Martina and Simon from Eatyourkimchi are amazing people and I'm sooo happy I got the chance to meet them and chat. I was traveling to Seoul this weekend for Rain's last concert and my friend Enshea told me about her friend Patrice setting up a meet with Simon and Martina. I was so down for it and very excited. We got to ask them many questions and to hear about their experiences were both funny and intriguing. I inquired about how they were able to transition from being teachers in Korea to being able to do their video and blog full time AND get paid. They gave me great advice about how to really get my blog out there and pushing doing videos more. They are two of the most kind and funniest people I've met in a LONG time. It's refreshing to meet people who take a step out of their boundaries and go to a foreign country and be successful. Also Simon is like 6'2'! He towered over everyone. It was so funny. He also left a comment on one of my posts below also. Thanks buddy! And he's very stylish! Martina is a beautiful woman with a very humble and caring attitude that was wonderful to be around. You just want to hug her all day. :) 
And their dog is ADORABLE!
Thanks so much guys and I wish you all even more success!

Check out my video account about meeting them and attending Rain's last concert.

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  1. OMG thats amazing! I want to meet them someday



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