The duo that is GD and TOP never cease to give the awe factor. If you haven't checked out my fashion breakdown of G-Dragon's fashion, follow the link and explore the land of G-Dragon. The pair undoubtedly compliment each other well. They're like the planets Mars and Venus. GD being Mars for his Avant Garde, out-of-this-world clothing and TOP being Venus, very smooth suave and alluring. 
At times it can be challenging to keep up with their ever changing styles but fun nonetheless. A few weeks ago TOP switched his hair AGAIN to a very David Bowie blond.

WARNING: Your brain might explode from your head after viewing these pictures. Please do not email me the medical bill. Thank you. 

Jeremy Scott Hands Frame $259

Gun Shades $24

Madame X Shades $400

Spike and Crystal Rainbow Optimus Glasses $350

Gaga Shades $320

Lacy Mask with Bow $230

Hyper Cherries Headband $450
Rhianna wore this in her "S&M" video!

Plated Eyepatch $220

Spike Epaulette $150

14K Plated Mini Jezebel $115

MYOB Fringe Chain Necklace $58

Betty Rubble Pearls $160

Diamond Shape Studded Earrings $42

Brace Teeth Bracelet $116

Goldie Lux Hat $220

Paris Beret $450

Chiquita Shoes $3,000 to $3,600

Bordello Hot Pink Glitter Platform Pumps $88

Studded Bootes $3,700 to $4,300

Vanity Mirror Shoes $1,500 to $1,700
Patricia Field for MCM Drawstring Bag $550

Are you still alive? If you are, good! Order these amazing accessories now! I'm already typing in my card number..........
P.S. (There were so many items I loved I couldn't fit them all into one post so there will be a part 2!)

All of these items are from the fabulous Costume Designer/Stylist Patricia Field (Sex in the City, Devil Wears Prada) Check her out at

So today my family and I attended the Ethnic Enrichment Festival at Swope Park in Missouri. It had a performance stage and booths with all different types of foods, fashion, dance, and crafts. From Samoan, to Greek, to Japanese, and Jamaican, this festival had it all! Of course I had to go to the Korean booth to get some tasty treats. I tried Kimchi for the first time and loved it. It was very spicy but for some reason it didn't bother until I noticed my nose started to run! I also ordered a cup of noodles (that were overpriced) that I didn't know were hot and spicy also! I had a Sprite to quench my thirst so my mouth was seriously on fire.

Here is my newest look from It's in homage to Hip Hop legends Run DMC who will forever reign Kings of Hip Hop.

August 13, 2011

Blumarine Fall 2011

Brights are still in, and who other than Blumarine to show how its done. Below are some of my favorites from the Fall 2011 styles that will be seen this fall. Its hard to think of sweaters when its still blazing hot out but we fashionistas must always be prepared!

Key Trends: Loose fitting dresses and jackets, Trench coats, short dresses, soft lace of any color, and knee high boots

Collection Synopsis: This collection seemed to have 3 different focuses; the on-the-go 'Career woman', the 'After Night Woman', and the woman who is both 'Career and After Night'. The first pieces in the collection had a New York vibe of busting through streets filled with yellow taxis and grey sky's. 

I recently got done watching the incredible, heart-pounding, non-stop action, tear dropping suspense drama "City Hunter" staring the tall, suave, fine, dynamic (you know I can go on) Lee Min Ho from Boys Over Flowers. I really really wish America had dramas such as this. Though I barely watch TV anymore, when I do turn it on all I see are reality shows, cop/CSI dramas, or Dr. shows. Not saying those shows aren't good, I just like variety. I love shows that pull my attention so much that I can't run errands or do my homework (when I did have homework which I don't have anymore!) because my eyes are that stuck on the screen. BET's show "The Game" is the only show this year in the USA I believe has done that to me.