Ha ha! I just wanted to show how amazing it is to have a Korean keyboard! The above says "My Name is Jeong Su-Ji! I asked Kelly (Kyung Hwa Park) and her friend Stella (Hye-Hyun Baek) to give me a Korean name. Kelly is another teacher at the school who is Korean (born in 1988 like me but in korean years shes 24) that is majoring in English and her friend Stella is her college buddy. Kelly and Stella are their english names. Yesterday we were chilling in Stellas dormitory eating dumplings and cow intestines and liver. Needless to say I did not eat the cow stuff. We watched the Korean American Idol type show and Music Core which is like Trl or 106 n Park where artist perform. A few things we chatted over and I learned are as follows:
  • We gushed over Super Junior and they explained to me how there are so many new groups debuting that they can't keep up.
  • Theres a new girl group called AprilKiss! ahh I have my own KPOP group!
  • Kelly told me that some people (or mabye just her) dont like Taeyang from Big Bang because he's oily and greasy. Ahh You cant talk about my Taeyang! I love Taeyang.
  • She explained how TVXQ are like gods here and Big Bang would be number 2. 
  • That mostly Ajummas (older korean women) in Korea like Rain because he is so muscular and manly.  (Duh Of COURSE) Its also knowN in Korea that he is extremely poplular world wide. Thats why hes called "World Star Rain!" lol
  • She said 2pm has great songs but their kind of like regualar people here so girls don't go too crazy over them. Nickhyun is the most popular because he is foreign.
  • Also that a lot of foreigners are being put in KPOP groups because Koreans think foreigners are really pretty.
  • Super Junior isnt that popular over here and that the Europeans really started to love them after "Bonorama" came out.
Anywho Kelly and Stella were really excited to help me pick out a name. They asked me who my favorite korean artist was which of course I replied "RAIN" duh!. So my last name is JEONG like his. Then they asked who my favorite female singer was which I chose Sooyoung from Girls Generation. I think she is adorable. So my new name became JEONG SU-JI! Kelly said I can now say am Mrs. Jeong. We cracked up and giggled about my new name and she said I should start telling people that's my name! Kelly is hilarous.

Well theres a little update and some funny things that have happened. When I get a universal charger pretty soon I will have pictures to load and show. I also visited the beach and saw the sea. It was the most spectacular thing I've ever seen in my life. We were beside green lushious mountains. I will go back soon and enjoy it on a non-rainy day!

Soon I will back to posting about fashion when my lap top is back up and running.

Kamsa Hamnida!
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