If you are familiar with recent popular western music then you should have guessed where I got inspiration for this post title from. If not, the answer is Jay-Z's and Kanye's song "N***as in Paris." Well after seeing the snap shots of Big Bangs fantastic leader G-Dragon strutting it all over Paris with hot pink hair for Men's Fashion week, I found the title befitting. I can't express in words how much I love G-Dragon - not just his style but his whole being. We're both Dragons in the Chinese New Year so I feel our style has a lot in common. He possess every trait of a Dragon; fearlessness, leadership, being nonconformist, un-inhibited, the list could go on and on.  If I were a guy (lol), I'd be G-Dragon! This is why it excites me so much to see him in Paris at THE male fashion week to be at, representing Korea and reppin' everyone who knows fashion has no boundaries.


GD styled all over the place starting with menswear designer Rick Owens S/S '13 showing.
Check out more from Rick Owens here at Artsy.com

For this week's What's Up Korea, I discuss the sometimes too handsy people I run into in Korea. Nothing serious, just AJummas, Ajushi's and little Korean kids being curious, I guess? Lol.

K Story is a Kpop lovers dream but in a calmer manner. This cafe allows you to sip cafe mocha (though very watery) right beside a signed photo of Rain and watch your favorite Kpop videos! I had been planning to go to this cafe since last December but never quite had the chance or remembered to go. But last weekend I hung out with my Kpop loving friend Heather (who I met at the Xia Junsu concert) and finally made the trip there.

I love when Yoochun does solo photo shoots because he always seems to bring out the sexy. Prime example of this would be his shoot with High Cut Magazine last November. 
For this Elle Korea shoot he went to Bali which is apparently where he took his vacation at after filming the strenuous schedule of my FAVORITE Kdrama "Roof Top Prince" 
The theme Elle seems to be going for is titled "Frames of Life." Check out the video below and then enjoy photos!

This past weekend I traveled down to the Yeosu Expo with friends. It's QUITE a long way from where I live. I had to take my regular 3 hour 30 minute bus to Seoul THEN a 2 hour and 30 minuted KTX train to the Jeolla-do Provence where Yeosu is located. The Yeosu Expo is an 3 month exhibit and gathering promoting sustainable development and technology. Sounds eh, by the description but it's actually an amazing place that everyone should experience. The Yeosu area literally had the freshest air I had ever breathed in my life! Right by the sea. Definitely makes me want to do my part to keep oceans and air clean.
Trying on Muslin Garb at the Expo! Check out Charise's blog (middle) and Temperance's blog!

Japanese fashion and music is free and inhibited. Everyday people and musical artists can be whatever they choose to without public scrutiny. No one compares one with another and everyone gets the respect and credibility they deserve. Music wise, one thing I despise is when a Western artist comes out and does something weird, then everyone thinks it's something new. Haha, no. Many artist get their inspiration from Japan. There's a reason why their economy is 10 years ahead of many countries and innovation is number one. The fashion is unfathomable and in my opinion the ABSOLUTE best in the world.
I've been a fan of Japanese music and fashion for years but not until college did I realize it's where I needed to be! Fortunately Korea is only 2 hours away so purchasing my favorite Japanese CD's are a breeze. I'm really estatic because for my summer vacation in August,
 I AM GOING TO JAPAN! Whoo, baby! Talk about a dream come true. Many people have told me that after I go I won't want to come back to Korea, but I'll have to decide that one for myself. ;) (I might despise and complain about J Fans buying up all the dang Kpop tickets but nonetheless I LOVE Japan.)
I've been discovering so many new artists lately that I feel I MUST share. The music is EXTREMELY different and out there which makes it even more awesome. Most of my readers probably are already fans of many of these artists, so it might be a review for some but an introduction for others.
Every week I will introduce some of my FAVORITE Japanese artists. I will say though, I only listen to non-pop music such as Visual Kei, JRock or classical Japanese. Kpop definitely has the strongest Pop market right now and will for a while. But when I get tired of hearing boy bands (I never get tired of hearing Rain though Lol) I turn on some Miyavi "Torture" from the "What's My Name" album and rock out.

Miyavi is my ABSOLUTE favorite Japanese artist. He is even SECOND TO RAIN! Can ya'll believe that? Lol. I always end up liking 30 year old male singers. I don't understand why....;)
The video teaser below is from his upcoming album featuring various artists and includes remakes of some of his best hits. He is literally THE GOD OF GUITAR.

This is part 2 of my Summer in Seoul style photo series. These were also taking at Gwanghwamun Square in front of Gyeongbokgung palace. I also included the pictures taken with the young ladies from Indonesia who interviewed me. {Update: Found out these ladies are a singing group from Indonesia! Thanks to Anon for tip!} Fun times! Hope you enjoy. 
What area will I take style photos at next time? Stay tuned!

What's Up peeps!
I've been in Korea 9 months already! Can't believe time literally has blown right pass me but these 9 months I've tried to make worth it. I've been to so many places in Seoul I could probably write my own travel guide book for it! But these last 3 months (before my year contract's up) I'm going to focus on traveling other parts of Korea. I'm going to head down to the amazing Yeosu Expo that people from around the world have been traveling to. I have also vowed to make it to Busan and visit the famous Haeundae Beach. Heard thousands flock there to enjoy fun in the sun (or lack there of because Koreans hate the sun and despise getting tanned.) Lately I've been debating on doing a Temple Stay or not. I've only visited 1 temple out here and would like to see more in the country side of Korea. There are a few reason's I'm debating the Temple Stay. I've read about an expat's experience at one in an English language magazine here in Korea. It seemed very calming and interesting but they only feed you like twice and they preach on Buddhism. Now okay MAYBE I can survive with only 2 meals. (I don't eat a lot but when I do I need big portions. Lol) The biggest issue is the Buddhist teaching. Now of course I know a temple will be teaching something other than Christianity obviously, but if I'm not interested in converting or changing my beliefs, why sit through it? It's interesting to know about but to hear about it all day I'm not sure I can handle. So who knows. I want to do it just so I can say to people "Yeah I stayed a night at a Buddhist temple." Has a ring to it. :)

For the new year I rang it in with a buddy at a Buddhist temple. (Side note: this is one of my earlier videos, I really hate how I sound. Ah!)

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Wow, talk about Big Bang taking music and fashion further than anyone in the last 5 years! I prefer their avant garde clothing to any other artist, western or Asian. How a song and music video can fuse together so perfectly, only Big Bang can master. The name is MONSTER.

I don't know how my reaction video got so long but when I start to talk I can't stop!
Basic Points:
A few weeks ago I tried to attend the Xia Junsu Tarantallegra concert to no avail. Though a friend and I were unable to go we did purchase A TON of official and non official merchandise. Below is my fan account of the concert and photos of that day.

Now there were a few reasons why we weren't able to go so I'll just start from the beginning.

Say hello to my new pet rabbit! Her name's 흰색 닌자  meaning "White Ninja." I named her that because 1) she's white 2) I wanted to give her a Korean name since I bought her in Korea and 3) because she disappears without a sound like a ninja! I was in the middle of transferring subway lines inside Seoul Station when I passed an Ajumma selling bunnies. I couldn't pass it up. It didn't matter which one I got because they were all adorable but the Ajumma handed me the last brown one so I just took it! I researched and found out she's a Dwarf Hotot Rabbit which are nicknamed "Eyes of the Fancy" because of the colored fur around their eyes that looks like eyeliner.
So allow me to share some of her cutest pictures. Please excuse her dirt and pee stains. Since she's only 2 months old I don't think she knows how to clean herself the best. Lol. When I first got her she was teeny weeny, now she's the size of 3 rabbits put together. :D