Haha Ya'll know this is fake, but it's CUTE!
Wow I suppose so much has been going on in my life right now that I'm totally going bonkers. How could I miss the pinkfashionninja.com 1 Year Anniversary in February? I knew it was coming but somehow the most obvious things get past me.

YES! I have found one of the best Music Store in Korea.
It literally has every Kpop CD that's ever came out. They even have an extensive collection of Kdramas, so if your a Kdrama fanatic, this is your wonderland.
So check out the video below to see all of the wonderfulness that was inside "Music Korea." While watching you can scream if you want to ;)
UPDATE: Where to find YG merchandise in Seoul

Update: Check out my review of the store here --> K Style DIY (EP1)
This weekend in Seoul was a friend of mine's birthday get together. We stayed, ate and partyed all over Hongdae. For dinner we ate a great Indian Cuisine Restaurant in the area. On our way there we passed this FREAKING AMAZING small shoe store on a corner. 
Seeing the store made my eyes bulge out while looking at the many flashy styles of shoes they sold. The shoes were VERY 2NE1-ish. Yes, I could see CL and BOM having a field day in this store. Yeah I know, they rock Louis and McQueen but hey a cute shoe is a cute shoe NO MATTER the price. Oh and speaking of price did I forget to tell you all the prices for the shoes were INEXPENSIVE. Some of the studded platforms were only 40,000 KRN! That's LESS than $40USD. Though I could only browse a minute or two, the highest price platforms I saw were only $80 - $115.

Update: View the episode HERE!

While being in a foreign country I am trying to take advantage of all the perks I can. I replied to an ad on a website asking for foreigners for a TV show called "KBS Sponge" where foreigners experience Korea. I interviewed with them at the KBS IBC building in Yeouido Seoul a few weeks ago. To be honest I didn't think I would get chosen because during the interview one of the lady's said she thought I was shy. SHY? HA! I was more reserved that day because we were in an office building. I didn't think it was appropriate to be all loud when the environment did not call for it. They also thought I had been to too many places already in the short time I've been here since the show was about foreigners experiencing new things in Korea.
Well heck, I came to Korea to explore!

BUT to my surprise they texted me and wanted me to do to the show!!! (I found out they picked me for my very bright and blingy style. I could slightly translate what a woman writer was saying in a conversation to someone. She called me "Shingehada" which means amazing or different. She later reaffirmed this when she kept complimenting me on everything from my multi-colored nails to my bright patterned bag.)

A gentleman named Sham from France and I were chosen for the show. This was his 3rd time. 
Sham was really fun. The entire day we kept saying "Boom Shaka Laka, Wow Fantastic Baby!"
 We obviously love Big Bang.

Though I've only been in Korea 6 months, I have traveled to many places. N Seoul Tower was a place I had attempted to go to a few months back but couldn't quite figure out how to get there. N Seoul Tower is located on top of Namsan mountain and one must take a bus or air lift to get to it. Fortunately I had a Korean person with me show me how to get around. It was a spectacular sight that one must experience themselves to grasp.
How to get there:
If you are in Korea and want to visit N Seoul Tower you can board the the green city bus at Myeondong or Namdaemun station. The last stop for the bus will take you to N Tower!
There was also a very cool traditional Korean fight sequence/play that was going on when we got there. Pretty awesome!

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WOW.....Fantastic Baby

The Fantastic Baby video from Big Bang is what I've been waiting for. The crazy avant garde fashion and vibe is my favorite from BB. "Blue" was nice, "Bad Boy" rocked it but "Fantastic Baby" is the cake and icing. Really it's the WHOLE DANG CAKE!

Click here for the 2013 Alive Tour: The Final Fan Account

I got the honor of attending the opening weekend of the Big Bang Alive Tour in Seoul. It was honestly one of the best concerts I've ever been to and experienced. Very high quality and soulful. Check out my video account below and under the video are the pictures from that night.

I couldn't record or take pictures of ANYTHING INSIDE because YG had security guards in EVERY seating section ready to take cameras and cell phones. So I just enjoyed the show!

Talking about my experience in Itaewon last weekend. I can't believe I found a black beautician in Korea! I did and in this video I talk about the feeling of home it gave me. :)

Miss A is one of the very few girl KPop groups I like and listen to. When I lived in the states I would constantly try to get people I knew to watch and listen to KPop. Whenever they'd oblige I would ALWAYS show them Miss A's "Breathe." I felt that song and video was the epitome of KPop and contained all the elements thereof. It's fun, catchy, stylish, cute, eclectic, fast, and alluring. My mom even jams to "Breathe" and randomly starts singing it when we're talking.