The fine beastly men of 2PM did their thang in Seoul at the What Time Is It Grand Final. After standing in line with my friends for 3 hours we finally got in!

What made us angry though was while we were waiting in line a staff member kept telling us everyone in line that there were only 200 tickets left and we probably couldn't get in. This must have been her first day on the job because you can't get a fangirl out the way that easily! We stayed in line and bam all 3 of us where able to sit together and enjoy the show! 

I was really excited to finally see them because they've been on hiatus almost my entire time in Korea excluding Wooyoung (who had the best album of 2012.) Did I ever tell you all I'm a Wooyoung fan girl? Lol. That boy had an amazing solo album that made me become a Wooyounger. Lol. (I just made up that name. Lol.) I also really like Jun. K. He has so much sex appeal and apparently he has "True Swag from the content of his solo song. 

2PM and Teen Top were the only 2 kpop groups that I had never seen and now I can scratch 2PM off my list! Now Teen Top...where you at?

Enjoy the photos below :D

I only got a 2PM fan and glow stick. The shopping bags were sold out unfortunately. :(

Sorry for only photos of Wooyoung but he's my favorite. <And I had to stand in line forever so I really didn't have time to snap photos of the other members.>

The sea of Hottest right before the show started. (Looks like space right? :D)

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