2NE1 kicked off their World Tour in Seoul on Saturday and Sunday with a bang. I had the opportunity to attend the Saturday concert. Actually I can't even call it a concert, it really was an OUT OF THIS WORLD DANCE CLUB. I danced THE ENTIRE TIME and screamed my tail off. My right arm has a huge muscle in it now from me pumping my 2NE1 winged light stick in the air for 2 hours. This show also showcased 2NE1 as sexy women. We usually see them as strong, fierce, I-can-do-it-myself women, which of course this show displayed, but we also got to see them in a new light. I believe this tour was a chance to show themselves as sexy adult women too. From the sleek smoky sillhouete screen shots to their skin barring costumes and dance moves, we all had no doubt that 2NE1 are 4 sexy women not to be reckoned with.

Highlights from the show

MBLAQ definitely knows how to put on a show. Hours after it was over I was STILL jamming to the songs in my head. Though the stage effects and props were minimal, the performances were strong and fierce. One would definitely see that Rain has taught them well.

I arrived at the venue around 3pm after first going to the wrong venue. The two main concert venues in Seoul both have extremely similar names that people give nicknames to also so it's always confusing for me. Another confusing thing was that the Shinee World concert was going on at the same area at the same time but at a different venue. Shinee had the stadium and MBLAQ had the hall. So when I got there all I saw were Shinee sticks and pink everywhere. I was thinking "Dang did I get mixed up on the venue AGAIN?" Luckily minutes later I spotted some foreigners who I asked where MBLAQ was. It happened that they were there for MBLAQ too so they lead me to the Olympic hall about a 5 minute walk away from where we were. I quickly spotted the short Interpark global waiting line and got my ticket. My first goal was to grab all the free stuff that they give out at concerts and buy some official merchandise. As I was walking I spotted a girl in my periphial vision that was looking at me. I wondered if I possibly knew her from somewhere or something. Seconds later she slowly came up to me and asked "Are you on Youtube?" I was like "Haha Yes, Whoa!" Come to find out she was a fan of my Youtube videos. Her name was Aisha and her friend was Marie who are currently studying abroad for 3 weeks.

2NE1 is back and ready to take over the world! Their newest song "I Love You" is a soothing ballad that sings to the broken hearted. The video is very Japanese inspired. They're even cherry blossoms on Mimzy's nails!

2NE1's style is always top knotch. Accessories galore and high named fashion designers such as Alexander Mcqueen and Givenchy. I appreciate Dara being dressed more feminine because with her small frame she looks really cute in girly clothes. Now all I'm waiting for is Mimzy to be dressed like the sexy diva that she is (which we saw some of it in the "Cant Nobody" video) and I'd be a happy camper!

Now the video story seems to tell of four ladies in a kind of "love house" that have fell in love with a suitor. They go to great lengths to get to him. When they're on the trains it's as if they left their lives and homes to chase this man and show him their heart. Now this is definitely different from the fierce I-dont-care style that 2NE1 usually does. It's a nice change though as everyone must make changes to conquer new challenges. Speaking of new challenges they will be enbarking on their first World Tour title "2NE1 New Evolution World Tour." I'm actually purchasing tickets this very moment! I'm so excited to see them again and you all know I'll definitely going to do a spazzed fan account video of it!!

But for right now, check out the video then peep some of my favorite screen caps below!

Though I don't talk a lot about Super Junior, I absolutely ADORE them. Ever since my ears were caressed with "Sorry Sorry Sorry" I've been HOOKED. Every time I see them I love to count how many members there are at that time, usually there's anywhere from 12 - 8. Unfortunately I've missed them in concert twice! I really want to see them live and tearing up the stage. Until then, I'll have to just make do with their wonderful sexy new video and album "Sexy, Free and Single." Pretty straightforward right? The song I've had on replay everyday since it came out. It reminds me of a Miami Vice episode straight from the 1980's. Whenever a song has an 80's vibe it gets me. I also am in love with the video. It's sexy and has the most fun choreography. My two favorite dances are actually two cultural ones that were used. A Jamaican cross arm wave dance and an African head whipping one. I love it! Check out the screen caps below including some of my favorite clothing pieces.

The amount of nervousness I felt during my Taekwondo black belt test was one that I hadn't experienced in quite a long time. I thought I could handle it better since their were like 100 kids testing at the venue also but of course my nerves got the best of me. I had to do my test twice BUT I wasn't the only one to make a mistake. Of the 3 boys that was in my group to test, one of them smiled/laughed while doing the pumse form (a Taekwondo form we must memorize) and because of that he seriously got scouled by the headmaster. Yikes! Glad it was NOT me because of course, everybody AND THEY MAMA AND DADDY was looking at me being the only foreigner there. It makes me laugh the experiences I've had here because they could only happen in Asia. If I were still in America, none of these situations would ever had occur. I've never experienced life as an outsider until moving to Asia. In America everyone looks different but we know we're from the same place. Not until someone opens their mouth to talk would we know they were a foreigner. In Asia as soon as someone sets eyes on you, its known. Though it's been like this, I don't regret coming here or experiencing it. What you go through in life makes you stronger and wiser if you learn from it correctly. And with this, I have.

My teacher Dong Yang and I!

In this episode of K Style DIY I go over the hottest summer trends in Korea and show my own personal style.

Kpop group F(x) recently released the hypnotic song Electric Shock. Every time I hear it I want to dance my tail off but unfortunately others around me would think I was crazy! There were a lot of great things about the video, the fashion though, was NOT one of them. Personally F(x) is one of the worst style'd groups around. I'm really into fabrics and quality of things so when I look at their clothes it seriously looks like things from Forever 21. Cotton, cotton, and some cotton polyester mix. Compare their clothes to Big Bang's and it'd be like comparing Chanel to Wal-Mart. Not to be a Debby Downer, I will say that their accessories are frequently on point. The Electric Shock video had me constantly replaying to catch the many cute accessories they had on. So watch the video then check out some of my favorites I compiled in screen caps!

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JYJ Membership Week

Cool pic huh? I actually took this with my little ol' smartphone camera!
I attended the JYJ Membership week with a friend last weekend. The event was held at SETEC convention center where last years Seoul Fashion Week was held so it was quite easy to get to. We went on Sunday afternoon because it was the day Koreans (and everyone else non-Japanese) could go. Friday and Saturday were days for the Japanese fans while Friday night and Sunday was for Korean fans. The event was really cool and VERY high tech. There were JYJ halograms, trick eye art, costumes from each of their dramas and musicals, and interactive screens. It was really amazing. A lot of people won tickets to the meet and greet. I didn't sign up for membership til late and wasn't even planning to go but I ended up joining my JYJ loving friend to the event. We all recieved a ticket book with coupons we could redeem for things such as popcorn and water, a JYJ fan, one free picture from the JYJ sticker booth, a free gift, ect. They even played their movie "The Day" throughout the day. We could choose a time and received a ticket to get to get. No Eng sub titles but it was a really cute movie.