Getting to see Rain twice in a month's time is something that I would have never thought would happen to me.

{For some reason it was more difficult for me to write this account. I was struggling with what tone I should take with it. The show was outstanding like usual but the ruckus some "Fangirls" had caused was enough for me to be ticked off. Also with Rain enlisting today I wanted a more lighthearted account. So right now I'll just start typing and see where it goes~}

Of course I had to take pictures of Rain in the
Adidas store looking like he's only 23. :p
I arrived in Gangnam around 1 pm and got frustrated and lost in the complex Seoul Subway for about an hour. Thank God I had my friend Enshea on the phone who was at Shindorim station to help me figure it out. I was joining her to meet up with some of her friends who had set up a meet and greet with Simon and Martina from and my favorite, Music Mondays! That went very well and those two are the sweetest and funniest folks ever! After that the group of us broke up into two groups made plans for the night. We ate at a great but very small restaurant and had Korean BBQ. A few more people went home and all that was left was Enshea, her friend Patrice and I.

For about an hour we walked all over the area trying to find me a Jimjilbang to stay at. Because of the area we were in, instead of Jimjilbangs there were "Love Motels" with names such as "Touch Touch Hotel", "Lexy Hotel", and a hotel with white light effects running down the side. Needless to say I didn't sleep at that motel. I instead opted for a motel in the same area, still a love motel, but it was cheaper and not as scary. We decided the night was still young so went out into the streets to find something to do. Patrice kept saying how she wanted to try out a DVD 방 (bang) and told us about all the crazy stuff that happens in them. A DVD 방 is a place were you pay about 10,000 to 20,000 won to pick out a DVD of your choice and get a private room to watch it in (with whom ever you want). So after scanning a few movies all our eyes set on none other than "Ninja Assassin". lol How befitting right? Word to the wise: Never get women in a room to watch a movie where the main characters shirt is off for more than half the movie. Especially if that character is played by a sexy beast named Jung Jihoon. The saying goes what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? Well the words spoken in a DVD 방 should stay in a DVD 방.  Let's just say we thought of our own version of Ninja Assassin entitled "Ninja Assin" with Rain as the LEADING MAN. I'm sure it'd be a blockbuster and crave to the hearts of many of women around the world!

After watching that movie with all Rain's hotness oozing from the screen and us laughing our heads off with jokes, we thought it be best to call it a night. It was about 11 pm and we were planning to be at the Rain concert all day Sunday so it'd be best to get our beauty sleep. HA! Who said New York was the only city that never sleeps? Seoul is the city that never sleeps! As soon as we stepped foot out that building it was bright lights and hundreds of young adults on the street. The 3 of us looked at each other and burst into laughter. There was NO way we could go to sleep. Next thing you know we were on our way to 노래방 (Noraebang aka Korean Karaoke). Patrice belted out India Irie, Enshea took on Celine Dion, and I opted for some Rain, R.Kelly, Super Junior and Kriss Kross. "Love Song", "Love Story", and "Hip Song" were my chances to show 비 my heart. Did you guys know that R.Kelly's song "Ignition" is the FUNNIEST song ever to sing. It is my new ritual Karaoke song. lol So after butchering Super Junior's "Mr. Simple", destroying the lyrics but getting the members voices right for their parts in 2pm's "Hands Up", and cracking up at Enshea and Patrice's rendition of Sistars "So Cool", our hour was up and it was time to get ready for the big day! 
(Enshea and I's new saying now is to just bust out in a loud voice and say "Sistar!" lol)

The check out time for the "love motel" I stayed at was 9 am (which is too early) so I woke up around 8:30 am even though I didn't get to bed till 1:30 am. I had on my favorite Japanese Newspaper printed Betsey Johnson dress that unfortunetly the ink bled and ran even though it said handwash. I was so upset because I wanted to wear it but with it running it just made the dress look like an OLD Japanese newspaper. lol I have to go with whatever works.

Picture courtesy of Jessica's amazing IPhone.

After a morning of browsing the streets and shops I waited at Sindorium station to meet up with the others. The first person I saw Enshea who informed me that none of the others were coming. Muah? It was 1 pm and and we were all going to ride to the show together. I personally had wanted to get there at 10 am to wait in line but decided on the scheduled time everyone was comfortable with. Instead of complaining (cause you all know I wanted to) Enshea and I rushed down the subway stairs to catch the train to Samseong Station. We got there at 2 pm and Lord Have Mercy: the line was A BLOCK LONG. My mouthed dropped and I was so frazzled I didn't know what to do. OMG. Does this mean that there's a chance I won't be able to see my Rain?! WHAT! We decided to ask some girls in line that looked like they spoke English. The young woman from Europe told us that there was a notebook that went around where everyone in line had to put their name and number on it if they wanted a ticket. Again my mouth dropped and my stomach sank. The line was so long that when we tried to walk to the front of it we just stopped and turned around. There was no use walking an entire block down to see where the line started. The woman that we spoke to was number 500 something.

When we finally found the end of the line and secured our spots a young woman and her husband and daughter lined up behind us. She was also trying to figure out what was going on. Her name was Jessica from Texas. Her husband was in Korea for the Army and she was staying in Korea until December. She was a huge Rain fan and it was her first time going to his concert. We chatted about the frustration of the venue constantly being changed and how we loved the Cloud USA site so much because it allowed us US fans to keep up with Rain. Since she said she was an avid reader I had asked her if she saw my first pinkfashionninja fan account of the Rain concert that was on Sept 24th. She jumped up and replied "Yes Omg! That's you!" She had checked out the post and read my blog before. It was such a great a feeling to know PFN was getting out there. Jessica was actually the second person that weekend that said they had heard of my blog. (Yeah making progress!) 

While we chatted, Jessica's husband had journeyed to the never ending front of the line to figure out what was going on with the tickets. The news he brought with him was not something to make my heart or stomach feel better. Someone told him that supposedly there were people who had "reserved tickets" and if you didn't have one "reserved" you might not get in. How in the world these people knew about these supposed "reserved tickets" I'm not sure. Eventually we found out the "reserved ticket" thing wasn't true because if it were, people that had come later would have been able to get in front of us. In regards to needing a ticket: even though it was a free concert, because of the limited space in the standing areas in front of the stage everyone had to have a numbered wristband to enter. So it really was on a first come, first serve, first to be closest to Rain, type of thing. A few hours later the lines were being broken up to form new lines in accordance to our wrist bands. We were in section D and I was number 106. 

Like my fancy concert chart I created?!

So hours went by waiting for the show to start and I got interview four times! I made sure I had my "Rain's Coming" glow stick from the other concert and swung it around happily. As we chatted up and waited in our sections on the sidewalk along with all the other fans, a sudden roar of screaming occurred. Oh My Gosh Rain was on stage getting ready to practice! Since I already had a wrist band and a sure spot in line I DARTED up the sidewalk toward the stage. OMG there he was! In an apple cap, tan jeans, Adidas shoes, and a white T-shirt (which I thought had an American flag on the back of it but I think it was something else). DARN!

Nice butt rain.

I took the above pics with Jessica's IPhone because her zoom was WAY better than my freaking phone. The ones below are ones I took with my phone.

It was awesome to see the man in "business man zone" making sure everything was in order and flawless. One thing that was weird was one of the reporters asked me and Enshea what are favorite body part of Rain was. I was a little shocked at the question to be honest. I mean I adore every part of Rain don't get me wrong but I am a grown woman so me screaming "I love Oppa's Arms!" isn't befitting. lol I responded that yes I did discover him through Ninja Assassin with his banging body, but it was his background that really brought me to him. I felt like a dummy but I actually responded that it was his mind I was most attracted to. I mentioned about him getting his Masters degree and with doing that he's showing that he's not just looking at the present, but his career and well being in the future. {Aww look at my Miss America perfect answer lol)

Program from the show. Rain was only on the back cover.
So not long after Rain practiced and left we were ordered up and were getting ready to move. At that point it had to have been thousands of people there already and it was only 5 pm. As we waited we were given a ton of free food and things like balloons. The bad thing about getting the balloons was that we couldn't take them with us as we entered into the audience area in front of the stage. (Actually it was good because I would have busted some people's balloons if I couldn't see.) Enshea and I had thought of the idea to write Rain's name on the balloon so he could  see it and wrapped it around my ponytail. I walked around with this  balloon tied to my hair like a thought bubble. As we entered and the security checked out wristbands a woman stopped me and said I couldn't take the balloon with me to my section. I was like okay fine so she proceeded to take it off for me. Now I have learned in life that you have to take life by the horns and do what you got to do. Now if I had let her take the balloon string that was wrapped around my ponytail off that would have allowed more people to get in front of me and get a better view of the stage because of course they wouldn't hold up the line to get a balloon out my hair. They would just let more people in and then I go in. Guess what. HELL NAW! I put my hands up and said "No I got it" and and I squeezed the balloon with my right hand and it burst and fell on my head. I said "PROBLEM SOLVED" and darted to a close spot where I needed to be. The woman, Jessica, Enshea, and some fans who heard us busted out with laughter. It was quite funny but I'd be damned if I let a freaking balloon get in the way of me and Jung Jihoon.

Jessica and I in the sardine packed crowd! I don't know
why I was laying on that girls back beside me. lol
At first I was so worried we wouldn't be able to be in the front sections because of the sheer amount of people there. It was so overwhelming but I had thought of a plan B if I wasn't in a good section! (Gota have a plan B!) Before we knew it the video started and there Rain was. Coming out of an Escalade like a pimp having the ladies dress him. I almost shed a tear when the screen said "Last of the Best" instead of "Rain the Best Show". As soon as that man entered the stage "Fangirls" went APE SH**! A WAVE of people came forward in one swooping motion. Literally like an ocean tide. Chicks screaming "Oppa!" like they were going to somehow move closer by saying that. A chick even pushed my hand down because my glow stick was supposedly in the way of her viewing. Straight tripping! A nice ajumma behind me made a fuss about Jessicas daughter not being able to see so Jessica and her daughter were able to move almost to the barricade. I told Jessica to have her husband put their daughter on his shoulders so Rain could see her since he loves kids, especially girls. If Rain saw her he probably would have acknowledged her and maybe brought her on stage. I would then fake like I was her mama and be like "I got to go up there with her Rain." lolol

The poster I stole from the Samseong Area. I could only get the arm though because all the
Ajummas beat me to the one with him on the other side.

At least I got an ARM! "Oppas arm is so sexy!" Bwahaha

Oh course the concert was amazing and Rain tore it up! It wasn't as emotional for me this time because being able to see him earlier practicing in such a close proximity, it kind of calmed my nerves and I was able to relax and enjoy the show. I was so honored to be able to attend the show. I thank Rain for being so kind and generous and giving us fans a last chance to see him as "RAIN" before he has to be only "JUNG JIHOON" for two years straight. I was surprised that Rain didn't make this show emotional like the Rain The Best Show on Sept 25. I felt he kind of rushed off stage at the end compared to his other concert. I think it might have been really emotional for him but because he was an ambassador for the festival and it was suppose to be a fun family event, he kept it short and sweet. You saved me some serious tears Jihoon, for real :)

I think it's best to just keep this post light and happy so please check out my Youtube Videos where I go WAY MORE indepth on the craziness that are "fangirls." I don't think typing the experience would be able to top my reactions in the videos lol. After the show Ajummas and young girls were sneaking backstage and someone ripped the side of Rains tent/dressing room and he had to dart away without being able to say bye to the fans who were acting sane like ME and wanted to see him. I would like to request no more free concerts from Rain because it seems to be an open invitation to crazy witches who "think" that they are fans to come and topple over children and people. Anywho here are the links. Hopefully this fan account gave people who were not able to attend insight of the monumental night. Thanks so much for reading and PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO PINKFASHIONINJA!

Video 1

Without further ado PICTURES!

Some pictures from Jessica's camera where you can see how close we were!

*Looks like he's thinking* "I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt, too sexy it HURTS!" lol

We love you Rain. We are waiting your return. I love you, I will always love you and 2 years will go by quicker than we think. I thank you for being an amazing person. Just remember.....

"Smile though your heart is aching
Smile even though it's breaking
When there are CLOUDS in the sky
You'll get by........"
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  1. Hey girl, I just came over from Cloud USA to check out your entire blog post. The pictures are amazing and like I had already mentioned on the Cloud USA site I loved the videos as well. Love your personality and I will definitely be subscribing to your blog/YT....*hugs*

  2. Thanks so much babe!!!
    I deeply appreciate the support! I was happy my phone didnt die when the show started like before but sure enough right before the show was over it wanted to die. lol But at least this time I was able to get some pics of the amazing MAN. lol

    Thanks so much for subscribing and God Bless!

  3. Hi! I'm from Houston, TX and I was watching your youtube rant about the last of the best concert and you made me laugh! I am so jealous that you guys got to see him!!! If only I had the money I would've totally flew over there and supported him! I'm a huge fan of his just recently (Don't know what took me so long to get back into K-Pop and notice Rain). So sad that I became a fan only two weeks ago and now he is enlisting!!!! T-T Can't wait for his return! Thanks for sharing your blog and youtube with us!!! I almost felt like I was there!

  4. @nonmysushi

    Hello! I'm so happy you enjoyed the account and videos. Rain will be in the US soon so you won't even have to get a plane ticket because he will be right in your town performing! Yeah (Crossing my fingers lol)

    I feel like it doesn't matter the time frame for when you became a fan. All that matters is that you are. But I do understand you how he's now leaving right after you became a fan. I've only been for 2 years and I still feel like I didn't get much time to see him.

    Let's just continue to keep Jung Jihoon aka Mr. Rain's legacy continuing flowing as he is vigorously serving his country.

    Thanks so much for commenting and I hope you visit my blog often!

    Kamsa Hapnida



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