JYJ's Junsu was out and about recently and grabbed a few bags from the store L'inoui.

The website for the brand posted his picture and described their wonderful time with him. He picked up 3 bags since he couldn't decide on one. 

His favorites:

Darin White [455,000 원]

Bono Canvas Beige [498,000 원] (my favorite)

Bono Fumo Grey [1,980,000 원] (very classy) 

They have many other great items such as sleek cell phone covers, so check them out here  http://www.mjplus.co.kr/

While browsing their site I find one I must have!!

Fedora Special Gold

(My birthday is not too far away so I definitely see this on my wish list!) :)
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  1. Yes, the Boho Canvas Bag is my fav also! I really like unisex bags

  2. i do too! something about those unisex bags <3 i love them



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