Domo and I

Monday, July 18, 2011

Domo's Facebook response to my photo below......

Thanks Domo Kun!

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Just some random pics I took of me and my new Domo bookbag from Spenser's. I tried to win one from a game at Worlds of Fun (a theme park in Missouri) but failed miserably. My challenge was to try and throw the ball into the red cup. Unfortunately with the 19 try's I had, I missed every one of them and walked away with a frown. But I got my brother to buy me one a few weeks later, so all is good now! Please enjoy these silly and random pictures I took with my new DOMO! Do you love DOMO too?

I love how my Japan poster was in the perfect place in this shot. :)

Here's some more random Domo pictures including a Domo sweater dress, a Domo Hello Kitty (weird, right?), and a Domo energy drink! I would definitely try one.

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