Snoop Dogg (Lion) has fans in Korea? Who would of known! And many fans he has. Adidas hosted the Unite All Originals concert featuring Snoop Dogg and 2NE1. The entire night people were on their feet jamming and singing to every lyric of Snoop's songs. For me it was surreal actually being able to see Snoop Dogg as he's literally been on my TV since I was born! Really who knew I'd end up seeing Snoop Dogg (Lion) and attend my first rap concert in SOUTH KOREA. Hah! You just never know. Of course 2NE1 rocked the stage also. I honestly think I was the only 2NE1 fan that attended as I was the only one in my section, at least, singing the songs and screaming with my 2NE1 winged lightstick in hand. (Maybe I showed my fan girl side too much? :D)

Check out 2NE1 and Snoop Dogg "Dropin it like it's hot"

Also someone spotted me in a video! I come in at :56 when Hoya from INFINITE walks up the stairs RIGHT passed me. Lol at me not knowing who he was. :D Obviously is that was Tae Tae it'd be a different story.

After much speculation, it's finally been revealed that CL will be the one releasing new material on May 28th. Soon after she's done 2NE1 as a whole will blast us with a comeback and set the Kpop game on fire.

Hello again Korean face care product lovers!
I recently did a guest post for that I wanted to share where I interviewed an employee from Korean brand Tony Moly and showed the must have products of the season.

Click here to view the original article.

Before I jump into the interview I will officially announce the winner of the Korean Face Care Sample Pack! Congrats to Shalina Grenardo! I know you'll love your AWESOME face products! Thanks to everyone who entered. I read every comment and you all had some awesome things to share. From the comments it seemed St.Ivs was a product that a lot of people used and enjoyed. Again thanks to everyone who entered!


The Diva's of 2NE1 definitely have something AMAZING up their sleeves. This week, short teasers have been released with the title "2NE1 LOVES" featuring each of the members in a solo video. The fashion showcased throughout each volume teaser is avant garde and futuristic.

Greeting fashionistas!
Here are a few of my favorite spring shoe offerings from the hottest Korean shoe brand, ShoeSone. Also check out a few Kpop celebrities posing in their favorites from ShoeSone!

For information and directions to their store in Seoul click here.