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WARRIORS! B.A.P. is the best!

Rookie group B.A.P.(Best Absolute Perfect) is a force to be reckoned with. They debuted last week and have a fan base the size of veteran bands. Their choreography is tight and fierce, the songs are strong and catchy, the All Blond Hair concept is genius, I can just keep going on about these boys!

A few months ago I was able to visit some amazing palaces in Seoul with friends.
The GyeongBokGung (경복궁) and DeokSuGung (덕수궁) Palaces are a sight to see. We also traveled all over Gwanghwamun (광화문) which was filled with police in riot gear. I had to tweet to figure out what was going and I'll admit it was quite scary. Come to find out three major things were happening that day. 1) Kim Jong Il had died 2) The 1,000th protest from the Korean women who were held as sex slaves by the WWII Japanese Army AND 3) Folks were protesting against the Free Trade Agreement that Korea and the US agreed upon. So there was craziness galore.
Please enjoy this video and extra pictures I didn't include below!

Korean Entertainment and media companies SM Town and Mnet created a contest for a new movie titled "I  AM" that will chronicle the KPop idols of SM Town record company. The contest consists of global KPop fans getting the chance to show their love for the genre. People can sing, dance, or make a cheer video for their favorite SM stars. The companies will then pick the video submissions they like and include them in the "I AM" movie.

WHOA Right?

The Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality, MBLAQ have hit us with another epic song and video. I can't contain my happiness and excitement for MBLAQ's future endeavors.

I love my boys but the outfits really reminds me the ugly crows on motorcycles from the movie "The Wiz" starring Michael Jackson and Diana Ross. All I can say is it takes a real man to wear shiny leather.

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To start the year off right resolutions and changes must be made for continued motivation and success! So the Pink Fashion Ninja logo and blog did just that! 
Congratulations to subscriber Hanna K from Finland for winning the PFN Design Contest! 
The Teen Top "It's" Kpop album is on "it's" way to her! Please check out her blog  http://halina89.blogspot.com/ where she writes about her everyday life and love for Kpop! She attended the JYJ concert in Berlin in November so you all can read her fan account here! 
Hanna's information is posted on the "Chimon of the PFN" page so check it out!

Here is her fierce winning design!

Reese took me to the SM Town and JYP buildings in Apgujeong and Chungdam Seoul on New Years Eve. A quite wonderful sight!

2ne1's leader CL is the fiercest woman in Kpop. Check out how you can get her style!
Fierce CL

I hope you all were able to bring in the new year with your loved ones!
I traveled to Seoul this weekend to bring in the New Year. I thought I would spend it alone buy lo and behold someone I interacted with on the Cloud USA and various others emailed me and was like "Hey lets hang out!" I was happy I didn't have to spend New Years alone! Reese has lived in Seoul for 2 years so she took me to some great restaurants and great places to visit. I got to see the SM Town and JYP buildings!! I will post about that in the next post!
Also it the YEAR OF THE BLUE DRAGON!!! So this year is VERY SPECIAL. I'm born in 1988 so my sign is the DRAGON!!!