Say hello to my new pet rabbit! Her name's 흰색 닌자  meaning "White Ninja." I named her that because 1) she's white 2) I wanted to give her a Korean name since I bought her in Korea and 3) because she disappears without a sound like a ninja! I was in the middle of transferring subway lines inside Seoul Station when I passed an Ajumma selling bunnies. I couldn't pass it up. It didn't matter which one I got because they were all adorable but the Ajumma handed me the last brown one so I just took it! I researched and found out she's a Dwarf Hotot Rabbit which are nicknamed "Eyes of the Fancy" because of the colored fur around their eyes that looks like eyeliner.
So allow me to share some of her cutest pictures. Please excuse her dirt and pee stains. Since she's only 2 months old I don't think she knows how to clean herself the best. Lol. When I first got her she was teeny weeny, now she's the size of 3 rabbits put together. :D

With me at TaeKwonDo. But I've banned her from coming
with me because she just craps all over the floor.

She likes to stand on top of her food bowl. Odd.

She loves to lay on her back. She'll stay like that for 30 minutes or more.

My favorite!

Hope you enjoyed!!!
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  1. eyeliner?! Sounds like she should be called GaiIn! ;D

    1. Lol. Yes Gain from the Brown Eyed Girls? That would have been perfect!

  2. Oh my! She's so lovely<3
    I've had guinea pigs and I'd like to have two again so these baby animal pictures are dangerous. :D



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