While meeting up with a friend for dinner, we stumbled upon the grand opening of Korean brand 8ight Seconds new store in Gangnam (GANGNAM STYLE!).  My friend had received a flyer advertising the event right before we met up so we thought it would be great to check it out. As we walked closer we could hear loud live music, flashing neon lights, balloons galore and security out the wazoo.

Oh yeah you know what "Gangnam Style" is right? Of COURSE. ;)

Music and Fashion are one and Kpop embodies that wholeheartedly. Since I'm a shopaholic and lover of music I'm always around searching for items similar or exact to the ones worn by my favorite Kpop artists. I often find them while randomly passing a store and just out and about. So this new post series titled "Kpop Finds" will showcase items I find in Korea and inform you on where to purchase in Korea and/or online. This post is dedicated to YG because lately I have ran into and bought a lot of accessories worn by YG Family.

Check out the video and below it will be all the information you need to get purchasing and dressing like your favorite Kpop star.

Buckle your fashion seat belts, Seoul Fashion week is quickly approaching! The event will occur October 22nd-28th at the War Memorial of Korea and Xii Gallery. Many veteran and new designers will be showing this year making it a show not to miss! To get ready for it, I'll be introducing a variety of Korean designers. Many have shown in SFW, have created popular trends in Asia and are behind some of our favorite fashion items in Kpop. 


Rubina is a women's wear line catering to self-employed career woman in their 20's-50's. The creator of Lubina, Ruby is the current President of SFAA (Seoul Fashion Artists Association). Feetmanseoul.com did a nice interview with the creator of 루비나, Ruby back in 2008 which you can check out here. She started out as a fashion model in the 70's and by the 80's opened up her first boutique. Ruby is also an advocate of sustainable fashion by holding various "Save the Earth" themed shows and events. 

GD has released the video for his third single "Crayon" off of his new "One of Kind" album.

Everything is new nowadays. Some good and some bad. Embarking on another year abroad isn't the easiest but I'm ready for the challenge.

New Vlogs: [Update] I won't stop making personal videos I'm just expanding my videos to showcase and introduce Asian and Korean fashion trends, shops, designers ect. I have a few new K fashion vlogs I am starting so please stay tuned!

Living location: I'm just really happy I live in the city and everything is accessible to me now. I can travel around freely without having to take a 3 hour 30 minute bus ride to Seoul!

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My Love for NAILS!

Ever since moving to Asia I have fell in love with nail art. There's just so much varity and things you can buy to make your nails look awesome. Nowadays it's rare to see me without my nails done up. I usually share them on twitter but I thought why not post about it! Nail art is fashion and is an expression of ourselves. Also forgot to mention that I do my own nails! I guess you can call me a Lil' Park Bom! Haha. Now it's very cheap to get your nails done in at a shop in Korea, I've seen them for as little as $4 up to $20 (and $20 is crazy expensive in Korea.) Here I will show you some of my favorite polishes and nail accessories.  One thing I hate is that I didn't get to show you all my 2NE1 "I Love you" video inspired nails I did for the 2NE1 New Evolution concert a few months back! I meant to blog about them but my computer soon crashed and my pictures were lost BUT I can just redo them because they were SO cute.

My current Nails I named "In Living Color" (like the 90's show with the Wayen's Bros.) These nails remind me of the 90's so much. The polish is from Korean face & skin store Aritum for 3,500 Won ($3.10.)

Hello readers! I am SO happy to announce I have started another year in Korea. Sorry to not have updated in a while! It's just been so busy for me the last month or so. I was able to visit my family in America for 9 days in August so I've flown over the international date line quite a few times during the last month. I now live in Gyeonggido in Sanbon which is only 15 minutes out of Seoul. And I live on a subway line. Actually right in front of it!!!! Whoa right? I live in Gunpo City and now teach at an amazing public elementary school. I started Sept 3rd and have been loving it. It's a lot better than my other school. I got great vibes from the the new school when I visited a day before I went back to visit my family. But I will say I am completely exhausted when the days over!
Oh yea, for those who follow me on Youtube, did you all remember my old apartment? It didn't even have a window right? Well look at what I have NOW!