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While vacationing in Japan earlier this September I bought a lot of cool stuff. Cute bags, accessories and some awesome Kpop finds with buy links that I want to share with you all. Japan is certainty full of funky fashion!

Hello KNTM fans!
Now's the time for our Top 3 predictions. Just like in football where one can create their own dream team we will create our lists of the Top 3 KNTM's that should make it to the end. I will do my ideal Top 3 and my realistic Top 3. Pretty self explanatory so let's begin!

Ideal Top 3 

2nd Runner Up
Hyun Ju
Why? She's a contestant I've just started to pay attention to. She's been pretty quiet and reserved throughout the show and in my opinion her photos haven't really stood out. But after seeing her during the Busan Film Festival challenge and doing a good job speaking English though it isn't her language I gained respect for her. She's one that I think we should watch out for.

Episode 9

This episode of Korea's Next Top Model started off with host and judge Yoon Ju coaching the models in an impromptu photo shoot. Then the ladies got model comp cards made and sent on a designer casting audition challenge with the winners being able to walk in Seoul Fashion Week S/S 2014.

Kpop stars were all over this years Seoul Fashion Week S/S 2014. Some performed, viewed the show and even walked the runway. Check below to see what they were up to.

Recap time!

Episode 7

While the ladies were chilling at home, judge Lee Hyun Ju came by for a Special Challenge titled the Fashion Knowledge Test. Questions included knowledge on International models and designers.

Pondering what costume to dress as this Halloween? Would you like to choose a Kpop star but not quite sure how to put the items together? Well GoGangnam.com has got you covered.

#GoGangnam with GoGangnam.com 

GoGangnam.com is a online Halloween costume store that sells Gangnam Style costumes for men, women and kids. They accept all major credit cards along with Paypal, have a great return policy and ship internationally. So international Kpop fans, they've got you covered!

The great folks at GoGangnam.com were kind enough to gift me a costume to feature on the Pink Fashion Ninja blog! So a big thanks to them!

*Note: You can also make this into a "Gentleman" Halloween costume by wearing a pair of Harem pants with your GoGangnam.com tuxedo jacket!


I got a size 8 in the jacket and a size 6 in the shorts. It fits very true to size so check out the size chart below to know what size range you should order.

Tuxedo Jacket (Womens)

Size 2
Size 4

Size 6
Size 8

If you have a large chest (like me) but wear a medium size in clothes, I suggest choosing a size 8 jacket because you'll be able to close the button in front, have room in the shoulders and still be able to show off your curves.

Size 10

Black Jet Tap Short

Size 2
Size 4

Size 6
Size 8

Size 10

My advice would be, if you are planning to go to a adult Halloween party where folks are going to dress in sexy costumes then this would be a great short to order. If you're planning on only giving out candy at the door then this sequin short might be a bit short to wear. I ordered a size 6 which fit BUT was quite short in the back. (On the model it's more like a short but on me if was like a pair of panties. :D) If you have a regular to large sized butt then you might want to wear a pair of tights underneath. 
To be safe order a size 8.


The quality of both items are great. The jacket is lined and has a nice silhouette. It's also great because the design isn't cheap or too costumey. I feel I can wear the jacket out and about and be confident I don't look like a shiny disco ball!

Don't forget your #GoGangnam costume isn't complete with accessories~
1. A bow tie
2. Rayban Shades
3. Oxfords

In love already? Check out the men's and kids collection below!

Men's Sizing


Size 6 - 12

Isn't the little girl costume adorable? And the Psy print lining is darling! This reminds me of the 1992 Eddie Murphy movie "Boomerang" where John Witherspoon comes to dinner with mushroom printed suit. His line was "Well the secret is you got to COORDINATE....When you saw me you saw the mushroom shirt. Bang." *shows mushroom printed belt.* And you can't stop there you gotta keep going. *shows mushroom printed suit lining."

Size 6 - 12

Size 6 - 12

Visit their FAQ section for more information about purchasing and shipping.

Join GoGangnam.com on their social media and share your costume with GoGangnam.com! Hashtag #GoGangnam to show off your GoGangnam Style Halloween Costume!

Don't forget to #GoGangam this Halloween!

Check back in a few days for a GA-IN "Gentlemen" video inspired DIY Halloween costume!
More finds from the fabulous "Miss You" video from rookie girl group Tiny G. This post contains a lot of bottoms so if you liked the leggings and shorts you saw you're in luck!

Tiny G is a relativity new KPop girl group on the scene. They first debuted January this year with a bubbly track titled "Minimanimo." Afterwards they kept quite until this September with a new sexy fun concept for their newest song "Miss You."

Kpop sex kitten HyunA is all about sensual style which she regularly shows on her personal Instagram. She recently showed off a few photos in a fuzzy crop top, sheer skirt and a pair of banging pearl shades.

Kpop Dancing King Taeyang keeps teasing us with photos from the set of his newest video which is VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY CLOSE NOW. I feel not just VIP's but all Kpop fans are waiting for his solo return. We've been trolled over and over and over again about its release for the past year but it finally seems to be coming to fruition. He's given us huge legendary hits like "Wedding Dress," "I Need A Girl," "I'll Be There," and "Only Look At Me" (my personal favorite) and many more that we've been patiently waiting to get more of.

Seo In Young is a woman who knows style. And I mean not just knows, but KNOWS it. Style definitely seems to naturally run through her veins unlike many of her kpop counterparts who seem to only know what their stylist tells them.

Back with another recap for Episodes 5 and 6. A lot of surprises were in store for us with two models being sent home and one model RETURNING! While Episode 6 was a laid back KNTM special episode featuring previous season models so let's get into it!

Episode 5

Episode 5 started with the models being introduced to their first challenge which was another runway challenge but with a twist! The ladies had to walk on an un-attached runway on water! The model who could strut her stuff the best without any mishaps would be the winner. They also made the contestants wear 5 inch heels! Ah too much! As you can see from the screen caps, the challenge didn't go well for everyone.

No matter how many times I see GD in concert he never ceases to amaze. The One of A Kind World Tour Finale in Seoul was filled with new releases and high energy from one of Korea's most famous singers.