The month of February was full of surprises for me.  I got the great opportunity to style the March front cover of English Seoul based magazine Seoul Selection! The theme was Gangnam (South of the Han River) VS Gangbuk (North of the Han River) style. The models Na Da Bin and Seo Yoo Mi represented Psy and famous Korean variety star Cheong Hyung Don.

You can check out Hyeong Don's answer to Gangnam Style here titled Gangbuk Dandy.

My inspiration collages

Since I couldn't find the floral shoes for Gangbuk Style, I opted for funky colored socks for both looks I picked up at the store 8ight Seconds.

Behind the scenes

I styled their clothes AND had to do their hair. I was like "Whoa, I am NOT a hairstylist" but they asked me to do it anyway so I did.

I want to thank Seoul Selection magazine for this amazing opportunity  Also the awesome Annie Ko and the models Na Da Bin and Seo Yoo Mi!

You can pick up Seoul Selection magazine at a bookstore in Korea near you. :)

Photos: Seoul Selection
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  1. Wow! what an amazing opportunity... BTW i love the socks =)

  2. AWESOME! So happy that you were able to have this opportuinty! Get it girl!!
    -Ciara :D

  3. What an awesome opportunity!! Congratulations and hope many more opportunities come your way!!

  4. Looks like it was a fun photo shoot! What a great opportunity! I keep up with you on youtube as well! Love to see you getting closer and closer to accomplishing your dreams :)

  5. I am so glad for you! I hope you get more styling opportunities!



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