The five talented men of Big Bang 빅뱅 ended their Alive Galaxy World Tour in Seoul this weekend, rightfully titled "The Final." I attended all three action packed dates. Yes, Friday, Saturday AND Sunday. It literally was BIGBANG Weekend for me. My body still aches from jumping up and down screaming Taeyang and GD's name and pumping my crown light stick in the air with one arm, for 3 hours straight each night. I feel honored to have been at the opening weekend of this tour and now being able to see it to a close. In addition to this weekend, I've officially seen BIGBANG FIVE TIMES, each time as wonderful and innocent as the first. My emotions were high and ready to party from the start. From shouting Boom Shaka Laka to "Fantastic Baby," mosh pitting to "High High" or slow jamming to "Cafe," BIGBANG eluded all the elements of their theory.


Friday Concert 8 pm
  • I was in section 43 on the left side. Pretty good seat, not too far away.
  • When BB talked about their upcoming solo projects, TOP started to cry. 
  • The set list was a little different compared to the very first BB Alive Tour Concert in Seoul. "재미없어" was changed with "Feeling" and Taeyang's solo song "Where you at" was cut out. Also GD and TOP's "Knock Out" was taken off the set list probably due to GD's new songs.
The sea of yellow crown glow sticks waiting for BIGBANG.

Saturday Concert 6 pm
  • I was joined by my friend Allison who would be attending her first KPop concert.
  • Our seats were closer this time. Still section 43 but front row.
  • I wore my own rendition of a BIGBANG official jacket that people actually thought was a new official jacket. :D I was a very happy fashionista!
  • We were given balloons that said "We <3 BB" to blow up and show BIGBANG during "Haru Haru." Afterwards they were presented with a cake with a picture of the world on it. There were flags for each spot they traveled to during their world tour. 
  • It was my first time being a part of a fan chant! During "Lies" fans scream out the members Korean names and then say "우리 빅뱅" (We Our Big Bang) in unison.
  • Before the concert I bought a crazy amount of official YG merchandise. I should be ashamed of myself. :D
  • I purchased a Taeyang arm bracelet that after only 1 hour the letters peeled off. I decided to go back to the merchandise tent even though it had closed and show them what happened. I validated it with my receipt and seconds later I was given a new Taeyang arm bracelet AND they let me keep my other one. So now I have two ;)

Sunday Concert 6 pm

  • My friend and I stood outside in the fidget cold for hours waiting in line for a ticket. Our pain was not in vain because we ended with front row seats in the first seating section on the left side of the stage WHICH was almost leveled with the stage. We were in front of the aisle between the standing sections where BIGBANG would later come down to from the stage.
  • During the encore, GD walked down from the stage into the audience and stood RIGHT IN FRONT OF US. Everyone (including me) bum rushed the barricades. I stood in shock as GD was 1 foot away from me, gleaming with swag and confidence. I could see his eye makeup, the creases in his lips, the bright red from his shoulder tattoo...everything!
  • GD was so close to us that a girl decided she wanted his hat so she TOOK IT OFF HIS HEAD! He just turned around and gave a smirk like "It's coo I can get another one." I was in utter shock and disbelief. We later saw people crowded around her in the subway trying to get a picture of the hat.
  • GD's body frame is EXTREMELY small. The body guards were towering over him but his confidence and aura were the size of a giant.
  • Next Seungri came over and smiled at us. He wasn't as small as GD. A very nice looking guy up close.
  • Next TOP came down and I was lucky to run up a few seconds before the fan girls did and ended up right in front of him but since the guards were using all their strength to hold our barricades up, TOP turned around and went back to the stage. Dang you TOP. LOL.
  • Taeyang nor Daesung came down from the stage on Sunday which angered me because they did the other two nights. 
  • Also since we were on the side of the stage, the actual side of their stage stretched out to our section and each member walked over to the ends. Only 20 ft away from where I was standing.
  • Again, I'm angry my Tae Tae didn't come over to me with his shirt off.
  • Once during BIGBANG chatting, the crowed started to chant "귀요미" (Giyomi) to pressure each member to do a aegyo chant that's popular in Korea. Everyone hesitated except for Seungri of course and I couldn't believe Taeyang actually did it!
  • I almost caught Daesung's light stick. It flew right over my hands and landed in a girls lap a few seats behind me. I hurt my ankle in the adventure.
  • We were given yellow paper signs that read "WE'RE FINE. THANK U & U" to hold up as a surprise during "Haru Haru" and again they were presented with a cake, this time with mini figures of them on it. This brought Daesung to tears.
  • The band played Boys II Men's famous song "End of he Road" which Taeyang sang along to.
  • Before ending the final night, the humble men of BIGBANG gave a respectful revered full body bow to us. All 5, with hands and heads touching the floor, showed us their sincerest gratitude.
GD, Seungri and TOP walked straight down that aisle!

In all the BIGBANG Alive Galaxy World Tour was top notched and made everyone feel loved, like we were a vital source to them. It was a non stop party that we never wanted to end. I'm sure the fans from each country visited felt the same. I personally want to give thanks to BIGBANG for always stepping out of the box and not being afraid to take risks. For making mistakes like normal human beings and learning from it. For using their trials, challenges and triumphs as inspiration for their music; allowing us a way to connect with them. I'm honored to say I am a supporter of five of the most talented men on this planet, BIGBANG.

Let us cheer to a BIGBANG filled 2013 and beyond.

Thank U & U & U & U & U



Tehehehe ;)

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  1. First of all I LOVE reading your blog, your not only hilarious but seem to enjoy life and the blessings it brings you. It's very inspiring. Secondly I'm super jealous you live in Korea and get to see such ahmazing people like BigBang!Ahh! Keep up the good work :)

  2. I always love your fan accounts. They make me feel like I am experiencing the concert with you. I'm glad that you were able to see Big Bang 5 times & I'm totally jealous, but happy for you, lol! Did you make the hat that you were wearing in your last pics? Super cute!! -- Ciara

  3. Love. Love. Love. Your fan accounts all the time! You're super fortunate~! I'm totally jealous, but happy for you. ^^. I can't believe GD was 1 feet away from you! I would have fainted. As you can tell GD is by bias. Love the pictures you took. It's BIG BANG galore outside with their items! The wait in the cold was worth it. Yes, as Tiffany mentioned the way you talk about life and enjoy it is very inspiring~! <3



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