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While vacationing in Japan earlier this September I bought a lot of cool stuff. Cute bags, accessories and some awesome Kpop finds with buy links that I want to share with you all. Japan is certainty full of funky fashion!

I purchased an adorable hamburger shaped bag at a shop in Harajuku.

  If you'd like to purchase one, I found a similar hamburger bag on PatriciaField.com for $130.

While browsing my favorite mall in Asia, Shibuya 109, I stopped in Glad News and picked up a killer hot pink clutch with gold skeleton hands. Currently available on Taobao. Check out more of their stuff at http://gladnewsstore.com.

Some cute see through socks from Spinns Harajuku. http://www.spinns.com/

A bat ear cuff from Claire's Shinjuku.

Kpop Finds

Many Kpop artist get their clothes and accessories from Japan so it's not too difficult to find items many of them have worn. I even ran into GD's tiger back pack from his "One of a Kind" video. Though I opted for some simple accessories they are cute nonetheless. :)

I found the popular skeleton hand hair clip worn by F(X) in "Electric Shock" in many shopping places. $19 on DollsKill.com

And what's Kpop fashion without GD? I picked up a cute pair of Dinosaur earrings similar to his from his Alive Monster Edition photos. AlterEgoJewerly.com has them for $18 in different choices of dinosaurs!

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