Christmas is right around the corner! Most of us are still scrambling to find the perfect gifts for our friends and family. This is definitely true for me. A good friend of mine living in Japan is visiting me next week! It'll be great to spend the holidays with someone this year. Since we're exchanging gifts, it had me pondering what cool special items to get her. I already made my Japan gift requests (nail art and tattoo tights lol) so now I must find some awesome presents from Korea that she would like.

I want to treat my friend to some great Kpop merchandise from her favorite artists: Big Bang, 2NE1 and Rain!

Let's get started!


This weekend I attended the world touring exhibit The Little Black Jacket by iconic brand Chanel. From Dec 1st-16th, the exhibit showcased photos of celebrities taken by Karl Lagerfeld.

Hello everyone!
I'm happy to announce a special offer for my followers! If you enjoy the fashions of your favorite KPop or Asian celebrity but don't know where to purchase those items, you're in luck! is an online Korean fashion and accessories store that sells the latest in trends. They offer worldwide shipping to many countries so everyone can enjoy fashionable and well made clothing. The site caters to those who love Asian fashion...and that's you! An added bonus is that the clothes are made in Korea! Have I excited you enough? Good. Now here's the code!

Are you a YG fan? Do you really ADORE GD? Then why not wear his clothes! YGEShop sells YG artist merchandise and clothing. I recently picked up some things from GD's One of A Kind promotions and some Big Bang Still Alive Jewelry.

Last month I attended the 2012 SeoulTube in Gangnam. SeoulTube is a YouTube workshop and convention that gathers YouTube partners for a discussion on what's new and how to better your YouTube experience.

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2012 MAMA's Top 5 WTF Moments

The MAMA (MNET Asian Music Awards) recently aired with the biggest names in Asia in attendance. Popular artists from all over Asia performed, most notebly Big Bang, Super Junior, American rapper BOB and many more. As I watched it on TV some major WTF moments caught my attention! Check out my TOP 5 WTF's!

Also what were your favorite moments from the show?

Boyfriend is back with a new look and sound, and what a well needed change it was! The group first debuted with an extreme aegyo boyish image.

Personally the aegyo was a turn off for me so I never listened to their music but with this new comeback they've grabbed my attention. Not only have they thrown the boy-next-door image out the door, they've up the anty on their wardrobe too.

I finally turned the big 24! Got to spend another Birthday in Korea, this one being way more exciting than last year. I personally feel old but whenever people my age they say I'm so young! Folks are always surprised that I'm in my early 20's and was brave enough to live overseas. I seem to get that response a lot from people. Lol. I guess I've never really realized how fearful and life changing moving overseas can be. All I knew was I didn't want to get stuck where I was.

Yes, it's contest time!
This one's for my JYJ and makeup lovers out there! The contest is simple and easy!

#1 Answer this Question
If you could go on a date with one of the members of JYJ while in Seoul, what would you do and where would you go?

For this edition I show the sexy black fringed top from Kpop girl group After School's video "Flashback." Also in the video check out two popular styles of earrings that Kpop artists love to accessorize with.

Hello everyone!
I recently did an interview for The wonderful bloggers name is Tamara and she's lived in Korea and traveled to numerous places all over the world. A few weeks ago she contacted me to be apart of her "Women Who Inspire" series. Since we're far from each other it was a virtual interview but nonetheless I was ecstatic to be a part of it and learn more about
Below is the interview and you can also click here to view the post on her blog. Definitely stop by and comment and subscribe to her blog as she chronicles the amazing adventures Traveling while Natural. :)

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With Korean pop sensation PSY's "Gangnam style" still tearing up the air waves across the globe months after its release, one can't help but wonder... what next  from the "Hallyu" phenomenon will stir up a world wide trend!

 I'd like to think its the fashion. Personally I am not a fan of straight Korean fashion (I guess you'd have to live there to truly know what I mean). But I love when fashionistas fuse American or European chic with Korean style. 

One blogger/vlogger (who is also a fashion designer) in particular does it so poetically, that I am surprised she has not been scooped up by the best of the best in the Asian fashion houses yet. I give it another year or two til her name and inspiration is all over the media ;)

Many of you already know Ms. April Jackson from YouTube channel recounting hilarious stories about her life Korea. 
But if you don't you can also check out her blog under the same moniker(Pink Fashion Ninja) here

The fine men of JYJ are the new spokes men for Korean face brand Tony Moly and the brand seems proud to have them. At the 3 stores I've been to there have been all types of posters and giveaway merchandise that would make any kpop fan faint! So please enjoy this video of Style Log Korea. Below are in-store photos and pictures of JYJ items I purchased. Unfortunately Tony Moly can't be purchased online from outside of Korea but if you do visit don't forget to stop by and check out the amazing products they have!

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Halloween in Korea

Halloween is such a fun time of year! Though Korea doesn't celebrate it, there's no shortage of Halloween inspired events to get into. Check out the video to hear about my experiences at Korean Haunted Houses and scary Asian myths!

SFW 서울패션위크 has officially kicked off! At 11am brand Resurrection by Juyong graced the stage for the many in attendance. A total of 10 shows were scheduled today. I attended Caurso at 7pm. Though a bit late (because I got VERY sick this weekend and ended up getting TWO shots in my butt a few hours before), I was still able to catch most of the show. Unfortunatly I wasn't able to see much inside since I got there later but there was a screen upstairs that aired the show in it's entiretly for everyone to see. I have to say it was AN AMAZING 대박 experience and was my first time attending a "real" fashion. (I mean Seoul is a major city consisting of 10 million plus people!)
So below are snaps I took in and outside the venue. Since this just happened about 2 hours ago media pictures haven't been released yet but when they are I will be sure to post and link them here.

The next shows I will be attending are on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I have a two day field trip with my school in the middle of the week so unfortunately I have to skip a few week days. But the party must go on!

So I have a "small" addiction to purchasing socks...specifically Kpop socks here in Korea. I hadn't realized how many I had until I organized my undies drawer and kept coming face to face with Kpop idols. A few of these I will actually be giving away in upcoming contest (of course the ones I haven't worn yet. Lol.) Please enjoy the photos below. I thought it was cute and wanted to share. You can totally see my biases are 2NE1 and Big Bang. I know your wondering "Why not more Rain socks?" Well my dear friend..since Rain isn't a youngin' (he's 31 for those who don't know) it's sometimes hard to run across 비 socks. But I eventually dig deep enough or find some good places that always have Rain in stock. And well that just means I MUST GO BUY MORE SOCKS! AHAHAHAHA

Hello everyone!
Seoul Fashion Week is next week! I'm really excited to see what the designers have to offer this year and what global media outlets and coverage the event will have since "Gangnam Style" has taken over the world.
Below is the schedule for this year. Starting on Monday Oct 22nd to Sunday Oct 28th. The event is open to the public with tickets being sold for only 7,000!!! ($6 USD)
The one challenge or con I will share is if you are planning to attend you must have an Alien Registration Card issued from Korea to purchase tickets online as Also to register you need to have a permanent address and a Korean cell phone or credit/debit card to validate living in Korea. Unfortunately when signing up for things online in Korea, it requires ALL your personal information and takes a while to complete (if your a non-Korean speaking person). I'm positive tickets will be sold at the door BUT there's a huge chance that all shows will be sold out which happen to me last year. I'm not sure if you have to present your ARC if you purchase at the door but I'd bring it just to be safe.

October 4th after work I hoped on the subway headed for City Hall for a free outdoor concert. (So happy I live so close to Seoul now so I can go to events on weeknights!) As soon as I stepped off the train inside City Hall station, a massive amount of people surrounded me. We were all there for the same reason, to see the most famous man on the planet right now, PSY! As I followed the crowd up Exit 4 I could begin to see the madness that already ensued even 4 hours before showtime. After attending so many Kpop concerts, I knew that when they're free you MUST show up at LEAST 3-4 hours before the show starts to get a good view. This was no exception but even with me arriving at 6:30pm (it started at 10:04pm) there were thousands upon thousands of people already there.

I've never in my life seen the amount of press as I saw at this concert. Probably every major news station in the world was there. Now I knew and understood how HUGE a star he now was but not until being fully immersed in "The World of Psy" did I or the other 79,999 people there understand.

The absolute best idea for a Halloween costume this year would have to be Psy! It's quite easy to emulate and EVERYBODY will get it. I remember dressing like Buffy the Vampire Slayer in elementary school...but nobody could guess who I was! (A lot had to do with my mother dressing me like a vampire instead of a vampire HUNTER! Lol) Unfortunately since I'm in Korea I won't get a chance to dress up but at least you can!

오빠 강남 스타일!

Oppa Halloween Style!

Tuxedo jacket, 86,450 KRW / Coast cropped pants, 151,625 KRW / Chunky heels, 15,445 KRW / Ring, 8,345 KRW / Ray-Ban ray ban, 166,925 KRW / Hair bow accessory, 3,325 KRW

Learning Hangul at times can seem like a challenging and daunting task. Learning a new language as an adult takes a lot of discipline and time. One thing that I've found to spark fun into my studies is to use the most interesting and applicable vocab. For me it's food, clothing and emotions. I have the food expressions pretty much down packed since Korea was a new country for me and I had to figure out how to order, where to go and how to express if something was spicy or not. The other expressions that pertain to me are words to describe fashion. Since I'm starting on this adventure I thought it'd be great to share so we all can further in Hangul and learn fun vocab and phrases about fashion!

Now with this I am assuming you know the Korean alphabet and its sounds. If not click here to start!

For this first lesson we will go over the basic words to describe fashion.

While meeting up with a friend for dinner, we stumbled upon the grand opening of Korean brand 8ight Seconds new store in Gangnam (GANGNAM STYLE!).  My friend had received a flyer advertising the event right before we met up so we thought it would be great to check it out. As we walked closer we could hear loud live music, flashing neon lights, balloons galore and security out the wazoo.

Oh yeah you know what "Gangnam Style" is right? Of COURSE. ;)

Music and Fashion are one and Kpop embodies that wholeheartedly. Since I'm a shopaholic and lover of music I'm always around searching for items similar or exact to the ones worn by my favorite Kpop artists. I often find them while randomly passing a store and just out and about. So this new post series titled "Kpop Finds" will showcase items I find in Korea and inform you on where to purchase in Korea and/or online. This post is dedicated to YG because lately I have ran into and bought a lot of accessories worn by YG Family.

Check out the video and below it will be all the information you need to get purchasing and dressing like your favorite Kpop star.

Buckle your fashion seat belts, Seoul Fashion week is quickly approaching! The event will occur October 22nd-28th at the War Memorial of Korea and Xii Gallery. Many veteran and new designers will be showing this year making it a show not to miss! To get ready for it, I'll be introducing a variety of Korean designers. Many have shown in SFW, have created popular trends in Asia and are behind some of our favorite fashion items in Kpop. 


Rubina is a women's wear line catering to self-employed career woman in their 20's-50's. The creator of Lubina, Ruby is the current President of SFAA (Seoul Fashion Artists Association). did a nice interview with the creator of 루비나, Ruby back in 2008 which you can check out here. She started out as a fashion model in the 70's and by the 80's opened up her first boutique. Ruby is also an advocate of sustainable fashion by holding various "Save the Earth" themed shows and events. 

GD has released the video for his third single "Crayon" off of his new "One of Kind" album.

Everything is new nowadays. Some good and some bad. Embarking on another year abroad isn't the easiest but I'm ready for the challenge.

New Vlogs: [Update] I won't stop making personal videos I'm just expanding my videos to showcase and introduce Asian and Korean fashion trends, shops, designers ect. I have a few new K fashion vlogs I am starting so please stay tuned!

Living location: I'm just really happy I live in the city and everything is accessible to me now. I can travel around freely without having to take a 3 hour 30 minute bus ride to Seoul!

Ever since moving to Asia I have fell in love with nail art. There's just so much varity and things you can buy to make your nails look awesome. Nowadays it's rare to see me without my nails done up. I usually share them on twitter but I thought why not post about it! Nail art is fashion and is an expression of ourselves. Also forgot to mention that I do my own nails! I guess you can call me a Lil' Park Bom! Haha. Now it's very cheap to get your nails done in at a shop in Korea, I've seen them for as little as $4 up to $20 (and $20 is crazy expensive in Korea.) Here I will show you some of my favorite polishes and nail accessories.  One thing I hate is that I didn't get to show you all my 2NE1 "I Love you" video inspired nails I did for the 2NE1 New Evolution concert a few months back! I meant to blog about them but my computer soon crashed and my pictures were lost BUT I can just redo them because they were SO cute.

My current Nails I named "In Living Color" (like the 90's show with the Wayen's Bros.) These nails remind me of the 90's so much. The polish is from Korean face & skin store Aritum for 3,500 Won ($3.10.)

Hello readers! I am SO happy to announce I have started another year in Korea. Sorry to not have updated in a while! It's just been so busy for me the last month or so. I was able to visit my family in America for 9 days in August so I've flown over the international date line quite a few times during the last month. I now live in Gyeonggido in Sanbon which is only 15 minutes out of Seoul. And I live on a subway line. Actually right in front of it!!!! Whoa right? I live in Gunpo City and now teach at an amazing public elementary school. I started Sept 3rd and have been loving it. It's a lot better than my other school. I got great vibes from the the new school when I visited a day before I went back to visit my family. But I will say I am completely exhausted when the days over!
Oh yea, for those who follow me on Youtube, did you all remember my old apartment? It didn't even have a window right? Well look at what I have NOW!

Finally the most anticipated movie of the summer is out! R2B: Return to Base starring the one and only Rain aka Jung Jihoon along with Yu Joon San, Shin Seh Gyeong, Kim Seong Soo, Lee Ha Na, Jung Suk Won and Jo Sung Ha. I was fortunate enough to see the movie on opening day. Wednesday August 15th happened to be a holiday in Korea so I trotted on over to Seoul to see the movie!

So the most anticipated solo album of the year is finally among us. Who else than JiYong aka G-Dragon. The first single off the album is titled "One of Kind" which GD surely is. No one has as much talent and swagger as this guy, seriously. The full video finally gets released on August 25 (KST). As most of you all know August 18th (GD's birthday) was supposed to be the initial release date. But with the new video content rating law that was implemented (on August 18th no less) in Korea, he had to push back when he could  officially release it. So check out the teaser photos and video released throughout the week. Now I'm just crossing my fingers he will have a solo concert so I can jam to GD all night long! Come on GD....make MY birthday wish come true! ;)

Also check out the official Music Video Countdown on the YG life Blog.

My vacation in Japan was AMAZING. Eveything I ever dreamed of and more. I couldn't believe I was actually strolling the Streets of Tokyo or walking in the huge crosswalk in front of Shibuya 109 or even freaking SHOPPING in Shibuya 109! For those who don't know Shibuya 109 is a huge circular mall located in Shibuya Tokyo that is a fashionistas dream. There's store after store after store. Endless each level you go. I also enjoyed Harajuku of course. Takeshita Dori street was beyond belief. I can't believe I spent 2,000 Yen ($30) in the Daiso $1 store! It was just cutestness galore. Only bad thing was that the Harajuku girls weren't on Jingubashi bridge on Sunday! Maybe because it was SO SCORCHING HOT but still I was a little sad to not have seen them.

Haha Not to live, just to visit. I finally get a vacation after 1 year of working with no days off!! Ah! Sucks but I'm happy it has finally come. Tokyo is literally my dream place. I will cry as soon as I land! So I just wanted to update you all and post once before I leave for the week. Of course many pictures and video will follow! Can't believe I ACTUALLY know people who live in Japan. Who would of known? A girl from Kansas like me? We never know where life will take us. The people that I know are people who I've connected with through Kpop and this blog. Jennifer is a young woman living in Japan teaching like and we both became friends. Jessica and her daughter and husband I met at the Rain Last of the Best Concert. Also I know many of you are wondering if I'm staying in Korea, going back to America or going to another country.....IT'S A SURPRISE. When I finally get everything written in stone and things are definite then I will let you all know.

I'm definitely going to Harajuku to see the Lolita and Harajuku girls, Takeshika Dori street to shop my butt off, Yoyogi Park to look at nature and Meiji Palace to become one with the culture. Also Shinjuku, Omotesando and where ever else the wind take me!!!

Anywho here's my Tokyo playlist. These are jams that inspire me and will get me ready!
ENJOY and see you all soon!

2NE1 kicked off their World Tour in Seoul on Saturday and Sunday with a bang. I had the opportunity to attend the Saturday concert. Actually I can't even call it a concert, it really was an OUT OF THIS WORLD DANCE CLUB. I danced THE ENTIRE TIME and screamed my tail off. My right arm has a huge muscle in it now from me pumping my 2NE1 winged light stick in the air for 2 hours. This show also showcased 2NE1 as sexy women. We usually see them as strong, fierce, I-can-do-it-myself women, which of course this show displayed, but we also got to see them in a new light. I believe this tour was a chance to show themselves as sexy adult women too. From the sleek smoky sillhouete screen shots to their skin barring costumes and dance moves, we all had no doubt that 2NE1 are 4 sexy women not to be reckoned with.

Highlights from the show

MBLAQ definitely knows how to put on a show. Hours after it was over I was STILL jamming to the songs in my head. Though the stage effects and props were minimal, the performances were strong and fierce. One would definitely see that Rain has taught them well.

I arrived at the venue around 3pm after first going to the wrong venue. The two main concert venues in Seoul both have extremely similar names that people give nicknames to also so it's always confusing for me. Another confusing thing was that the Shinee World concert was going on at the same area at the same time but at a different venue. Shinee had the stadium and MBLAQ had the hall. So when I got there all I saw were Shinee sticks and pink everywhere. I was thinking "Dang did I get mixed up on the venue AGAIN?" Luckily minutes later I spotted some foreigners who I asked where MBLAQ was. It happened that they were there for MBLAQ too so they lead me to the Olympic hall about a 5 minute walk away from where we were. I quickly spotted the short Interpark global waiting line and got my ticket. My first goal was to grab all the free stuff that they give out at concerts and buy some official merchandise. As I was walking I spotted a girl in my periphial vision that was looking at me. I wondered if I possibly knew her from somewhere or something. Seconds later she slowly came up to me and asked "Are you on Youtube?" I was like "Haha Yes, Whoa!" Come to find out she was a fan of my Youtube videos. Her name was Aisha and her friend was Marie who are currently studying abroad for 3 weeks.

2NE1 is back and ready to take over the world! Their newest song "I Love You" is a soothing ballad that sings to the broken hearted. The video is very Japanese inspired. They're even cherry blossoms on Mimzy's nails!

2NE1's style is always top knotch. Accessories galore and high named fashion designers such as Alexander Mcqueen and Givenchy. I appreciate Dara being dressed more feminine because with her small frame she looks really cute in girly clothes. Now all I'm waiting for is Mimzy to be dressed like the sexy diva that she is (which we saw some of it in the "Cant Nobody" video) and I'd be a happy camper!

Now the video story seems to tell of four ladies in a kind of "love house" that have fell in love with a suitor. They go to great lengths to get to him. When they're on the trains it's as if they left their lives and homes to chase this man and show him their heart. Now this is definitely different from the fierce I-dont-care style that 2NE1 usually does. It's a nice change though as everyone must make changes to conquer new challenges. Speaking of new challenges they will be enbarking on their first World Tour title "2NE1 New Evolution World Tour." I'm actually purchasing tickets this very moment! I'm so excited to see them again and you all know I'll definitely going to do a spazzed fan account video of it!!

But for right now, check out the video then peep some of my favorite screen caps below!

Though I don't talk a lot about Super Junior, I absolutely ADORE them. Ever since my ears were caressed with "Sorry Sorry Sorry" I've been HOOKED. Every time I see them I love to count how many members there are at that time, usually there's anywhere from 12 - 8. Unfortunately I've missed them in concert twice! I really want to see them live and tearing up the stage. Until then, I'll have to just make do with their wonderful sexy new video and album "Sexy, Free and Single." Pretty straightforward right? The song I've had on replay everyday since it came out. It reminds me of a Miami Vice episode straight from the 1980's. Whenever a song has an 80's vibe it gets me. I also am in love with the video. It's sexy and has the most fun choreography. My two favorite dances are actually two cultural ones that were used. A Jamaican cross arm wave dance and an African head whipping one. I love it! Check out the screen caps below including some of my favorite clothing pieces.

The amount of nervousness I felt during my Taekwondo black belt test was one that I hadn't experienced in quite a long time. I thought I could handle it better since their were like 100 kids testing at the venue also but of course my nerves got the best of me. I had to do my test twice BUT I wasn't the only one to make a mistake. Of the 3 boys that was in my group to test, one of them smiled/laughed while doing the pumse form (a Taekwondo form we must memorize) and because of that he seriously got scouled by the headmaster. Yikes! Glad it was NOT me because of course, everybody AND THEY MAMA AND DADDY was looking at me being the only foreigner there. It makes me laugh the experiences I've had here because they could only happen in Asia. If I were still in America, none of these situations would ever had occur. I've never experienced life as an outsider until moving to Asia. In America everyone looks different but we know we're from the same place. Not until someone opens their mouth to talk would we know they were a foreigner. In Asia as soon as someone sets eyes on you, its known. Though it's been like this, I don't regret coming here or experiencing it. What you go through in life makes you stronger and wiser if you learn from it correctly. And with this, I have.

My teacher Dong Yang and I!

In this episode of K Style DIY I go over the hottest summer trends in Korea and show my own personal style.

Kpop group F(x) recently released the hypnotic song Electric Shock. Every time I hear it I want to dance my tail off but unfortunately others around me would think I was crazy! There were a lot of great things about the video, the fashion though, was NOT one of them. Personally F(x) is one of the worst style'd groups around. I'm really into fabrics and quality of things so when I look at their clothes it seriously looks like things from Forever 21. Cotton, cotton, and some cotton polyester mix. Compare their clothes to Big Bang's and it'd be like comparing Chanel to Wal-Mart. Not to be a Debby Downer, I will say that their accessories are frequently on point. The Electric Shock video had me constantly replaying to catch the many cute accessories they had on. So watch the video then check out some of my favorites I compiled in screen caps!

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JYJ Membership Week

Cool pic huh? I actually took this with my little ol' smartphone camera!
I attended the JYJ Membership week with a friend last weekend. The event was held at SETEC convention center where last years Seoul Fashion Week was held so it was quite easy to get to. We went on Sunday afternoon because it was the day Koreans (and everyone else non-Japanese) could go. Friday and Saturday were days for the Japanese fans while Friday night and Sunday was for Korean fans. The event was really cool and VERY high tech. There were JYJ halograms, trick eye art, costumes from each of their dramas and musicals, and interactive screens. It was really amazing. A lot of people won tickets to the meet and greet. I didn't sign up for membership til late and wasn't even planning to go but I ended up joining my JYJ loving friend to the event. We all recieved a ticket book with coupons we could redeem for things such as popcorn and water, a JYJ fan, one free picture from the JYJ sticker booth, a free gift, ect. They even played their movie "The Day" throughout the day. We could choose a time and received a ticket to get to get. No Eng sub titles but it was a really cute movie.

If you are familiar with recent popular western music then you should have guessed where I got inspiration for this post title from. If not, the answer is Jay-Z's and Kanye's song "N***as in Paris." Well after seeing the snap shots of Big Bangs fantastic leader G-Dragon strutting it all over Paris with hot pink hair for Men's Fashion week, I found the title befitting. I can't express in words how much I love G-Dragon - not just his style but his whole being. We're both Dragons in the Chinese New Year so I feel our style has a lot in common. He possess every trait of a Dragon; fearlessness, leadership, being nonconformist, un-inhibited, the list could go on and on.  If I were a guy (lol), I'd be G-Dragon! This is why it excites me so much to see him in Paris at THE male fashion week to be at, representing Korea and reppin' everyone who knows fashion has no boundaries.


GD styled all over the place starting with menswear designer Rick Owens S/S '13 showing.
Check out more from Rick Owens here at

For this week's What's Up Korea, I discuss the sometimes too handsy people I run into in Korea. Nothing serious, just AJummas, Ajushi's and little Korean kids being curious, I guess? Lol.

K Story is a Kpop lovers dream but in a calmer manner. This cafe allows you to sip cafe mocha (though very watery) right beside a signed photo of Rain and watch your favorite Kpop videos! I had been planning to go to this cafe since last December but never quite had the chance or remembered to go. But last weekend I hung out with my Kpop loving friend Heather (who I met at the Xia Junsu concert) and finally made the trip there.

I love when Yoochun does solo photo shoots because he always seems to bring out the sexy. Prime example of this would be his shoot with High Cut Magazine last November. 
For this Elle Korea shoot he went to Bali which is apparently where he took his vacation at after filming the strenuous schedule of my FAVORITE Kdrama "Roof Top Prince" 
The theme Elle seems to be going for is titled "Frames of Life." Check out the video below and then enjoy photos!

This past weekend I traveled down to the Yeosu Expo with friends. It's QUITE a long way from where I live. I had to take my regular 3 hour 30 minute bus to Seoul THEN a 2 hour and 30 minuted KTX train to the Jeolla-do Provence where Yeosu is located. The Yeosu Expo is an 3 month exhibit and gathering promoting sustainable development and technology. Sounds eh, by the description but it's actually an amazing place that everyone should experience. The Yeosu area literally had the freshest air I had ever breathed in my life! Right by the sea. Definitely makes me want to do my part to keep oceans and air clean.
Trying on Muslin Garb at the Expo! Check out Charise's blog (middle) and Temperance's blog!

Japanese fashion and music is free and inhibited. Everyday people and musical artists can be whatever they choose to without public scrutiny. No one compares one with another and everyone gets the respect and credibility they deserve. Music wise, one thing I despise is when a Western artist comes out and does something weird, then everyone thinks it's something new. Haha, no. Many artist get their inspiration from Japan. There's a reason why their economy is 10 years ahead of many countries and innovation is number one. The fashion is unfathomable and in my opinion the ABSOLUTE best in the world.
I've been a fan of Japanese music and fashion for years but not until college did I realize it's where I needed to be! Fortunately Korea is only 2 hours away so purchasing my favorite Japanese CD's are a breeze. I'm really estatic because for my summer vacation in August,
 I AM GOING TO JAPAN! Whoo, baby! Talk about a dream come true. Many people have told me that after I go I won't want to come back to Korea, but I'll have to decide that one for myself. ;) (I might despise and complain about J Fans buying up all the dang Kpop tickets but nonetheless I LOVE Japan.)
I've been discovering so many new artists lately that I feel I MUST share. The music is EXTREMELY different and out there which makes it even more awesome. Most of my readers probably are already fans of many of these artists, so it might be a review for some but an introduction for others.
Every week I will introduce some of my FAVORITE Japanese artists. I will say though, I only listen to non-pop music such as Visual Kei, JRock or classical Japanese. Kpop definitely has the strongest Pop market right now and will for a while. But when I get tired of hearing boy bands (I never get tired of hearing Rain though Lol) I turn on some Miyavi "Torture" from the "What's My Name" album and rock out.

Miyavi is my ABSOLUTE favorite Japanese artist. He is even SECOND TO RAIN! Can ya'll believe that? Lol. I always end up liking 30 year old male singers. I don't understand why....;)
The video teaser below is from his upcoming album featuring various artists and includes remakes of some of his best hits. He is literally THE GOD OF GUITAR.

This is part 2 of my Summer in Seoul style photo series. These were also taking at Gwanghwamun Square in front of Gyeongbokgung palace. I also included the pictures taken with the young ladies from Indonesia who interviewed me. {Update: Found out these ladies are a singing group from Indonesia! Thanks to Anon for tip!} Fun times! Hope you enjoy. 
What area will I take style photos at next time? Stay tuned!

What's Up peeps!
I've been in Korea 9 months already! Can't believe time literally has blown right pass me but these 9 months I've tried to make worth it. I've been to so many places in Seoul I could probably write my own travel guide book for it! But these last 3 months (before my year contract's up) I'm going to focus on traveling other parts of Korea. I'm going to head down to the amazing Yeosu Expo that people from around the world have been traveling to. I have also vowed to make it to Busan and visit the famous Haeundae Beach. Heard thousands flock there to enjoy fun in the sun (or lack there of because Koreans hate the sun and despise getting tanned.) Lately I've been debating on doing a Temple Stay or not. I've only visited 1 temple out here and would like to see more in the country side of Korea. There are a few reason's I'm debating the Temple Stay. I've read about an expat's experience at one in an English language magazine here in Korea. It seemed very calming and interesting but they only feed you like twice and they preach on Buddhism. Now okay MAYBE I can survive with only 2 meals. (I don't eat a lot but when I do I need big portions. Lol) The biggest issue is the Buddhist teaching. Now of course I know a temple will be teaching something other than Christianity obviously, but if I'm not interested in converting or changing my beliefs, why sit through it? It's interesting to know about but to hear about it all day I'm not sure I can handle. So who knows. I want to do it just so I can say to people "Yeah I stayed a night at a Buddhist temple." Has a ring to it. :)

For the new year I rang it in with a buddy at a Buddhist temple. (Side note: this is one of my earlier videos, I really hate how I sound. Ah!)

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Wow, talk about Big Bang taking music and fashion further than anyone in the last 5 years! I prefer their avant garde clothing to any other artist, western or Asian. How a song and music video can fuse together so perfectly, only Big Bang can master. The name is MONSTER.

I don't know how my reaction video got so long but when I start to talk I can't stop!
Basic Points:
A few weeks ago I tried to attend the Xia Junsu Tarantallegra concert to no avail. Though a friend and I were unable to go we did purchase A TON of official and non official merchandise. Below is my fan account of the concert and photos of that day.

Now there were a few reasons why we weren't able to go so I'll just start from the beginning.

Say hello to my new pet rabbit! Her name's 흰색 닌자  meaning "White Ninja." I named her that because 1) she's white 2) I wanted to give her a Korean name since I bought her in Korea and 3) because she disappears without a sound like a ninja! I was in the middle of transferring subway lines inside Seoul Station when I passed an Ajumma selling bunnies. I couldn't pass it up. It didn't matter which one I got because they were all adorable but the Ajumma handed me the last brown one so I just took it! I researched and found out she's a Dwarf Hotot Rabbit which are nicknamed "Eyes of the Fancy" because of the colored fur around their eyes that looks like eyeliner.
So allow me to share some of her cutest pictures. Please excuse her dirt and pee stains. Since she's only 2 months old I don't think she knows how to clean herself the best. Lol. When I first got her she was teeny weeny, now she's the size of 3 rabbits put together. :D

What's up Korea?
I've decided to post a weekly blog post about whatever comes to my mind. I hadn't realized how much I suppress or keep to myself since being here in Korea. My cousin came to visit me last weekend and not until she came and experienced Korea for herself did I realize how a big change it was for me too. I have friends and such out here but I've really never shared with anyone the challenges and things I have face and still face today. So these weekly posts will open my thoughts to you and give you all a rundown of what's happening around me and to me in Korea.

I hope you all enjoy these photos! They were taken at the breathtaking Gwanghwamun Square in Seoul. My good photographer friend created some amazing photos.
Check out Summer in Seoul Part 2!

While we were there the most random thing happened to me. A group of girls happened to be filming with a camera crew. It looked like they were doing a reality show or something. So while I was changing shoes my friend tapped me on the shoulder and was like "Hey I think those girls want to talk to you." I was in total shocked when I looked over and they were slowing inching toward me with smiling and shy faces. They first spoke to me in Indonesia (where they were from) because they thought I was Indonesian also! Lol. Random. So I told them, no just American. They asked if I was a model which I busted out laughing like you guys gotta be kidding me! They then proceeded by asking how they could get their hair like mine. (We did a few photos that day so my hair was down at the time.) I just replied "Oh wash it then shake your hair really crazy" which made them all laugh. Lastly they asked me to sing which was totally random so I chose for all of us to sing Big Bang's Fantastic Baby. So we all danced and chanted "Boom Shaka Laka" Really fun AND random. Lol. ONLY in Korea. So please enjoy this collection of photos showcasing my style. I will continually do street style photos like this and post. I was really excited because Korea has such amazing scenery so I felt these street photos would really stand out. My photographer and I had a blast doing these photos. He wanted to do a photo of me crossing the street which was exhilarating to do! Also some in the middle of a medium of a busy street. Gotta love the bravery :)
This week's K Style DIY is all about Big Bang! First we start with a GD "Fantastic Baby" inspired DIY and also talk about the Evolution FUBU has made in Asia.

Check out Ep3 K Style DIYKorean Fashion Trends

I couldn't believe the words I was reading. "Bankruptcy?" No, no, no, no and again no. How could this happen to the woman and clothing line that inspired who I am? How could no investors want to keep the brand alive?

Working at the Betsey Johnson brand was (and still is) a life time dream for me. To just have a moment to be in the presence of the most fierce woman in fashion, would mean the world. My current aspirations were to franchise one of her boutiques here in Asia. I've always felt such a connection to Betsey and the brand. Even my VERY first post for this blog was about the Betsey Johnson Trunk show I attended! In college I did my Brand Marketing final on her. I remember my male fashion instructor being quite frightened and non understanding of what made Betsey so special. He preferred more of the classic Tom Ford style: suits. cardigans, sweaters, scarves, so seeing me so estatic in presenting Betsey Johnson was not something he knew was coming. After seeing my enthusiastic presentation he then understood what made the BJ aesthetic so captivating.
Finally! Yes Finally I have started the fashion vlogging series on Korean fashion that I have been juggling for months. I didn't realize how much work is required to make a professional, content worthy video, but I am happy I now know!

Check out K Style DIY Ep2 G Dragon Style & Fubu and Ep3 Korean Fashion Trends

K Style is DIY is new vlogging series that will showcase Korean Fashion designers, stores and shopping areas. There will also be Kpop DIY's to show how anyone can get a look inspired by their favorite Kpop artist.

In this episode I showcase Korean store ShoeSone. I have previously blogged about this store but in this video I discuss and go over specific topics like Location, Display, Price, etc and then rate them on how good or proficient it is in each area.

1: Location
2: Merchandise
3: Display
4: Price
5: Customer Service

I also did a summer style collage with a pair of amazing wedges I bought from ShoeSone to show how I will rock them!

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Last but certainly not least, the Hello Kitty Cafe!

It's the cutest cafe one will ever go to in their life! I've been twice already and plan to go every time I'm in Seoul. I can't get enough!

Answer the QUESTION OF THE WEEK to win a Kpop CD of your choice!
Write your answer in the comments section of the video or on this blog post and the person with the most creative answer will win! You also MUST be a PFN Youtube Subscriber!

If you could promote Seoul Fashion Week to the world, how would you do it?


If you love Big Bang's style, you'll love next week's episode! I will show how to get GD's look from the Fantastic Baby Video!

We will also discuss the EVOLUTION OF FUBU! Though it is not sold in the states anymore its huge here in Korea and the Middle East. Big Bang's TOP is now a spokes model, so the overall look and demographic is much different!

See You all Next Week!

Photo/Vid Credit:
YG Ent
One of the most wonderful things about living in Asia is seeing the Cherry Blossoms. They are majestic and calming but unfortunately last only about a month's time. I had heard of a few great places around my city of Samcheok where I could view some great blossoms, so last Saturday I ventured out to see them.
Also scan the QR code on the first picture to see Panoramic Views of the Cherry Blossoms and Scenery.
A Must See!

Seoul Fashion Week recently wrapped up with many designers showing the latest for the Fall/Winter 2012 season. One of my favorites, Vandalist by Vandal, dazzled Seoul with his newest collection titled "Poetic Underground." I really love his line because there's always an artsy, deeper meaning to his collections. It's never just clothes, it provokes thoughts and feelings, like watching a musical or movie with a plot and a story line. It's also a very simplistic, soft but fashionable line for men.
So please enjoy the before show images below. You can find out more about Vandalist by Vandal by visiting the official page Like Vandalist on Facebook and Follow on Twitter.
Also check out photos and video or last years Seoul Fashion Week!

Se7en has really caught my attention as of lately. Though I'll admit, since I only knew one of his songs at the YG Family Concert, I wasn't as interested in him as I was BB and 2NE1. But wow has time changed! With his newest release I am now a HUGE fan. The album is by far the BEST I've ever heard in my life. It's soulful, heartfelt, emotional, and inspiring. Basically if Ne-yo was Korean and made an album it would be Se7en's CD. His personality is amazing also. On variety shows his outgoing, fun loving personality shines brightly. His close friendship with TOP is quite amusing and hilarious. Gotta love those two.

My KBS Sponge episode aired on TV! As soon as it did I frantically searched for the video online. I had been searching Google trying to find it but to no avail but something told me to switch languages. I decided to look for it in Hangul on a Korean portal site and lo and behold I found it easily! Unfortunately I haven't found a way to embed the video so if anyone runs across one I can embed please let me know! Crazy me almost missed it when it aired on TV because I was on the computer!
You can follow the link below to watch the episode in its entirety. The Waygook (aka foreigner) special starts at the 34:27 mark (I come in again at 45:30.)

If you would like to view the show in short segments, CLICK HERE and then scroll to the bottom of the page until you see a blue side bar on the right hand side. My segments are the 8th tab from the bottom and the 5th tab from the bottom of the blue side bar. Click on those and it will lead you right to it! You can comment and share by using one of the Twitter, Facebook or ME2Day icons. Please share and comment!
If you all want to know more about the episode you can simple copy and paste 스펀지 422회 into the search box on

Also click here to view the post where I talk about my experience taping the show!

I did a few screen shots to translate and guide you on what's going on.
So here's the PINK FASHION NINJA on Sponge TV!

My introduction.
에이프릴 is "April" in Korean + English = Konglish.
Pronounced "Eh-e-pu-lil."
They actually stretched my name out way more than usual. People normally spell it 에프릴 pronounced like "Eh-pu-lil" without the extra "e" sound. Either way it's funny. 미국 literally means the United States of America. 캔지스 is Konglish for Kansas pronounced "Ken-je-su." Lol. (This cracks me up.) 23 세 is my age. 세 can mean generation. So I'm in the 20's age group generation. 학생 means student but actually I'm a teacher. Lol.

Last weekend I was able to attend the beautiful show "Das Musical: Elisabeth" featuring many of Korea's most famous singers and actors. The most notable for me being Xiah Junsu of JYJ/DBSK. Hearing Junsu's raspy smooth vocals LIVE is a feeling I will never forget. It's so soulful and passionate while at the same time being fierce and electrifying. I will say his voice did seem a lil strained at some parts which is to be expected. The play has being going on since December AND Junsu has been with DBSK since 2004. That means ol' boy's been using those pipes for a LONG time. Nonetheless I enjoyed it very much. If felt as if he were giving us his all, even if it meant pushing his cords to the max. It's pretty difficult to see JYJ perform now-a-days as everyone know the situation they are in, so watching one member elude one of his many talents was touching and I felt honored.

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Japan: KPop's Taboo Freedom

I really love when KPop artists make songs in Japanese because the videos are always 10x crazier than their Korean videos are or would be. The Japanese entertainment/fashion culture is all about individuality and the stranger the better. Because of this Kpop artists can push their limits.

I'M ALMOST IN TEARS RIGHT NOW! Whoa. This has to be the most epic collaboration since milk and cookies or P.Diddy and Biggie Smalls. I mean SERIOUSLY. These shoes scream "BUY ME APRIL, NOW!" This IS MY STYLE, PERIOD. Someone could ask "What is April like? What's her personality"? All you would have to do is show them this...

Lita Fab (Sick Of Men) $200

And all their questions would be answered!
Before I dive into this, for the people who haven't heard of Black Milk or Jeffery Campbell click on these links to check out how amazing the brands are and where to order. This new limited collection is now available for pre-order and more styles will be revealed soon. Click on the links under each picture to go directly to each shoes order page.

Haha Ya'll know this is fake, but it's CUTE!
Wow I suppose so much has been going on in my life right now that I'm totally going bonkers. How could I miss the 1 Year Anniversary in February? I knew it was coming but somehow the most obvious things get past me.

YES! I have found one of the best Music Store in Korea.
It literally has every Kpop CD that's ever came out. They even have an extensive collection of Kdramas, so if your a Kdrama fanatic, this is your wonderland.
So check out the video below to see all of the wonderfulness that was inside "Music Korea." While watching you can scream if you want to ;)
UPDATE: Where to find YG merchandise in Seoul

Update: Check out my review of the store here --> K Style DIY (EP1)
This weekend in Seoul was a friend of mine's birthday get together. We stayed, ate and partyed all over Hongdae. For dinner we ate a great Indian Cuisine Restaurant in the area. On our way there we passed this FREAKING AMAZING small shoe store on a corner. 
Seeing the store made my eyes bulge out while looking at the many flashy styles of shoes they sold. The shoes were VERY 2NE1-ish. Yes, I could see CL and BOM having a field day in this store. Yeah I know, they rock Louis and McQueen but hey a cute shoe is a cute shoe NO MATTER the price. Oh and speaking of price did I forget to tell you all the prices for the shoes were INEXPENSIVE. Some of the studded platforms were only 40,000 KRN! That's LESS than $40USD. Though I could only browse a minute or two, the highest price platforms I saw were only $80 - $115.

Update: View the episode HERE!

While being in a foreign country I am trying to take advantage of all the perks I can. I replied to an ad on a website asking for foreigners for a TV show called "KBS Sponge" where foreigners experience Korea. I interviewed with them at the KBS IBC building in Yeouido Seoul a few weeks ago. To be honest I didn't think I would get chosen because during the interview one of the lady's said she thought I was shy. SHY? HA! I was more reserved that day because we were in an office building. I didn't think it was appropriate to be all loud when the environment did not call for it. They also thought I had been to too many places already in the short time I've been here since the show was about foreigners experiencing new things in Korea.
Well heck, I came to Korea to explore!

BUT to my surprise they texted me and wanted me to do to the show!!! (I found out they picked me for my very bright and blingy style. I could slightly translate what a woman writer was saying in a conversation to someone. She called me "Shingehada" which means amazing or different. She later reaffirmed this when she kept complimenting me on everything from my multi-colored nails to my bright patterned bag.)

A gentleman named Sham from France and I were chosen for the show. This was his 3rd time. 
Sham was really fun. The entire day we kept saying "Boom Shaka Laka, Wow Fantastic Baby!"
 We obviously love Big Bang.

Though I've only been in Korea 6 months, I have traveled to many places. N Seoul Tower was a place I had attempted to go to a few months back but couldn't quite figure out how to get there. N Seoul Tower is located on top of Namsan mountain and one must take a bus or air lift to get to it. Fortunately I had a Korean person with me show me how to get around. It was a spectacular sight that one must experience themselves to grasp.
How to get there:
If you are in Korea and want to visit N Seoul Tower you can board the the green city bus at Myeondong or Namdaemun station. The last stop for the bus will take you to N Tower!
There was also a very cool traditional Korean fight sequence/play that was going on when we got there. Pretty awesome!