October 4th after work I hoped on the subway headed for City Hall for a free outdoor concert. (So happy I live so close to Seoul now so I can go to events on weeknights!) As soon as I stepped off the train inside City Hall station, a massive amount of people surrounded me. We were all there for the same reason, to see the most famous man on the planet right now, PSY! As I followed the crowd up Exit 4 I could begin to see the madness that already ensued even 4 hours before showtime. After attending so many Kpop concerts, I knew that when they're free you MUST show up at LEAST 3-4 hours before the show starts to get a good view. This was no exception but even with me arriving at 6:30pm (it started at 10:04pm) there were thousands upon thousands of people already there.

I've never in my life seen the amount of press as I saw at this concert. Probably every major news station in the world was there. Now I knew and understood how HUGE a star he now was but not until being fully immersed in "The World of Psy" did I or the other 79,999 people there understand.

As Psy was talking throughout the show, the cameras would show parts of the crowd screaming and cheering. Well more than a few times we saw the people on the screen screaming but we couldn't hear them! There were SO MANY people in attendance and so far away from us we couldn't hear their screams! The whole crowd around the front of the stage where I was went "Oido? (Where is that coming from?) and "Ohh and ahhs" spread through the crowd.

Of course in the mist of 80,000 folks there are going to be incidents. Mine was the crowd literally falling on me twice. I feel at every concert in the standing section there's a little man that stands in the back and pushes everyone for the hell of it. This little "audience pusher man" must be real because relentlessness every time I attend a show I almost get smashed to death!

Best thing of the night of course was 80,000 people dancing in-sync to Gangnam Style. There was an ajumma to my right, a mother and daughter to my left, and two high school boys in front of me dancing. It was great to see all Korean generations together enjoying themselves. Not since Rain's Last of the Best free concert in Gangnam last year (his last concert before military service with about 50,000 people) had I seen or experienced a crowd like at this.

Also I've been a fan of Psy since I saw him in concert for the first time at the YG Family Concert last December (2011). It was my first time being exposed to Psy. Even though I didn't know a single song, the entire 1 hour 30 minute set he had, I was jumping and screaming like a mad woman. The entire audience was in a frenzy. After that I tried finding his videos and music but only 2 of his videos were available on Youtube. Look how TIMES HAVE CHANGED! The man is raking in 400+ million views right now with over 1+ million likes! It's so awesome because NO ONE IN A MILLION YEARS would have guessed Psy would be the one to make it in America and bring Korea and Kpop to the world spot light. He's such a cool and humble man. He is literally making HISTORY for Korea right now. He is a national figure to represent Korea and when the children of today grow up they will tell their offspring about Psy and the changes he made for Korea.

I really can't believe I got to see him do the horse dance live (TWICE) AND dance WITH him IN SEOUL. Oh the things I experience out here are truly special and one of a kind. I don't take any of it for granted. ;)

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