and a printer and you've got yourself an awesome Kpopped phone. Check out the video below.

Traveling overseas soon and thinking about starting a travel blog or YouTube Channel but not sure how to start? We'll I'm here to help you get started on your journey. Below are a list of helpful tips and info I've acquired over the years as a traveler, blogger and vlogger in South Korea.
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Kpop Tag #6

From Kpop - Favorite Songs and Videos

1. Your favorite debut MV of a boy band or girl band.
Super Hero - VIXX

2. The first MV you watched of your favorite Band/Singer.
Tonight - Big Bang

3. A MV you like that just came out recently.
Inner Space - Park Ji Yoon
If you love CL's style and would like a Jeremy Scott inspired outfit for cheap, then this is for you! Get her $1,000+ Jeremy Scott outfit for under $70! Variations of the top and skirt are sold at Forever 21 (or you can order a similar one here) and the accessories (specifically the long white earrings and knuckle ring) should run you about another $20. Use shoes and extra accessories that you already own to complete the look and BAM you're The Baddest Female of the West. ^^

2NE1 Style