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Halloween in Korea

Halloween is such a fun time of year! Though Korea doesn't celebrate it, there's no shortage of Halloween inspired events to get into. Check out the video to hear about my experiences at Korean Haunted Houses and scary Asian myths!

SFW 서울패션위크 has officially kicked off! At 11am brand Resurrection by Juyong graced the stage for the many in attendance. A total of 10 shows were scheduled today. I attended Caurso at 7pm. Though a bit late (because I got VERY sick this weekend and ended up getting TWO shots in my butt a few hours before), I was still able to catch most of the show. Unfortunatly I wasn't able to see much inside since I got there later but there was a screen upstairs that aired the show in it's entiretly for everyone to see. I have to say it was AN AMAZING 대박 experience and was my first time attending a "real" fashion. (I mean Seoul is a major city consisting of 10 million plus people!)
So below are snaps I took in and outside the venue. Since this just happened about 2 hours ago media pictures haven't been released yet but when they are I will be sure to post and link them here.

The next shows I will be attending are on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I have a two day field trip with my school in the middle of the week so unfortunately I have to skip a few week days. But the party must go on!

So I have a "small" addiction to purchasing socks...specifically Kpop socks here in Korea. I hadn't realized how many I had until I organized my undies drawer and kept coming face to face with Kpop idols. A few of these I will actually be giving away in upcoming contest (of course the ones I haven't worn yet. Lol.) Please enjoy the photos below. I thought it was cute and wanted to share. You can totally see my biases are 2NE1 and Big Bang. I know your wondering "Why not more Rain socks?" Well my dear friend..since Rain isn't a youngin' (he's 31 for those who don't know) it's sometimes hard to run across 비 socks. But I eventually dig deep enough or find some good places that always have Rain in stock. And well that just means I MUST GO BUY MORE SOCKS! AHAHAHAHA

Hello everyone!
Seoul Fashion Week is next week! I'm really excited to see what the designers have to offer this year and what global media outlets and coverage the event will have since "Gangnam Style" has taken over the world.
Below is the schedule for this year. Starting on Monday Oct 22nd to Sunday Oct 28th. The event is open to the public with tickets being sold for only 7,000!!! ($6 USD)
The one challenge or con I will share is if you are planning to attend you must have an Alien Registration Card issued from Korea to purchase tickets online as Yes24.com. Also to register you need to have a permanent address and a Korean cell phone or credit/debit card to validate living in Korea. Unfortunately when signing up for things online in Korea, it requires ALL your personal information and takes a while to complete (if your a non-Korean speaking person). I'm positive tickets will be sold at the door BUT there's a huge chance that all shows will be sold out which happen to me last year. I'm not sure if you have to present your ARC if you purchase at the door but I'd bring it just to be safe.

October 4th after work I hoped on the subway headed for City Hall for a free outdoor concert. (So happy I live so close to Seoul now so I can go to events on weeknights!) As soon as I stepped off the train inside City Hall station, a massive amount of people surrounded me. We were all there for the same reason, to see the most famous man on the planet right now, PSY! As I followed the crowd up Exit 4 I could begin to see the madness that already ensued even 4 hours before showtime. After attending so many Kpop concerts, I knew that when they're free you MUST show up at LEAST 3-4 hours before the show starts to get a good view. This was no exception but even with me arriving at 6:30pm (it started at 10:04pm) there were thousands upon thousands of people already there.

I've never in my life seen the amount of press as I saw at this concert. Probably every major news station in the world was there. Now I knew and understood how HUGE a star he now was but not until being fully immersed in "The World of Psy" did I or the other 79,999 people there understand.

The absolute best idea for a Halloween costume this year would have to be Psy! It's quite easy to emulate and EVERYBODY will get it. I remember dressing like Buffy the Vampire Slayer in elementary school...but nobody could guess who I was! (A lot had to do with my mother dressing me like a vampire instead of a vampire HUNTER! Lol) Unfortunately since I'm in Korea I won't get a chance to dress up but at least you can!

오빠 강남 스타일!

Oppa Halloween Style!

Tuxedo jacket, 86,450 KRW / Coast cropped pants, 151,625 KRW / Chunky heels, 15,445 KRW / Ring, 8,345 KRW / Ray-Ban ray ban, 166,925 KRW / Hair bow accessory, 3,325 KRW

Learning Hangul at times can seem like a challenging and daunting task. Learning a new language as an adult takes a lot of discipline and time. One thing that I've found to spark fun into my studies is to use the most interesting and applicable vocab. For me it's food, clothing and emotions. I have the food expressions pretty much down packed since Korea was a new country for me and I had to figure out how to order, where to go and how to express if something was spicy or not. The other expressions that pertain to me are words to describe fashion. Since I'm starting on this adventure I thought it'd be great to share so we all can further in Hangul and learn fun vocab and phrases about fashion!

Now with this I am assuming you know the Korean alphabet and its sounds. If not click here to start!

For this first lesson we will go over the basic words to describe fashion.