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2NE1 Crush

The Kpop Queens are BACK and they DID NOT disappoint. I got my IATB 2.0 and some fabulous English phrases so I'm totally satisfied but let's go through the album together shall we?


Here's my IATB 2.0! This was all I was asking for. I got it. I am now content. 
Apart from that, the song if fun and flirty. And I absolutely love the ending "Nolza hey hey hey Nolza!" (Nolza means "let's play" in Korean.) I think it'll be the new 2NE1 chant. 

Best Part
"They love me cuz I'm hot, they love me cuz I'm cold, they love me cuz I'm ill, they love me cuz I kill!"

"Nolza hey hey hey Nolza, Nolza hey hey hey Nolza!"
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CL Fashion Find

First off HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the 나쁜 기집애 herself, CL! And congratulations to us Blackjacks who finally get a 2NE1 album after 3 years! Yeah! I'm so excited for 2NE1's new album and videos that I could pull my hair out! I won't but I could! And that's the scary part about it! Lol.

I recently came across an article on Seoulbeats detailing the elements of creating a kpop group. I thought it would be pretty cool to try out so here it is! I ended up enjoying this exponentially and created mock album teasers, promotions....the works! I think this group I created would be hot as boiling water!


To create my group I'll need to fill key roles important in the Kpop idol industry: main vocalist, rapper, leader, dancer and/or cute/sexy member.

The 3rd Annual Gaon Kpop Chart Awards 2014 aired this week with many Kpop stars in attendance. Though the weather was beyond cold, most stars opted for sleeveless tops and no pants! Ya'll it's TOO cold to be rocking skin right now. And I feel there are enough amazing full coverage dresses/suits available that these folks shouldn't have to freeze their butts off. But let's go ahead and jump into the best and worst dressed.

Best Dressed of the Night

Girls Day wore beautiful full length gowns that weren't over matchy. Their silhouettes looked great and it seemed each dress matched each girls style preference. Whoever styled them should continue with this look at other award shows.
Check out What's Up Wednesdays with DJ Miss A this week for a sexy Valentine's Day Playlist! Songs from Taeyang, Nell, Narsha, SS501, Rainbow, EXO, Jay Park and Miss a.

Also listen in to hear and vote for my Fantasy Idol VDay Dream Date! Throughout the show I'll give scenario's for romantic dates from my favorite idols and it'll be your vote that chooses the suitor! After the show's over tweet me at @pnkfashionninja or email me missa@aewen.com This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to cast your vote! Then next week I'll announce the Fantasy Idol Dream Date winner!  Will it be Taeyang, Jackson from Got7, Rain, Wooyoung of 2PM or Leo from VIXX to win my love? We'll see!
What's my prize? Nothing....but sweet memories.... :)

Show Schedule
Airs 6:30 PM Seoul / 3:30 AM PST / 5:30 AM CST / 6:30 AM EST
Rerun 8 AM Seoul / 2 PM PST / 4 PM CST / 5 PM EST
New Time
Reruns every Saturday at 6AM PST / 8AM CST / 9AM EST

W.U.W. Show 28 Song Set list
(Songs won't be played in same order as listed.)

Taeyang – Take It Slow

Ailee – Evening Sky
Narsha – I’m In Love
GD&TOP - Baby Goodnight
Nell – Time Spent Walking Through Memories (기억을 걷는 시간)

Rain - One
Jay Park – Star
Davichi – You Are My Everything
SS501 – Making A Lover

Wooyoung – Be With You
U-Kiss - 내 여자야 (She's Mine)
Super Junior – Sorry Sorry Answer
Xia Junsu – Chocolate Girl

 EXO – Baby Don’t Cry
 Infinite – Destiny
Big Bang – Ego
Shinee – In My Room

PHANTOM(팬텀) - NEW ERA (신세계)
Rain – Because of You
Brown Eyed Girls - A Midsummer Night's Dream ( 여름 밤의 )
TVXQ – Love In The Ice

Rainbow – To Me (내게로)
Big Bang - Haru Haru
Miss A - Lips
Lyn – Kissing You

Miss a show? Don't fret! Download What's Up Wednesdays here or view on YouTube here.

Don't forget to vote!
New hip hip duo Lip Service recently debuted with a catchy and cute song titled "Yum Yum Yum" (냠냠냠). It's literally difficult to get it out your head once you've listened to it so please beware. :)

Hey guys~

Here are a few Kpop fashion finds from the lovely ladies of 2NE1 & Sistar AND both are under $40! Now THAT's deal.

Suspender tights worn by CL & Bom $8.99

Rain's return to the Kpop scene was much anticipated with him presenting not just new music but a new style. From head to toe, Rain showed he was back bigger and better than ever.

He first hit us with the track "30 Sexy" which sounds like "Dirty Sexy" but we won't even go there. ^^

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Koreans in Paris

If it wasn't clear before it is now, Taeyang and GDragon are definitely the "IT" guys of fashion. The boys rocked out Paris Fashion Week Men's Fall 2014 and left their mark on those around them. From fashion models to style publications, everyone wanted a piece of GDYB.

This was also a time that both shined individually but still complimented each other. GD gave Paris a taste of him in 2012 while Taeyang shined a bit of his sun in 2013. They must've felt Paris was ready for all of their amazingness as both arrived together for the weeks festivities. I was really impressed with Taeyang during this time because he's seem to have found his "look." I think he's been testing out different styles but has seemed to finally find a look that expresses himself.
The boys attended a total of 10 shows along with other showrooms and store visits so they definitely stayed busy.

So this post I'll be reviewing their looks and choosing my favorite among the two.