CL The Baddest Female

Monday, June 3, 2013

CL "The Baddest Female" had definitely made her mark. Unless you've been living under a rock you probably have seen or at least heard about 2NE1's front woman's solo effort. The video and song is full of bass, high fashion and swag. 

MV Review

Summary of video: I felt the video tried too hard. I do know YG artists have a love and passion for hip hop (starting from their childhood) but they need to figure out to execute it better and not pick and choose what aspects of the culture they want to show.

Basically the issue is that she (or YG) felt that to show she was the "Baddest Female" was to show her in a "hood" setting instead of showing her in her natural setting i.e. Seoul, life in YG training etc. She is the baddest female of Seoul and she should have showed it instead of perpetrating another lifestyle that is worlds different from hers.

Summary of song: Overall I felt the song could've been carried out way to better showcase CL's talent. The talking and auto-tune didn't do her any justice. "The Baddest Female" would show she's a top singer, rapper and fashionista. This song I feel only shows fashion. Nowhere did I see any proof of her talent being the "baddest in the game."

I do adore the song though and jam to it on a daily. It has a great beat and it's really great to dance to.

I know it might be a shocker to many that I'm not head over heels for the video since I adore CL (&2NE1) SO MUCH but I keep it real. And when you are a fan of an artist you give them love and constructive criticism. (Fan girling is only for kpop men with their shirts off. :D)

The Fashion

She wore 15 different outfits for the video so I decided to make collages of each. I also got too clip happy and ended up saving 45 stills from the video. (I guess I got a little too happy.)

I loved the black and white look here. The two toned pants and see through ruffled gloves were great to kick off the video. If you adore her nails as much as I do you can purchase the nail decals here.

I felt this look suited CL best. You can stunt like her in the GZB snapback here.

I'm really loving the eye patch.

Wow CL looked so adorable here! I would like to see her in this style every so often. This cute sweet look would contradict with the song and get people talking!

When did the South Central LA gang enter the building? When did Tae Tae break out of jail? And why did GD come out the dressing room with no pants on?

The baby is SO FREAKING ADORABLE. Oh my gosh.

Let me know how you liked the song and video in the comments! Also check out part 2 of this post in a few days for some fashion finds and CL style how to!

Credit: 2NE!

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