Finally the most anticipated movie of the summer is out! R2B: Return to Base starring the one and only Rain aka Jung Jihoon along with Yu Joon San, Shin Seh Gyeong, Kim Seong Soo, Lee Ha Na, Jung Suk Won and Jo Sung Ha. I was fortunate enough to see the movie on opening day. Wednesday August 15th happened to be a holiday in Korea so I trotted on over to Seoul to see the movie!

So the most anticipated solo album of the year is finally among us. Who else than JiYong aka G-Dragon. The first single off the album is titled "One of Kind" which GD surely is. No one has as much talent and swagger as this guy, seriously. The full video finally gets released on August 25 (KST). As most of you all know August 18th (GD's birthday) was supposed to be the initial release date. But with the new video content rating law that was implemented (on August 18th no less) in Korea, he had to push back when he could  officially release it. So check out the teaser photos and video released throughout the week. Now I'm just crossing my fingers he will have a solo concert so I can jam to GD all night long! Come on GD....make MY birthday wish come true! ;)

Also check out the official Music Video Countdown on the YG life Blog.

My vacation in Japan was AMAZING. Eveything I ever dreamed of and more. I couldn't believe I was actually strolling the Streets of Tokyo or walking in the huge crosswalk in front of Shibuya 109 or even freaking SHOPPING in Shibuya 109! For those who don't know Shibuya 109 is a huge circular mall located in Shibuya Tokyo that is a fashionistas dream. There's store after store after store. Endless each level you go. I also enjoyed Harajuku of course. Takeshita Dori street was beyond belief. I can't believe I spent 2,000 Yen ($30) in the Daiso $1 store! It was just cutestness galore. Only bad thing was that the Harajuku girls weren't on Jingubashi bridge on Sunday! Maybe because it was SO SCORCHING HOT but still I was a little sad to not have seen them.

Haha Not to live, just to visit. I finally get a vacation after 1 year of working with no days off!! Ah! Sucks but I'm happy it has finally come. Tokyo is literally my dream place. I will cry as soon as I land! So I just wanted to update you all and post once before I leave for the week. Of course many pictures and video will follow! Can't believe I ACTUALLY know people who live in Japan. Who would of known? A girl from Kansas like me? We never know where life will take us. The people that I know are people who I've connected with through Kpop and this blog. Jennifer is a young woman living in Japan teaching like and we both became friends. Jessica and her daughter and husband I met at the Rain Last of the Best Concert. Also I know many of you are wondering if I'm staying in Korea, going back to America or going to another country.....IT'S A SURPRISE. When I finally get everything written in stone and things are definite then I will let you all know.

I'm definitely going to Harajuku to see the Lolita and Harajuku girls, Takeshika Dori street to shop my butt off, Yoyogi Park to look at nature and Meiji Palace to become one with the culture. Also Shinjuku, Omotesando and where ever else the wind take me!!!

Anywho here's my Tokyo playlist. These are jams that inspire me and will get me ready!
ENJOY and see you all soon!