The month of February was full of surprises for me.  I got the great opportunity to style the March front cover of English Seoul based magazine Seoul Selection! The theme was Gangnam (South of the Han River) VS Gangbuk (North of the Han River) style. The models Na Da Bin and Seo Yoo Mi represented Psy and famous Korean variety star Cheong Hyung Don.

Back with another KPop Fashion Finds!

Here's how to get the latest and favorite items of 2NE1 and BIGBANG!

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I'm Look #1!!!!!

The vibrant best friend duo GDYB better known as G Dragon and Taeyang from Big Bang, pose for their first duet photo shoot. Gracing 14 spectacular pages, the men along with their long time stylist Ji Eun, create nothing less than daring and dramatic for their shoot. This Vogue issue also commemorated the 200th issue of Vogue Korea which included two additional magazines with purchase.

Check out the behind the scenes footage!

This week I picked up a copy of Star1 Magazine featuring ballad crooners 2AM and hip hop sub group Infinite H. Style wise, 2AM went for a laid back earth toned collection while Infinite H showed off their suave side in dark tailored suits with embellishments.

During Infinite H's interview they were asked to describe their type of "Special Girl." Member Dong Woo stated that his ideal girl frequently changes, 

“Right now, it’s someone who can pull off any kind of hairstyle, dreaming of a girl who can pull off long straight hair, ponytails, or dyed hairstyles. “We can match up personalities later.” 

Sounds like homeboy should hook up with Nicki Minaj. ;D

Sunday night I attended the fan signing for VIXX's new song and album "다칠준비가돼있어" (On & On). It was my first time going to an event such as this. I've been a fan of VIXX before I knew I was. I used to run into their TV show Mydol and sit there watching them train and fight to get accepted to Jellyfish Entertainment. I used to giggle as they'd showcase their dancing to raunchy American songs by Chris Brown and Big Sean. To see them now on their 3rd mini album really makes me excited for their future. My favorite members are Leo and Hongbin. I've always been a undercover Leo stan but I recently picked up Hongbin because he said he liked a woman like Rihanna. For him to be bold enough to say that made me want to be on his team. Lol. Though after this event I think I will add N to my favorites as well because he was so sweet to me!

I welcome you the complete HOW TO guide on attending KPop concerts in Korea. I frequently get asked all sorts of questions about attending KPop concerts so this post will adhere to those every needs and desires ;)

What is my credibility to speak on this?

I've seen Rain (4 times), Big Bang (6 times), G Dragon <solo> (6 times so 12 times total^^), Taeyang <solo>  (once), 2NE1 (6 times), Psy (3 times), Shinee, TVXQ, Super Junior (twice), 2PM, Infinite, UKiss, Se7en, Lee Hi (twice), Xia Junsu, Girls Generation (3 times), VIXX (4 times), BTS, Spica, B.A.P., M.I.B., 4Minute, Sistar, Jay Park (3 times), B2ST (twice), Park Hyo Shin (twice), CN Blue, Boyfriend, 2AM, Kara, IU, Teen Top, Tablo (twice), B1A4 (twice), ZE:A (twice), Jewelry, 9 Muses (twice), JinuSean and many others.

I think that sums it about up! So shall we begin?