One of the most wonderful things about living in Asia is seeing the Cherry Blossoms. They are majestic and calming but unfortunately last only about a month's time. I had heard of a few great places around my city of Samcheok where I could view some great blossoms, so last Saturday I ventured out to see them.
Also scan the QR code on the first picture to see Panoramic Views of the Cherry Blossoms and Scenery.
A Must See!

Seoul Fashion Week recently wrapped up with many designers showing the latest for the Fall/Winter 2012 season. One of my favorites, Vandalist by Vandal, dazzled Seoul with his newest collection titled "Poetic Underground." I really love his line because there's always an artsy, deeper meaning to his collections. It's never just clothes, it provokes thoughts and feelings, like watching a musical or movie with a plot and a story line. It's also a very simplistic, soft but fashionable line for men.
So please enjoy the before show images below. You can find out more about Vandalist by Vandal by visiting the official page Like Vandalist on Facebook and Follow on Twitter.
Also check out photos and video or last years Seoul Fashion Week!

Se7en has really caught my attention as of lately. Though I'll admit, since I only knew one of his songs at the YG Family Concert, I wasn't as interested in him as I was BB and 2NE1. But wow has time changed! With his newest release I am now a HUGE fan. The album is by far the BEST I've ever heard in my life. It's soulful, heartfelt, emotional, and inspiring. Basically if Ne-yo was Korean and made an album it would be Se7en's CD. His personality is amazing also. On variety shows his outgoing, fun loving personality shines brightly. His close friendship with TOP is quite amusing and hilarious. Gotta love those two.

My KBS Sponge episode aired on TV! As soon as it did I frantically searched for the video online. I had been searching Google trying to find it but to no avail but something told me to switch languages. I decided to look for it in Hangul on a Korean portal site and lo and behold I found it easily! Unfortunately I haven't found a way to embed the video so if anyone runs across one I can embed please let me know! Crazy me almost missed it when it aired on TV because I was on the computer!
You can follow the link below to watch the episode in its entirety. The Waygook (aka foreigner) special starts at the 34:27 mark (I come in again at 45:30.)

If you would like to view the show in short segments, CLICK HERE and then scroll to the bottom of the page until you see a blue side bar on the right hand side. My segments are the 8th tab from the bottom and the 5th tab from the bottom of the blue side bar. Click on those and it will lead you right to it! You can comment and share by using one of the Twitter, Facebook or ME2Day icons. Please share and comment!
If you all want to know more about the episode you can simple copy and paste 스펀지 422회 into the search box on

Also click here to view the post where I talk about my experience taping the show!

I did a few screen shots to translate and guide you on what's going on.
So here's the PINK FASHION NINJA on Sponge TV!

My introduction.
에이프릴 is "April" in Korean + English = Konglish.
Pronounced "Eh-e-pu-lil."
They actually stretched my name out way more than usual. People normally spell it 에프릴 pronounced like "Eh-pu-lil" without the extra "e" sound. Either way it's funny. 미국 literally means the United States of America. 캔지스 is Konglish for Kansas pronounced "Ken-je-su." Lol. (This cracks me up.) 23 세 is my age. 세 can mean generation. So I'm in the 20's age group generation. 학생 means student but actually I'm a teacher. Lol.

Last weekend I was able to attend the beautiful show "Das Musical: Elisabeth" featuring many of Korea's most famous singers and actors. The most notable for me being Xiah Junsu of JYJ/DBSK. Hearing Junsu's raspy smooth vocals LIVE is a feeling I will never forget. It's so soulful and passionate while at the same time being fierce and electrifying. I will say his voice did seem a lil strained at some parts which is to be expected. The play has being going on since December AND Junsu has been with DBSK since 2004. That means ol' boy's been using those pipes for a LONG time. Nonetheless I enjoyed it very much. If felt as if he were giving us his all, even if it meant pushing his cords to the max. It's pretty difficult to see JYJ perform now-a-days as everyone know the situation they are in, so watching one member elude one of his many talents was touching and I felt honored.

I really love when KPop artists make songs in Japanese because the videos are always 10x crazier than their Korean videos are or would be. The Japanese entertainment/fashion culture is all about individuality and the stranger the better. Because of this Kpop artists can push their limits.

I'M ALMOST IN TEARS RIGHT NOW! Whoa. This has to be the most epic collaboration since milk and cookies or P.Diddy and Biggie Smalls. I mean SERIOUSLY. These shoes scream "BUY ME APRIL, NOW!" This IS MY STYLE, PERIOD. Someone could ask "What is April like? What's her personality"? All you would have to do is show them this...

Lita Fab (Sick Of Men) $200

And all their questions would be answered!
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