Here is my newest look from It's in homage to Hip Hop legends Run DMC who will forever reign Kings of Hip Hop.


Doing this look is very easy and just takes a little vintage shopping and piecing together the right items. Below are the simple items you need to have the perfect 80's outfit.

Of course you need a top first! It can be a DMC shirt or an off the shoulder 80's top. You can find them at stores like Wet Seal or Delia's.

Bottoms: Sweatpants will do or a pair of colored skinny leg jeans. Wal-Mart or Hot Topic would be a great place to look.

Shoes: Can't forget about the ADIDAS! I chose to wear boots since I only own 2 pairs of tennis shoes. (I'm a heels gal.)
Foot Action or Footlocker will be your best friend for this one.

Accessories: Big framed glasses are a must! (I pop the lenses out of mine so I don't have to clean them!;)
Try Icing or Charlotte Russe for some fresh shades.

A GOLD chain or "Dookie Chain" as they used to call it will really add the Run DMC flair to your outfit! Online or a consignment shop is the best place for this.

A 3 finger ring with an 1980's word on it gives you extra street cred. A lot of kid stores have these. My brother found the one I have and it probably came straight from the 25 cent machine. 

If your a guy, having an Adidas track jacket is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL. Macy's sells a lot of Adidas products along with Foot Action.

Last thing you need is a BOOMBOX and your ready to go!

And while your getting your outfit ready why don't you listen to the fresh tunes of "It's Tricky" by the trio!

*I do not own any of the photos used. Credit to their owners.
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