2011 YG Family Concert (Fan Account)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The YG Family Concert was an epic event. To see the biggest stars in Korea on one stage was an amazing experience. I've been following and loving the fashion and visual concepts that 2ne1 has come up with ever since their debut. I totally spazzed out when I was there to actually see them in the flesh. Of course Big Bang brought the fire and it was wonderful to see Daesang in good spirits. The 5 haven't performed together since the summer time when "Love Song" was hitting the airwaves. Tablo did a great job on stage and I am now a new fan of Psy who's live performances are out of this world! Gummy and Seven were nice and I really enjoyed hip hop duo Jinusean.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to take any photos while inside. My camera got taken away two seconds after I pulled it out. The security guards where popping up everywhere in the crowd. One time I looked around and he was right behind me!

Anywho I was right in front of the stage. Only a Taeyang fan was between me and the barricade. At the concert they advertised the Big Bang Show Concert Tour. It said coming soon for 2012 so I will be ready to buy tickets for that! But of course the tickets will be for the seating section because standing for 4 hours in a huge crowd of crazy fans is not ideal nor good for my feet and back!

Please check out my video fan account of the concert and subscribe to my Youtube Channel!

Awesome folks with Big Bang masks on!

A crazy amount of merchandise was for sell.

There was even an extremely long line to buy GD and TOP sponsored Sparkling Aid!
 This girl hugged me, let me photograph her, and gave me candy!

2ne1 light stick case.

The girl in the yellow furry jacket had on the Jeremy Scott x 2ne1 Winged Sneakers on.
She's the 2nd person in Seoul I've seen with them.
How close I was to the stage!
The huge security guard who took my phone but I got it back.
The top half of Taeyang ;) I really had to sneak this one. 

The Aftermath.

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