Just wanted to share Brown Eyed Girls "Cleansing Cream" which is my favorite video right now and some wonderful Kpop merchandise I've recently bought in Korea. To top it all off I'm going to the YG Family concert this weekend!!! Yeah me!

As a bonus here is Rain's "Love Story" video since I just picked up the Rainism Recollection CD/DVD (that is not in print anymore. Yeah lucky me!)

YG in the House!!!

Photo credit: MTVK, YGhype.com, YGFamily.com
Videos: RainSixToFive @youtube.com, LOENENT @youtube.com
Here is the second half to the TVXQ post. While browsing the Junior mag from 2006 at a friend's house I also ran into some old school Rain during his "I'm Coming" days and while promoting "I'm A Cyborg But It's Okay." Another surprise were pictures of Super Junior and Big Bang around their debut days. 

Please enjoy!

This was the "Rain's Coming Era" in 2006 when he ventured on the Rain's Coming World Tour making stops in Korea, Thailand and America! He performed on TRL and sold out shows in Madison Square Garden! I'M SO MAD I DID NOT KNOW OF HIM THEM!!!!!

Damn this man was killing it and doing sold out shows when I was still in middle school crying over Lil' Fizz from B2k not getting enough screen time in You Got Served. lol

I believe this is talking about his lead role in the TV show "A Time To Kill." I think.....I haven't seen it yet.

Big Bang when they first debuted! Oh cute Taeyang with the french braids! And look at the youthfulness of GD!

Surprise! Big Bang's first album, front and back. 

One of Big Bang's first songs!

Wow look at how young Super Junior was!!! hahahah They sure don't look like the same men from this video!

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"Most of Us" is in reference to the new Kpop fans of TVXQ/JYJ. Anyone who has started to like/listen to Kpop within the last 2 years I would title "New" and that includes me. (There are fans who are even newer {and who seem to be on a crazier level} than most of us. :O

Last weekend in Incheon when I stayed at coworkersqer house she promised me weeks before that she would show me her TVXQ collection. Now she is a Korean woman who has been with Kpop since the beggining. She was bumping "믿어요" in Korea while we were still rocking to "It Wasn't Me" by Shaggy. (That's still my jam!) I'll be honest and say I probably couldn't of pointed to Korea on the map at that time. But Boy Oh Boy, How times change!

So that Saturday night I was sooo excited to dig deep into her TVXQ collection and took many pictures! I also happened to run into some old school Rain, Super Junior and Big Bang. Since there are SO many pictures I took I will split these into two post. This one will be about TVXQ back in the day and the other post for Rain, SJ, and BB.

Please strap your seat belt for this exciting ride!
This will be my first holiday without my family. Living in a foreign country has many of perks and adventures but one of the obvious downfalls is certainly not being able to be with your family for the holidays. It's an hour from midnight on Friday in Korea (so technically Thursdays done here) but I know in the Good ol USA people are in front of the TV with a huge plate, happily stuffing their mouths. Please eat well for me. Sweet potato pie, three cheese macaroni and cheese, coconut cake, cranberry sauce, make-you-wanna-slap-yo-mama stuffing, hot buttered rolls, AND the gracious turkey who laid down its life so that folks could have a good meal. I love my family dearly and I wish all PinkFashionNinja readers and visitors a HAPPY THANKSGIVING and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

It's either I'm a ditz, my Hello Kitty purse is cursed, or Lotte World had something against me. Either one of those could be the culprit of my misadventures at Lotte World. Now I had a nice time even though it was FREEZING outside and the other two people in the group that went with me and my coworker couldn't speak any English.

Lotte World is an amusement park that is half indoor and outdoor. Lotte is a department store and company that manufactures many different types of products. You can compare a Lotte Department store to Macy's. Just picture if there were a Macy's World. The only difference is the Lotte company has many more inner branches within the company.

The huge roller coasters were the outside rides and the theme attractions, shows, and smaller coasters were indoor. They even had a ice skating rink. I think they used it to shoot a few Kdramas such as "Boys Over Flowers."

This edition of Seoul Weekend I am dividing into 2 parts because the weekend was so jammed pack with things, there's no way I could fit it all into one post!

Part 1 will focus on Saturday the 19th that included Shinsegae Dept Store, Gangnam Bus Station, and my first experience staying in a Korean home in Incheon.
Part 2 will focus on Sunday the 20th which includes my crazy fun/cursed time a Lotte World. (You'll learn why it was cursed...)

I have also decided to start another blog. The blog won't be about fashion but will contain my opinions and feeling about Korea. I would really like to share them on here but many of the things I want to express would conflict with this fashion, happy, Kpop loving blog. Living in Korea I have experienced some of the most wonderful things but also many negative things. I have sentiments about the culture and people that I want to share with others wanting to travel to Korea. It will be REAL. My real thoughts and emotions being a woman ....foreigner ....woman of color ....an adventurist ....loner ....in Korea. I hope you all will join me.
I will update you all about the new blog soon.


Let's begin!

A coworker and I arrived in Gangnam around 10am on Saturday. Our first stop was Gangnam Subway Station to help me find a cute winter coat and a pair of jeans that could fit me. (Which was REALLY DIFFICULT!) 

Gangnam is an extremely rich part of Seoul that is top notch. They also have really great shopping choices and prices in the subway. I picked up a killer pair of red heels for only 34,000 원 ($34)!

After Gangnam we jumped on the subway to Kelly's hometown of Incheon. It was my first time in the area and I was very excited. She took me to an amazing department store called Shinsegae Dept Store. It is Korea's oldest shopping mall. It includes stores such as Burberry, MCM, Uniqlo, and H&M. 

I chose Uniqlo as my first place to find some jeans because I had been told that their sizes fit foreigners well. I opted for some on sale boyfriend cut jeans to try on for only 10,000 원. Unfortunately I couldn't get a single pair up my thigh so I decided not to try on anymore since a regular jeans were 50,000 원, That was WAY too much I wanted to pay for some jeans.

We ended up FINALLY finding a pair I could fit BUT they ended up being 50,000 원 anyway. There was a random section in the middle of the department store with tables full of clothes. It was very overwhelming to say the least. The amount of people in the department store was unbelievable. It really showed how well Korea's economy is. I have worked at malls in America for 4 years and have never seen that many people at a mall on a non-holiday weekend. Very stark contrast with how American malls are doing right now.

The H&M at this mall was VERY expensive. I'm used to getting items at H&M for at least $30 or less. At this store the price for a flimsy top was 60,000 ($60). Pants were 80,000 원 and up. The prices reminded me more of Mango (another Fast Fashion Retailer but with higher prices.) I was able to find some cheaper cute winter shorts and jewelry but it still came up to $50 for 4 things. Geesh!

I was sooo excited to see JYJ everywhere!

Shinee is now advertising for Etude House. Very weird.
After the great shopping we walked around Incheon to find some good food to eat. 

These folks were advertising some new diet workout at their gym.

We got our nails done at a shop in Incheon. It was my very first time getting my nails done! Our couse I opted for a cooky design. Also sorry my hair was looking ruff. It was wonderful the morning of but after running to the bus station because I was almost late and shopping all day, it just couldn't handle it anymore. lol

Delicious Japanese food in Korea! But to be honest a Japanese restaurant in Kansas City called "Gojo's" food tasted better. This is beef and noodle soup with fried shrimp and some sort of fried egg on top of rice. 

After that we hopped back on the subway for a few minutes to get to her house. It was my very first time being in a Korean home and experiencing the culture first hand. It was SO different and made me miss home ALOT. Oh life....

Check out Seoul Weekend Part 2: The Curse of Lotte World
Techno Mart is a 10 story metropolis that sells every techno gadget you can and can't think of. Any and every cell phone known to man is located in this place. They also happen to sell really cute clothes from retailers such as Uniqlo. You can even get your nails done with kawaii trinkets hanging off the tips. It's quite overwhelming but definitely a place you want to spend the entire day exploring.

Jeffery Campbell
Night Walk


Iris Van Herpen X United Nude
Shoe Laced

Jeffery Campbell
Tardy Fab

Boot This

Ego and Greed

Irregular Choice
Longer Lashes
Shoes courtesy of  http://www.solestruck.com/
Big Bang is making moves everywhere lately. With their phenomenal win beating Britney Spears as "Best World Wide Act" at the MTV European Awards, the boys seem to have world wide domination awaiting them. To be honest I'm waiting for the BET Awards to nominate "Rain" for "Best New Artist" or "Best Male Artist" and beat out Usher or Justin Beiber. I'M JUST SAYING! Wouldn't you love to see 2ne1 win "Best Dance" at the US MTV Awards? Oh wow, I'd be a wreck if that happened!

"Who runs the World? ......KPOP!"

Today I turn 23 and I thank God for allowing me to see it. I feel like I've done well in my few years: a bachelers degree, living in a country I dreamed of living in, well paying job, no kids, no baby daddy drama, no mess. I am happy. And that's what matters most.
As I embark on another year, I hope new opportunities and maturing challenges continue ahead for me in Korea.

Thank you all for visiting the pinkfashionninja.blogspot and I wish many birthdays to you!!!

And since it's my birthday I should give a present to myself! Though I desire the actual man, THIS photo will have do. :)

And this one.

And this one. (My current laptop wallpaper!)

The area of Chungmuro located in Seoul was my destination this weekend. My goal was to visit Seoul N Tower but I never made it there! I took the correct subway lines and could actually see N Tower from the far distance but my trouble was finding the correct bus. Directions online say to take yellow bus #2 but no where could I find online said exactly WHERE the yellow bus was! So as I walked down the street to figure it out I heard music and saw people in traditional Korean Hanbok. Come to find out it was for the Namsang Traditional Folk Village. It was actually on my list of places to visit. It was wonderful going there because I got to see Korean history and culture first hand. I was very happy.

I have never seen JYJ's Yuchun's style so exotic and sexy before in a photo shoot. He REALLY hit it out the ball park with this one. He goes from playful, boy next door.....

South Korea seems to have the best coffee places, or at least as far as I have tasted. I'm pretty sure there are some amazing coffee places in Europe somewhere but they probably don't have the scenery and artistry that Korea throws in. This weekend I opted to stay in Samcheok 삼척 (can you believe it? lol) because 1. My funds were running low 2.Going to Seoul every weekend WEARS ME OUT! Because literally I am walking and taking the Seoul Subway all day Saturday and Sunday and usually lurking the streets at night to figure out where I'm going to sleep. I really am a back packer in Seoul with literally all my belonging in my cross body bag. SO I opted for finding fun in my Korean "hometown" and Oh what fun did I find!

Christine, Pheobe, and I had an adventure of a lifetime in the little of town of Samcheok. First we had some amazing coffee and tea, giggled our tails off at Haesindang aka Penis Park (yes you read that correctly) and ended the night with some great Korean food. Who knew Samcheok had a naughty side????

 Wow, the English grammar on this is totally off. lol

 This Tea/Coffee house called Cafe Lua is known for Cats coming to you while enjoying your drink. The owner raises the cats. Unfortunately it was raining and the prissy felines didn't want to come out to play. :(

 The absolute cutest tea cup I'VE EVER LAID MY EYES ON! I wanted to put it in my purse. This was a rose Tea that was out of this world!

 Phoebe enjoying the conversation.

 Right outside the window is where they hold the yearly Cherry Blossom Festival in Samcheok.

 The best dishes ever.

 My coffee had on a rose on it!!!!!


Okay I'm trying to figure out a good transition from Coffee to Haesindang aka Penis Park. 
How about I add in these random pictures of the fish place outside the park first. :)

Okay!!! You still there? Good! Haesindang 해신당 aka Penis Park is one of a kind. For real. Now after we got done visiting the park I checked my camera and good golly gosh I took over 120 pictures! I mean how could I not????? lol Not many people can say they have been to this park. Also I will only post a few of the "not so graphic photos" because many age groups visit this blog so I will TRY and keep the photos posted to PG-13 status. 
This is a REAL park located in Samcheok 삼척 South Korea and is very well known. Thousands of people a year come to visit this Penis Park. I would like to note I was the youngest person there. You have to be 20 years or older to enter anyway but I only saw one other guy who was about 20 something. Everyone else was ages 45 and up!

 The entrance.

The gentleman who greeted us.

Mr. Happy? Or Mr.Simple, because I'm Naughty Naughty!
lol Only a Kpop fan would understand this. ;)

As per this penis statue: The Legend of Haesindang 해신당:

A young woman got swept to sea as a virgin and after she died no fish were produced in the sea. The people felt it was because she was a virgin so they started building penis shrines to make her happy and after they did this the sea produced fish again. Another version of the story says that a man went and peed in the water and exposed himself and the maiden was happy so fish showed up in the sea again. To this day penis shrines are still made in her honor!

Christine enjoying the park. This was bench.

This ajushi (name for an older Korean man) was TOO interested in these statues. He had me cracking up.

Christine told me they call these men "dirty ajushi's." lol

Getting our pose on.

EVERY SINGLE TIME I tried to take a picture of this guy either my camera was out of focus or someone got in the way. He was tall and muscular like Rain so he IMMEDIATELY caught my attention. ;) Luck was not on my side though. But I got to enjoy the magic of this park so THE GOOD OUTWEIGHED THE BAD!

This prehistoric piece looked like a naked devil. Eww!

Could you Point me in the right direction sir??
I really can't contain my laughter right now. :P

Gorgeous flowers huh?

Didn't know there were penis chairs!

There are about 100 more pictures that are quite the view. If you want to see the rest check them out on my personal facebook page http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150509754244202.461770.673934201&type=1&l=c9f63bc30f.

Oh Korea, Korea, Korea. You surprise me everyday!