Boyfriend is back with a new look and sound, and what a well needed change it was! The group first debuted with an extreme aegyo boyish image.

Personally the aegyo was a turn off for me so I never listened to their music but with this new comeback they've grabbed my attention. Not only have they thrown the boy-next-door image out the door, they've up the anty on their wardrobe too.

I finally turned the big 24! Got to spend another Birthday in Korea, this one being way more exciting than last year. I personally feel old but whenever people my age they say I'm so young! Folks are always surprised that I'm in my early 20's and was brave enough to live overseas. I seem to get that response a lot from people. Lol. I guess I've never really realized how fearful and life changing moving overseas can be. All I knew was I didn't want to get stuck where I was.

Yes, it's contest time!
This one's for my JYJ and makeup lovers out there! The contest is simple and easy!

#1 Answer this Question
If you could go on a date with one of the members of JYJ while in Seoul, what would you do and where would you go?

For this edition I show the sexy black fringed top from Kpop girl group After School's video "Flashback." Also in the video check out two popular styles of earrings that Kpop artists love to accessorize with.

Hello everyone!
I recently did an interview for The wonderful bloggers name is Tamara and she's lived in Korea and traveled to numerous places all over the world. A few weeks ago she contacted me to be apart of her "Women Who Inspire" series. Since we're far from each other it was a virtual interview but nonetheless I was ecstatic to be a part of it and learn more about
Below is the interview and you can also click here to view the post on her blog. Definitely stop by and comment and subscribe to her blog as she chronicles the amazing adventures Traveling while Natural. :)

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With Korean pop sensation PSY's "Gangnam style" still tearing up the air waves across the globe months after its release, one can't help but wonder... what next  from the "Hallyu" phenomenon will stir up a world wide trend!

 I'd like to think its the fashion. Personally I am not a fan of straight Korean fashion (I guess you'd have to live there to truly know what I mean). But I love when fashionistas fuse American or European chic with Korean style. 

One blogger/vlogger (who is also a fashion designer) in particular does it so poetically, that I am surprised she has not been scooped up by the best of the best in the Asian fashion houses yet. I give it another year or two til her name and inspiration is all over the media ;)

Many of you already know Ms. April Jackson from YouTube channel recounting hilarious stories about her life Korea. 
But if you don't you can also check out her blog under the same moniker(Pink Fashion Ninja) here

The fine men of JYJ are the new spokes men for Korean face brand Tony Moly and the brand seems proud to have them. At the 3 stores I've been to there have been all types of posters and giveaway merchandise that would make any kpop fan faint! So please enjoy this video of Style Log Korea. Below are in-store photos and pictures of JYJ items I purchased. Unfortunately Tony Moly can't be purchased online from outside of Korea but if you do visit don't forget to stop by and check out the amazing products they have!