Last weekend I was able to attend the beautiful show "Das Musical: Elisabeth" featuring many of Korea's most famous singers and actors. The most notable for me being Xiah Junsu of JYJ/DBSK. Hearing Junsu's raspy smooth vocals LIVE is a feeling I will never forget. It's so soulful and passionate while at the same time being fierce and electrifying. I will say his voice did seem a lil strained at some parts which is to be expected. The play has being going on since December AND Junsu has been with DBSK since 2004. That means ol' boy's been using those pipes for a LONG time. Nonetheless I enjoyed it very much. If felt as if he were giving us his all, even if it meant pushing his cords to the max. It's pretty difficult to see JYJ perform now-a-days as everyone know the situation they are in, so watching one member elude one of his many talents was touching and I felt honored.

The entire cast had heavenly voices. That night Kim Sun Young played Elisabeth. Her charming voice was amazing to hear. I was also taken aback by Park Eun Tae's voice who plays "Lucheni." I'd never heard of either performers before, so it was delightful to experience them this way.

"Elisabeth" is originally a European play that has been redone in many countries, It's actually based off of a real life woman named Elisabeth von Wittelsback who lived from 1837-1898. The story chronicles her life in the Austria royal family with added fictional characters such as "Death" played by Kim Junsu.

Though the entire show was in Korean with NO English subtitles or English translation anywhere, I teared up a few times. I had never been to a musical before and even though I didn't know per word what they were saying, I could feel it. I saw and understood the progression of the characters. How Death started out appealing and sexy but soon showed his real evil side when taking the life of Rudolf with an actual "kiss of death." That was the strongest scene yet. A character named "Rudolf" was committing suicide and to seal the deal "Death" was right there to actually give "the kiss of death." We hear that idiom a lot but never has it been personifed like this. It made actual death more powerful and real. Danger always seems fun and alluring to us even though it is harmful. Though Junsu's character "Death" was evil, he still was appealing and we all wanted him to come out more, to keep stalking and bothering Elisabeth. It was intriguing and sexy to watch. Having Junsu play such an alluring character made it come to life.

I tried reading the synopsis in the musical book I purchased before the show started, but it was VERY confusing. It seemed they did a DIRECT translation from the Korean translation, translated from the original Austrian synopsis! Which ended up being really jacked up. If they needed a quick well written English translation, heck they should of just called me! They wouldn't of even had to pay me. All I would of asked for would be to meet Junsu for "a few a minutes" and get an autograph, and ask more questions.....and end up staying longer.....until they pulled me out. Lol.

So please enjoy the pictures below. I want to share my experiences with you all so you can feel as if your there too. :)

Junsu at the end of the show bowing.

Pictures of inside the $10 musical book!

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  1. I just wanted to say thanks so much for sharing your experience with us!

    I recently came across your channel on YouTube (LOVE your videos~ you're such a beautiful personality =)...)

    And so you have no idea how PLEASANTLY surprised I was to see this this videopost in my subscription update haha (I already knew you were a JYJ fan so haha~)

    But yeah~ The pictures and everything. I really love the exhibition set up with the floting props and stuff!
    And yess! Park Eun Tae's voice!! I'd LOVE to hear him as Lucheni (from the little clips I've seen, his voice is strong and wonderful)

    And I believe both Elisabeth's each have excellent voices~ I watched the clips of the press. conferences but i seem to get the two mixed up (I don't think they look TOO much alike..but they do sound different~)

    And Junsu...Junsu Junsu Junsu...ah~ Junsu's my ultimate life bias haha so..I can't imagine the feeling of seeing him live in the flesh and FEELING his voice..ah~ I'm sure i wouldn't be able to describe it lol so thanks for sharing what you could. I really appreciate it!!~~~~

    ((I hope you situation with your teaching position is going well~ I'm praying for the best for you^^ I know you'll be fine because you always stay positive..wonderful trait^^))
    Happy Easter && Stay blessed =)


    1. Hello Hello!

      I enjoyed your comment! I love how Kpop brings people worldwide together! Thanks so much for enjoying my vids too. :) I truly appreciate the support. It gives me strength and courage to keep going despite the many obstacles that lay ahead.

      I really really love JYJ. They possess so much talent that it blows my mind. I’m stuck on Rooftop Prince right now. How Yoochun can flawlessly portray so many characters is amazing. I am so glad I was able to experience at least one of them!

      I would love to go again before it ends so I can see Junsu’s face closer. I actually had binoculars but I left them at home like a doofus! Lol

      I saw where you posted this link on the JYJ3 site. I really appreiciate and say KAMSA HAPNIDA! That was really sweet of you. ;)

      And hahaha….my school. Well Well Well….I will post an update on that tonight! Not really better at all but at least it’s a little humerous.
      I hope to see more comments from you soon! Hope you had a great Easter and God Bless You Too!

  2. Hi, I was searching for info about the Blue Square Hall because I'm thinking about buying tickets for Wicked. Sorry if these seems odd haha but did you sit on the 2nd level? Could you see the stage well? Would 3rd level be too far?

    1. No problem, your inquiry isnt odd at all!
      Well I sat on the 1st Fl on the very last row in the back which was row 25. It really wasnt a bad seat. I could see okay but of course I would have like to have been closer specifically so I could see my favorite actors face lol. But the place really isnt that big so I feel you wouldnt be too far on the 2nd or 3rd level. But if you can Id say definitely the 1st level or if 2nd level get within the first 10 rows. Hope this helps and enjoy Wicked!

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