Yes, it's contest time!
This one's for my JYJ and makeup lovers out there! The contest is simple and easy!

#1 Answer this Question
If you could go on a date with one of the members of JYJ while in Seoul, what would you do and where would you go?

Example Answer
If I had the chance to go on a date with one of JYJ it would be Jaejoong because he's so goofy and sweet! We'd go to Lotte World and ride all the roller coasters! I know he'd scream on every ride. ;) We'd also share a funnel cake while watching kids play.

**Please note the example was not personal. Jaejoong isn't my bias so this is just an example :D


#2 You have three choices on where you want to post your comment. It can be on this blog post, on Facebook  OR on Youtube. If you would like to do a video response that would be awesome!

#3 Eligibility: You must be a subscriber to my Youtube Channel and Like the Pink Fashion Ninja page on Facebook. And that's it!!!


A JYJ for Tony Moly poster, sample face products and your choice of nail polish!
This poster could be YOURS!

Hurry! Contest ends November 30th!!!!

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**Note: If you post your comment on blogger, include your name and make sure your name links to a site where I can message you if you are chosen the winner.
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  1. Hi Apri, thank you for making this awesome giveaway. I don't think that I will win this price but I would be extremly happy if I did. Just imagine to try out korean skincare products, so thanks for making this contest so forigners can try out korean skincare products :)

    I would go on a date with Jaejoong if that could ever be possible=)
    As you said on your video, we would go to Seoul tower and put a love lock, that would be SO romantic (like in those kdramas, yeah I'm obssed, but hey don't judge me). and then I can Imagine the 2 of us holding hands while we are walking in the street of Soul and Jaejoong would show me arond and take me to all his favourite places and take me to his favourite resturant, whee we can eat delicious korean food. :) and when it's night and dark we would go to Han River since it's very beautiful at night, and Jaejoong will then sing a song for me, and it would be the most happiest day in my life (and in my dream), lol :)
    If I won, you can contact me on youtube :)
    or my twitter:

  2. If I had the chance to go on a date with one of JYJ it would be Yoochun because I fell in love with him after watching Rooftop Prince which is my favourite K-drama.We would go watch a movie, maybe Jaejoong's movie :D because it will be awkward if we just go out together so if we go watch a movie, we have SOMETHING to talk about :D

    My name is Tammy.
    My blog is:
    My Youtube Channel is

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  4. Hi I would love to go on a date with Junsu because he is my Bias, I love his sense of humour and i think he is a sweet, caring and nice person. I want to go for sports activity because he likes sports and i also like sports. we can play table tennis/ badminton/ skating :D it will be sooo fun!

    youtube name: leeliet
    facebook name: kwek kuek

    you can contact me at tumblr ask box/ :D



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